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intro’d to Fabiana via some of Vinay‘s rt’s..

ie (from his page):

parts of stream on ai and professionalism and trade/transactions…
@jwildeboer @fabianacecin @agentGav Information asymmetry goes away in panopticon environments, which is where we are basically headed.
thinking of Rushkoff‘s recent convo with Marina – if everyone knew ness.. nothing hidden ness
.@agentGav @jwildeboer @fabianacecin Well, let’s think about that: if we can accurately track environmental and social costs of production?
why must we track costs…?
.@agentGav@jwildeboer@fabianacecin That’s tooling that would make enforcement of global social justice possible: that’s a new possibility.
? – enforcement of global justice..? isn’t that what we’ve been trying to do.. ie: shock doctrine ness et al.. perhaps.. gershenfeld something else is only way to social justice.. ie: not enforcement.. rather.. preoccupation.. ness
.@agentGav @jwildeboer @fabianacecin Whether we have the political will to implement that I don’t know. Maybe over 50 years. Maybe far less.


3/29/16 6:19 AM

This is one of the most insightful things anybody’s ever said to me on twitter. Well said,@fabianacecintwitter.com/fabianacecin/s…

fabiana tweet

adding page on this day..

@Dakinisun (via fabiana rt)
6/26/16 5:07 AM
#Basicincome #UBI #BGE “What IS money, and how do we take it back?” by @fabianacecinmedium.com/@fcecin/what-i…
You want to support that trans woman, or that Basic Income and Direct Democracy startup, but you have no “dollars” or whatever oppressor-issued symbol your local state forces you to use exclusively under threats of “treason” and of throwing you in a filthy dungeon for half your life. You can’t directly volunteer because, as the baker, they can’t eat your ten minutes of C++ coding. What can you give them?
even this small/ kinder measuring will compromise us… ie: making sure we trade for what is needed.. let’s let tech do that coordinating.. and stop measuring…. stop offering up a stand in (ie: money ness) to allow for the exchange
just trust needs/haves… people. all of us

Today’s paradigm is Trade. To have access to life support, you do not have direct access to nature unless you are of a very small minority, and even then, you probably don’t have a tribe of peers to inhabit it, much less one skilled in directly extracting its subsistence from that natural physical environment. Instead, you *swap objects with other people to which you do not necessarily have a familial, spiritual, cultural or idealistic connection. At its perfect idealized state, people in a Trade-driven (and hence “class” driven, classist) society will swap objects and hence cooperate in mutual subsistence with other people even if they strongly disapprove of them— and through cooperating with them in Trade, they are being either forced or fooled into allowing the world to become a worse place.

*swapingness.. indeed.. let’s disengage from this..

Trade erases the human society; it nullifies the democratic aspect of the power of social shunning, and moves it to a virtual class of “winners” at this Trade game. The health of society ends up depending on how wise those that are experts at winning the global Trade tournament are. And I believe you can see by yourself the answer manifest.

perhaps not so much trade. but measuring of transactions… (perhaps just semantics..?).. such a fine line.. that keeps killing us

