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not sure when/how first heard of Howard.. many years ago.. do know one of first resonations was with the – perpetual beta ness.. i believe i first heard this term from ..? Seth..? but who knows who he heard it from.. perhaps Harold..?

when i first added Harold to this site (from perpetual beta page):

via tweets on attribution\ness page –

Oct 27

perpetual beta: seek > find > adapt learn how to succeed in the network era

perhaps long overdue. [http://jarche.com/  –  ]

perhaps that’s what tech can help us with. not so much for credit ing ness (as we know/practice it now).. but for connecting us with like thinking/ideas ness.. be\cause.

so we can work on a nother wayfor (blank)’s sake


adding his page same day as this..

Luis Suarez (@elsua) tweeted at 4:35 PM – 6 Oct 2016 :

Life in the gig economy – https://t.co/1rIlvjBdOn by @hjarche / 1 of the bravest articles you’ll read this year #freelancing #socbiz #kmers (http://twitter.com/elsua/status/784160092845383680?s=17)

which i’ve read before.. but wondering what convo w Harold (and Will and …) would be like.. so many resonations.. but also.. so many diff’s.. ie: focus on w/in work/ed ness..so today.. would love convo about being on the edge ness.. the limit of the edge.. so that ie: having to stay ahead for moneys sake is no longer relevant.. et al

Harold Jarche (@hjarche) tweeted at 9:30 PM – 18 Oct 2016 :

a common framework to test new organizational models and better ways of coordinating human work https://t.co/KGXCP24DsL #PerpetualBeta https://t.co/7zcsHp6buA (http://twitter.com/hjarche/status/788583180764909568?s=17)

People can never be more efficient than machines. All we can do is be more curious, more creative, and more empathetic

perhaps a nother way.. of coordinating us.. ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data.. via curiosity/whimsy.. leading to ongoing perpetual beta



perhaps a nother way.. of monitory democratizing us.. ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data.. via simply leaving a trail.. no inspectors of inspectors.. simply living.. in perpetual beta..


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International Speaker & Consultant + “a keen subversive of the last century’s management and education models”

his site:


from videos posted on his site:

social learning



social learning is the way that we learn naturally.. as humans.. we are social learners

we learn dress norms at the work place

but.. what if the work place isn’t natural..

social learning happens outside the classroom

outside the work space.. too.. since work ness is based on man made os of money.. no?

social learning is 90% outside of the classroom

so why spend our whole day.. 12+ years in it..? i’d say same with work spaces of today..

social media


follow the people who make sense for you.. why are you on sm in the first place.. working on noise


Harold Jarche (@hjarche) tweeted at 2:24 PM – 20 Nov 2016 :

Wallowing in the post-truth media surround is not an option for an engaged citizenry https://t.co/78yiVZwtTzhttps://t.co/ot84WkCD1W (http://twitter.com/hjarche/status/800449846255767553?s=17)

*Wallowing in the post-truth media surround is not an option for an engaged citizenry. Ignoring our interconnected reality is a luxury we cannot afford. Whether it be PKMastery, crap detection, working out loud, new literacies, or something else does not matter. We all need to get out of our filter bubbles and engage our networked world

perhaps so too… *wallowing and spending days waiting for (or for money for).. books/trainings.. et al
we are enough..right now..
we can.. all of us… right now
key: let go
a nother way

Harold Jarche (@hjarche) tweeted at 7:30 AM – 12 Feb 2017 :

we have enough training https://t.co/gSqn0EqhFx https://t.co/TOXcnT8cfA (http://twitter.com/hjarche/status/830786264144175104?s=17)

Compliance training is a standard response by industry regulators when dealing with human performance issues.
school.. work for pay.. B.. et al
Only when there is a genuine lack of skills and knowledge, is training required.
to will on curiosity as base.. and already there… yet we keep asking how to improve the training of it

curiosity is the cat


if curiosity is the cat/base/constitution (composition of people)


I mean really, when it comes to learning, what comes before curiosity?

and we master it from the get go


Kids are curious as hell when they’re 3, 4, 5 years old.

is fixing school our best bet (use of energy)..


So, what are we doing in schools to develop curious, connected, learners –

perhaps we just focus on facilitating curiosity..as the day [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]

no train
via Esko
1/ @hjarche “Once everyone is identified in the system with a variety of attributes, could some form of artificial intelligence then be used to arrange work [AKA Management]” https://t.co/4QMxYyiqHJ

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/EskoKilpi/status/975631668961841152

imagine everyone id’d by daily curiosity
imagine a mech listening to and facilitating that