is it real (legit)?

Hard to say.

We spend so much time/money/energy/people on proving things.

Cool if it seems to be real.

Dang if it isn’t.

On the realness of how we value things today, a page from a be you book reads:

be you book p 74

Denise Pope’s research at Stanford shows 95% of students admitting to cheating. They, however, see it as survival, rather than cheating.

Yeah. That’s just one report. There are many others about teacher’s cheating, admin cheating, .. many questions about what standardization is doing for/to us. We are even upping government funding for test security. So no longer is the billions spent on test prep et al enough, now we’ll spend mounds on security. And how much security will be enough? Perhaps we work on the root of the problem – interconnectedness. no?

The point – many things we deem real today, aren’t. And many aren’t even things we would wish upon our own kids. [ie:  district success or not – great, so they don’t measure up to standardization.] Yet – we have somehow decided all of us should continue participating in them. [ie: public ed as it is today, prescribed curriculum, everyone needs to know how to rationalize a denominator, or we call them uneducated.]

So why do we keep spending our days on proving things that aren’t real?

Perhaps we find the bravery to change our mind. Perhaps we decide to decide. And we decide what it matters most.

Take charge of the day. Make it real.



jan 2015 – Cevin Soling on why students should be allowed to cheat:

whether they are allowed or not.. nice explanation of why 95% of them do (according to Denise‘s research)

cheating? survival?, legit?

bullshit ness