which we also then use to validate people… rather than…

nationality: human

ok.. what do you need/have ness.. one ness

 the counter-mechanisms from the “lower caste” *(where actual sane human society resides) are constantly co-opted and defused by this ever-evolving Matrix of social and cultural domination.
*won’t ever work.. if we have this mindset.. about anyone.. no?..has to be all of us (supposed sane/insane, sick/healthy, ..)… or none of us.. no?
When we were all roaming the world in native tribes, we had such a relationship to nature and to each other that we had our “Basic Income.” We did not have to serve some other random, alien, distant person’s idea of what we should be doing.
to get back to that ( and beyond: best of all ages ness)… need:
mech that makes any form of money( measuring transactions, validating people) irrelevant..
so if bi ness.. only as placebo.. temp fix.. till we feel/grok it.. enough … and it’s self sustaining enough (7 bill alive people).. to leap to all of us.. 7 bill plus.. overnight
This is a huge step backwards from what we had before we were “civilized.” You know what I’m talking about. There is no money for what you want to happen. Even if that money is merely to allow you to eat and have a roof, even if what you want to do is so cheap compared to the average payback that is expected from what you will do. Here I’m not even talking here about how a society with Basic Income will absolutely not have solved in a definitive way the problem of huge corporations deciding which large-scale projects happen and which don’t. I’m talking about how societies without a Basic Income cannot guarantee that most people can’t even direct their own individual bodies and minds towards personal and local-scale projects, which covers the absolute vast majority of individual “work” items that the human world is in constant need
In today’s global society, the first obstacle you hit in exercising your democratic, autonomous and sovereign personal conviction of what society needs out of you, specifically, is that there is, apparently, *no mechanism to express to society that it should help you help it. Which is, in fact, the whole point of a society: constructing an all-to-all thick web of helpful work, connecting all in an interdependent web of mutual support, amplifying sane behavior (e.g. care-giving) and shunning insane behavior (e.g. ecocide).
* no mech – just what xiu was saying to b maher… so perhaps ie: mech simple enough.. ie: hosting life bits via self talk as data.. a nother way
Before I go, daily reminder that capitalist companies never kill problems, as problems are what creates and makes money.
@fabianacecin: Twitter is a capitalist company and they will never actually solve harassment, since social cancer is like real cancer, i.e. good business.
.@fabianacecin The problem is complexity. A fundamental of systems thinking (dealing with complexity) is “You can’t change just one thing!”
@fabianacecin: @accessjames The whole point of a “business model” is to manipulate people, and you cannot manipulate people into health.
[worth reading entire stream again]
@accessjames This is akin to Noam Chomsky’s “Inept Empire” argument. lorenzoae.wordpress.com/tag/inept-empi… I’d propose we’re both simplifying the issue.

There’s a very popular theory of politics that sees the destruction and misery wrought by regimes like the Wars on Terror and Drugs, compares the professed motives with the outcomes, and concludes that those in power are some combination of utterly incompetent, shortsighted, and ignorant of how to build a decent world. The image offered by journalist Jeremy Scahill, in response to yet another US military intervention in the Middle East/North Africa region (MENA) in 2014, was the classic gag of Simpsons villain Sideshow Bob repeatedly stepping on dozens of garden rakes. Kevin Dooley termed this idea the “Inept Empire” theory, and “the implication is, of course, that the ruling elite are a bunch of fucking morons.” According to proponents of “inept empire,” real-world proof is everywhere. The fact that the War on Drugs has had no impact on drug use, but instead created a permanent, almost-entirely black underclass comprised of many millions is such proof. The fact that the War on Terror has destroyed multiple societies and only created more terror is further evidence. The old sawhorse-turned-bumper sticker that schools have to hold bake sales to raise money but the air force has unlimited funds to buy bombers is essentially an iteration of this idea.

This theory of power finds greatest purchase among prominent liberals and the permissible left. Chomsky is currently an advocate of this theory, arguing in 2015 that “destabilization and what I call the ‘creation of black holes’ is the principal aim of the Empire of Chaos in the Middle East and elsewhere, but it is also clear that the US is sailing in a turbulent sea with no sense of direction and is, in fact, quite clueless in terms of what needs to be done once the task of destruction has been completed.” In other words, “chaos and destabilization are real, but I don’t think that’s the aim. Rather, it is a consequence of hitting fragile systems that one does not understand with the sledgehammer that is the main tool, as in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and elsewhere.”


Still, for Chomsky, Prashad, Scahill, Wire creatorDavid SimonJohn “the War Nerd” Dolan, and countless other high-profile commentators, as bad as the ruling elites are, the idea that their functionaries would intentionally make the world as it is seems a bridge too far.


Though the outcome would seem like a human rights-atrocity to any decent person, the ruling class that drives policy sees a handsome return-on-investment. It’s no stretch of imagination that a capitalist state will act to maximize profits of its corporations. It’s a fundamental rule of economics that one is either making money or not, and in any capitalist society, the profit motive is paramount.


Michael Parenti’s comments on IMF structural adjustment programs “not working” apply just as easily on the subject of imperial ineptitude: “In their perpetual confusion, some liberal critics conclude that foreign aid and IMF and World Bank structural adjustments ‘do not work’; the end result is less self-sufficiency and more poverty for the recipient nations, they point out. Why then do the rich member states continue to fund the IMF and World Bank? Are their leaders just less intelligent than the critics who keep pointing out to them that their policies are having the opposite effect? No, it is the critics who are stupid not the western leaders and investors who own so much of the world and enjoy such immense wealth and success. They pursue their aid and foreign loan programs because such programs do work. The question is, work for whom?


