perpetual beta {glossary}




perpetual beta

Never ending, never done beginning. Always fresh, mindful, and new.

It’s dirty and wholesome. It’s the way that knowledge actually is, rather than the way we try to package it so that it can be measured.                        – Dave Cormier

One thing people have said that have visited the be you house, is that every time they come it’s different. Routine can cripple us. Doing things in order to finish them, can compromise us.

We’re practicing, embracing, and modeling perpetual beta. Through our eagerness to learn from ourselves and others, we share our mistakes. We seek to hold ourselves accountable to a continual freshness and mindfulness.

This does however, unsettle people at first.

People think they need definition.

Can you explain something that is always changing? Luckily, people’s souls crave aliveness.

It is perhaps because we have not learned to recognize and respect existing order in unfamiliar forms that we are frightened of social change, unwilling to support and work with the forms that peoples find for themselves.   

  – Mary Catherine Bateson


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We believe this mindset is a sign of good health. The belief, of a 5 yr old, that every day is new.


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Oct 27

perpetual beta: seek > find > adapt learn how to succeed in the network era

perhaps long overdue. [  –  ]

perhaps that’s what tech can help us with. not so much for credit ing ness (as we know/practice it now).. but for connecting us with like thinking/ideas ness.. be\cause.

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instigating utopia

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embracing uncertainty


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