In a 2004 interview, Parenti claimed “I’m not one of those critics that believes U.S. foreign policy is confused, or stupid, or misinformed, or well-intentioned but it goes awry. I think it’s a brilliant policy filled with many brilliant, terrible, horrible victories.” In order to further the interests of the super-rich, destruction is imposed when it “systematically undermines any movement, any country, any leadership, any popular group that tries an alternative way of self-defining, self-developing, using the resources, the markets, the labor of their society for their own needs, rather than for a multi-corporate global system, a neo-liberal system, which seems to be the goal of this reactionary clique in office today.” For this reason, according to Parenti in 2011, “the Iraq war has not been a mistake.” The US invasion was not quick, easy, or dearly welcomed by Iraqis, but it “destroyed a country that had the audacity to retain control of its own oil supply, kept its entire economy under state control, did not invite the IMF or the giant transnational corporations in [and] charted an independent course. So he and his country have been correctly destroyed in keeping with the interests of the US-led global empire.” The same is true in Afghanistan. When an interviewer asked Parenti how Afghanistan could be seen as a success rather than a quagmire, Parenti responded that “They are going to lose Afghanistan, but they do succeed, they succeeded in stopping the betterment of the masses of people.”


“The national policies of an imperialist country reflect the interests of that country’s dominant class,” argues Parenti in “Costs of Empire and Role of IMF”:

Class, rather than nation-state, is often the crucial unit of analysis for studying imperialism. And if you understand that then you will avoid the mistake of a lot of liberal writers who say ’empire doesn’t make sense, it costs too much! It’s irrational.’ It’s been pointed out that from 1950 to 1970, the US government gave the Philippines $3 billion in aid when the US has only a billion dollars of investments in the Philippines. ‘See, it’s irrational, it costs more than what we’re getting back!’ That’s the liberal view. Now, if you think with Marx, if you think in terms of class, you understand that that is not irrational at all, because the people who are paying the 3 billion are not the same as the people who are making the 1 billion investment. The people who are paying the 3 billion are us. And the people who are making the 1 billion are Exxon and ITT and IBM and General Dynamics and General Motors and General Electric and all the other Generals! And they’ll spend 3 dollars of your money to protect 1 dollar of their money. They’ll spend 4 dollars of your money, 5 dollars, 6 dollars—in fact, when it comes to protecting their money, your money is no object!


Stephen Gowans..? i think:

Hence, war doesn’t make sense for the bulk of us, but the problem is that decisions about military expenditures, foreign policy and war are in the hands of the top one percent and their loyal servants, who privatize the benefits and socialize the costs. When liberals say US foreign policy makes no sense, they’re being misguided by a set of erroneous assumptions: that the United States has only one class, the middle-class, that it is not class-divided, that everyone within it has the same middle-class interests, and that the state rules in the interests of all.


Even a relatively clear-eyed critic of Empire must believe good faith-motivation on the part of our rulers—at worst, they must be incompetent, rather than evil.

stream july 5 2016 on capitalism ness
The ultimate crime of the poor is continuing to display humanity, life and happiness in the face of genocidal deprivation.
If you read The Nature of Order, you will find pictures of “poor” communities and realize their beauty translated to physical structure.
What we call “Capitalism” (or “World System A”) is the quantification, the technical science of tyranny and oppression.
Capitalism “development” is the negation of human-centered structure, physical, cultural. It’s an attempt to “purify” us into machines.
The structural and cultural death of the suburb. Capitalism can’t stand poor communities, so it amps up the deprivation to erase happiness.
When even criminal deprivation imposed by the “state” isn’t enough, they start bringing in the police, the armies to harass and murder.
Capitalist culture cannot tolerate human happiness. It erases human culture and replaces by machine culture and material abundance.
But their artificially-raised hens in their suburbs are depressed. The “architecture” of the system is poisonous.
It doesn’t matter how much you “reward” a privileged caste of machine obedient workers with “security.” 50% depression rate will continue.
The machine cannot offer a cozy pod; it kills the cattle. So it tries to erase all the evidence that life actually lies beyond it.
“Capitalism”, which is essentially just v26.3.5-build1374 of Tyranny OS, models human fear almost perfectly. We can’t see into it clearly.
All hopes of getting out of Tyranny OS control with your mind are mostly gone. Hence “no mind.”

You will see a young man murdered by police, and his “debt” transferred to his mother. And your day will somehow go on.

this (the above line) is what caught my eye/heart.. and got me reading the whole stream
Because even though the symbolic realm where these decisions is essentially made of hot air and all it takes is for you to speak up you wont
Because you realize you have no words; the space where the words should have been is a negative space made up from your machine schooling.
There’s nothing we can do, literally. To be able to do something is to have our indoctrination ripped apart, which only happens in disaster.
Which means, as expected, that the whole will heal itself in one way or another, as it always does. So in a spiritual sense it’s okay.
My task is to write this garbage. What’s yours?
I just published “A society of subsistence based on disagreement” medium.com/p/a-society-of… 
Every human society has to somehow deal with this issue of classifying and evaluating people’s work, actions, etc.
let a “market” of some sort decide if Bob can act unsupervised.

Those classified as “Upper,” the “1%,” are read as always having sufficient Property to spend, and hence everything they do is seen as business by default and their activities are only blacklisted after-the-fact.

Those classified as “Lower,” the “99%,” are read as never having sufficient Property to spend, and hence everything they do is seen as waste by default and their activities are proactively whitelisted, closely watched, managed, scrutinized by society to avoid waste and dangerous outcomes being produced by “lesser,” “non-leader” people.


Of course, this social framework can only perpetuate itself if people can’t escape it. If you’re not a winner, by elimination you have to be a loser.

Nothing is scarier to Corporate Society than sustainability.
It’s not that our global Corporate Society is “unsustainable” due to “ignorance,” but that it actively seeks and destroys sustainability.
We are essentially turning the planet into a desert due to confirmation bias.
allowing everyone the privilege of having their actions be seen as a “business,” or as an approved-by-default activity that is only blacklisted for crime and taboo

We embrace all disagreement by default, from anyone, and we simply give everyone the physical means and social license ..to disagree and to move around, contributing — doing whatever things in whatever way they feel is best.

We just give these means to everyone, ..without worrying with our “supply” of these things. … without trying to model “where does it all come from to pay for everyone’s basics?”, is the only attitude in a Trade culture that can permanently end our war on abundance and on sustainability, whose roots are in our very fear of scarcity!

Either we’re all in this together, or we aren’t. If we are in this together, if in fact there are no “classes” of people and that division is just a mental illness of the same caliber as racism, sexism, etc., then we program our society to simply and automatically share everything we have up to the basics; no questions asked. If there’s not enough basics for everyone — and there is — then we all starve and die together, simultaneously, which is the terror scenario, the “fear of death” mode of all Corporate, Fascist thinking.

To implement this sharing, we use Money, which is the simplest and cheapest form of Property creation and transfer there is.

agree.. as a jumpstart/placebo though.. we can’t perpetuate a society that measures transactions.. we’ll end up right back here..

You can have a world of peace where we give people’s basics first and ask questions later, or we can have a world of war where our stupid, limited selves are always policing each other on what’s a valuable expenditure of resources and what isn’t, ultimately generating a colossal tide of war and destruction that we feared and that our control-freak fears produced.


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Mad Inventor. Conscious idealist.



The error of ALL societies is not having as its basis a mechanism to awaken people to the primary fact that no society is real as they are.

mech/os to awaken

[rather than mech/os to measure transactions/us]



It should be apparent by now that what matters is the brand, technology and people. You can fork rules 2,000 times, nobody cares.

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/788792526568361986

need to read deeper/again

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:29 AM – 29 Apr 2017 :

I just published “On ‘Anarchy’” https://t.co/H2L1LORqj4 (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/858327425385672704?s=17)


from Fabiana thread may day 2017 on democracy

CrankyPappy🥃 (@CrankyPappy) tweeted at 5:07 PM – 30 Apr 2017 :

Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts & murders itself. There never was a democracy that did not commit suicide.
~ John Adams https://t.co/tyLoXHf7g9 (http://twitter.com/CrankyPappy/status/858820097724620801?s=17)

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 5:18 PM – 30 Apr 2017 :

@CrankyPappy The only real democracy was in ancient Athens. These things that commit suicide are ponzi schemes where sociopaths game the “representation” (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/858822936513347584?s=17)

Radoslav Sharapanov (@radogado) tweeted at 1:56 AM – 1 May 2017 :

@fabianacecin @CrankyPappy No it wasn’t. Slaves and women (85% of population) had no right to vote. (http://twitter.com/radogado/status/858953203991416833?s=17)

Емил Nikolov 🎩 (@EmilKNikolov) tweeted at 9:55 PM – 30 Apr 2017 :

@fabianacecin actually democracy has never worked! It killed Socrates in ancient Athens. (http://twitter.com/EmilKNikolov/status/858892691777744896?s=17)

be\cause public consensus always oppresses someone (s)

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 7:09 AM – 1 May 2017 :

You can always say “System X doesn’t work because People.” No System will EVER “work” then by your definition of “work.” (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/859031943396159488?s=17)

prior to now (but i’d suggest rather.. eudaimoniative surplus).. we now have means to facil all the voices/curiosities.. a nother way: hlb that io dance

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 7:10 AM – 1 May 2017 :

People will always do dumb shit. Social system, social organizational, “serious” games creation is about betterment. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/859032161135054852?s=17)

i think that’s less true than we think.. ie: sci of people ness.. but even so.. we can design for that and to dance with and so.. to diminish that..

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 7:10 AM – 1 May 2017 :

“Democracy killed Socrates!” “Democracy allowed for women not vote, slaves etc.” Well, ANY system you throw at a dumb culture does that. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/859032331646111745?s=17)

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 7:11 AM – 1 May 2017 :

Social systems are vehicles to help a culture heal itself and evolve. Either they hamper or help that process. They are heuristics. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/859032439150309376?s=17)

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 7:11 AM – 1 May 2017 :

Everything we have now is WORSE than actual Athens democracy. We bitch about “majority dictatorship” and reinforce minority dictatorship. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/859032629827522562?s=17)

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 7:12 AM – 1 May 2017 :

Here is the video. https://t.co/RxXHjG0syJ (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/859032808240676864?s=17)

3 min – so.. go to a rep system.. but only those allowed to vote are..

4 min – toqueoville.. if have to choose between options.. wealthy will make theirs seem like only one

5 min – everyone so focused on right to vote.. forgot that reps.. can’t really rep.. end up with bosses instead of reps – rousseau

6 min – enter.. the pkg deal..

pdg deal

7 min – who gets to top.. the dull ones.. the ones who agree with everybody..

back to public consensus ness and supposed to’s

9 min – prior didn’t say democracy – said republican rep.. john adams: democracy will soon degenerate into anarchy.. democracy never last long

james madison: democracy incompatible with personal security and private property

key.. if being.. rather than having.. security and property irrelevant.. let’s design for that.. a nother way

10 min – word democracy not even mentioned once in constitution they wrote

human\e constitution ness

then said.. opp of rep govt is a democracy ..but called same..

so what is democracy


more from Fabiana on democracy

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:13 AM – 4 May 2017 :

Choosing actual democracy (i.e. “direct” democracy) is choosing to see what humanity as a whole wants to try out for itself. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/860135305256607744?s=17)

‘as a whole’ begs we go deep enough.. ie: something resonate with 7 bn today.. since we now have the means for that.. no more need for ie: consensus.. beyond ie: maté basic needs

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:12 AM – 4 May 2017 :

The absence of democracy means what we try out as societies is determined by a minority that can figure out how to get into power. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/860135148767105024?s=17)

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:11 AM – 4 May 2017 :

Majorities are displays of overwhelming desire to try out something. If most your brain cells want to eat a turd, you do. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/860134861536997376?s=17)

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:14 AM – 4 May 2017 :

The only way humans learn to govern themselves is if they can try it out and make mistakes. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/860135569493549056?s=17)

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:18 AM – 4 May 2017 :

Learning to self-govern requires daily decision-making–from all. If all people are not deciding on all issues around them… no democracy. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/860136571374366720?s=17)

daily is huge.. since we now have means to facil all the voices/curiosities.. a nother way: hlb that io dance

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:19 AM – 4 May 2017 :

Democracy (actual) is not in itself intended as a governance system. It is a meta-system intended for people to learn the next system. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/860136858113765376?s=17)

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:21 AM – 4 May 2017 :

The practice of the political ideal of democracy–learning to self-govern–is both manifest in and enabled by the ideal of Basic Income. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/860137219536900098?s=17)

not manifest in.. bi is tied to measuring things – we have to disengage from taht..

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:21 AM – 4 May 2017 :

Basic Income and Direct Democracy are closely linked. They are both meta-systems intended to enable unpredictable good things down the line. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/860137377834168322?s=17)

? not bi ..

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:22 AM – 4 May 2017 :

Meta-systems are things nobody gets. Forget about explaining this to people. They can only be demonstrated in practice. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/860137568960204801?s=17)

so.. we model..

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:24 AM – 4 May 2017 :

It is easy to wield, use Basic Income after it is deployed. It is a trivial points system. Using (Direct) Democracy is not so immediate. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/860138154443067392?s=17)

killer trivial pt system..


Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:25 AM – 4 May 2017 :

But were the conditions to exercise (Direct) Democracy present, the results would be far more astonishing than those of Basic Income. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/860138288362991616?s=17)

and.. bi is a cancer.. so.. let’s go w/conditions sans bi (or bi as temp placebo)

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:25 AM – 4 May 2017 :

In fact, that’s why Basic Income is the absolute first step. Basic Income IS the main enabler of the conditions for a (Direct) Democracy. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/860138429362974724?s=17)

as temp placebo

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:26 AM – 4 May 2017 :

THERE WILL BE NO DEMOCRACY WITHOUT BASIC INCOME FIRST (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/860138487986704385?s=17)

as temp placebo

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:26 AM – 4 May 2017 :

Sorry for the caps. The insight jumped on my face and it startled me. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/860138685727215617?s=17)

perhaps like when i started to think .. we do need money (as temp placebo) to keep people from thinking about money/measuring

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 8:27 AM – 4 May 2017 :

Now I have to figure out the ordering between Basic Income and the ridiculous, cause-free insanity that is throwing people in cages. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/860138929454034944?s=17)



adding token page this day:

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 7:00 AM – 27 May 2017 :

“The Token Economy: It is time we all *get paid for every single job we do” by @dentacoin https://t.co/4tdm5lxd4u (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/868451884578869248?s=17)

and after too many convos/readings/et-al.. where people are thinking if we just replace currency with tokens we’ll be good.. while i’m just thinking.. they are one and the same.. both seek to measure/validate transactions.. and so .. compromise us.. (ie: 10 day care ness)

*get paid for every single job we do..? what about interpretive labor et al… who measures/validates/pays-for that..?

let’s go the other way.. and disengage from pay.. from *tokenizing us..

tokenism: The effort of including a token employee to a workforce is usually intended to create the impression of social inclusiveness and diversity (racial, religious, sexual, etc.) in order to deflect accusations of social discrimination.


Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 5:38 AM – 4 Jul 2017 :

Money is an identification system. Money doesn’t buy democracy: it is a democracy, where the “people” are the rich. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/882201996597620738?s=17)

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 5:39 AM – 4 Jul 2017 :

A replacement of money is a proper, accessible, easy-to-use identification system for all, by all. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/882202267507666944?s=17)

why id..?

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 5:39 AM – 4 Jul 2017 :

Money is our trivial answer to the problem of knowing who exists so we can hear ourselves. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/882202121097146368?s=17)

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 5:47 AM – 4 Jul 2017 :

Eisenstein says generosity is the only safe store of value. Basic/Democratic Income systems are generous wells of value for all. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/882204289791389697?s=17)

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 5:48 AM – 4 Jul 2017 :

Economically, you are only safe when everyone is safe. You are only safe under “socialism”–generosity, continuous redistribution. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/882204450840072192?s=17)

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 6:00 AM – 4 Jul 2017 :

What I mean here is not “you’re only safe from the hordes,” but the Right-wing version, “you’re safe from economic disaster.” (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/882207501004963840?s=17)

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 6:00 AM – 4 Jul 2017 :

The only “store of value” for your “precious gold” is redistribution. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/882207579342077953?s=17)


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I just published “Humans and the illusion of being taught” https://t.co/LGJG2zwOqp (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/905759929469997056?s=17)


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“The immediate goal of Crypto UBI” by @fabianacecin https://t.co/eGFEjFAap2

And then, my friend, and only then, will people take back the “capital” that was stolen from them. And that taking back of the capital is instantaneous and automatic, because once you have woken up and educated 200 million people, then, it is no longer up to you. There’s no need to design anything. There’s no need to lead anybody anywhere.

If 200 million people understand they are in fact shareholders of Earth, and how much has been robbed from them, then you don’t need to “pay” them anything. There’s no need to design and deploy any working system. The collective force of 200 million people enraged for being mugged will do all the remaining work. The systems will appear out of nowhere. We can provide blueprints and leave them ready, but we won’t have to “fight” to implement them. People will do it for us. The experts can offer guidance, but it will no longer feel like a struggle against a brick wall — the typical experience of the activist, of the liberator.

wondering how similar thinking is to short bp.. are you seeing ubi as temp placebo then..?


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There is no problem. No technical problem. No grand problem of sociology or any other sort of science. We have all the simple and effective solutions mapped out. We do not need any more knowledge. What each one needs is courage to go inside themselves and challenge themselves. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/928231368827469824?s=17)

Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 5:01 AM – 8 Nov 2017 :

Instead of maximally simplifying, and leapfrogging into the *bloody obvious* most powerful and cheapest solution to building a basically “just”, “democratic” or “decentralized” society, we choose not to. We choose to “but but but” endlessly. We choose fear. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/928230919332384768?s=17)

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We have all the science and technology needed to give an equal slice of unconditional social power to absolutely everyone on the planet, in multiple forms: money, voting, health, transportation, communications, water, … and we choose not to. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/928230589299380224?s=17)

thinking that focus on .. social power.. would cripple our do-over


nov 26 2017 thread

Watching too much Peter Joseph; So it turns out of that the cultural aspect of our personalities is a complete illusion. Who we are culturally is dictated by social structures. If I was born in another structure, near another social “slot,” it would have sucked me in.


not yet scrambled ness..

So if we want to “change the world,” then individuals don’t matter. What we do is create, start these local social structures that are self-sustaining, self-defending, self-healing and that are different and compete with the dominant ones. To “produce” clones of our new patterns.


The primacy of structures is illustrated by the “remove one, another takes their place” phenomenon. The structure regenerates if you just eliminate its cells (i.e. us, the people). That same technology can be used against dominant structures you want gone.


The idea that the human world is mostly ideas is right. Change our minds, change the world, right? Yes, but loose ideas are just insects, bacteria. You have to “organize” them, turn them into organisms. Create the “slots” so it can regenerate and sustain itself.

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Public Basic Income is one such structure..t.. It structures all ideas by structuring the life of everyone. Most people are good people and have good, bottom-up ideas for living a good life: they are in a good culture. But the majority has no structure and hence no staying power. (http://twitter.com/fabianacecin/status/934776474598506496?s=17)

is it a structure..? thinking bi is an idea

In the absence of the massive healing that a public basic income would bring, we are left with “private basic incomes”, a.k.a. private mutualist societies, or private gift societies. That in any case need *defenses* to survive in a world that has the current dominant structures.

The defenses of structured private societies must include a mental model that can explain what is going on. The human world as competing structures. Structures generate people. Competing structures: the obsolete fear-based dominant ones vs. the trust-based ones that will heal.

We as individual people don’t matter. As individual people, all we want is a personal human life that is sufficiently lively, which is quite a simple, humble affair. What matter is that we create and maintain such structures. That is the work. The structures do the world-changing

simple..humble.. so too should be the structure..
not another idea that perpetuates measuring transactions..ie:money

Structures generate people. Without structures, “leader activists” will always be extraordinary people who “wake up” by random chance, by a gift of circumstance. If we respect what we know and can see, then we must create “machines” (habitats) that can reproduce that awareness.

Of course, in doing so, we risk our egos. Because we will be putting ourselves in a position where we don’t really know anymore. We are again children, learning..t

which is what we robbed most people of.. at the age of 5
1 yr to be 5 again.. that structure..

ie: mech/structure to facil cure ios city

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