cold (naked) swim

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chasing the sublime – by Amanda Bluglass

element of the unknown/discomfort/risk.. fear of cold/deep.. but..

that plunge into shared silence is a coming home.. everything slips away

it’s the getting in we find hard.. not the being in

that step forward from the shoreline.. when we stand on the waters edge, warm and dry, and regret what’s ahead.. but we love the intensity

in deep water your life is always in your own hands

we will continue to seek these discomforts and to get cold and too tired find/overcome fears.. simultaneously to feel what feels like life’s biggest freedom.. by the simplest of choices.. sink or swim.. float or flander.. to transform from ordinary to briefly extraordinary


benes of cold water swimming:

benes of cold shower:

(not original one i read.. but can’t find it.. so..) ice women cometh:


Chase Jarvis (@chasejarvis) tweeted at 8:10 AM – 4 Feb 2018 :

Kevin Rose: Ice Baths, Saying No, & the Art of Trying @kevinrose (

48 min – basically a little body hack to get more energy

49 min – science backed up by rhonda patrick (@foundmyfitness) – on cold therapy

50 min – no shivering just means i’m used to it by now and i’m using fat rather than using shivering .. and i can also produce heat from breathing exercises from the inside out

53 min – you feel like you shed like 7 yrs of your life



Turning on the cold water for 30 seconds at the end of each shower appears to boost people’s sense of energy, and produces 29% less sick days, as this experiment found:

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“”“Swimming is the only activity that the human can indulge in that is gravity free,” he says. “You realise gravity incessantly is putting a strain on us. You can’t escape gravity even if you’re sitting down – you’re probably in a bad posture and your muscles and ligaments are aching because of it – but swimming gives you that opportunity.””

99 yr old breaking records:

 Swimming is something he does in private. It lets him exercise without pain. He only ever competes alone, and he is happy if his record encourages other masters-level swimmers to join him.

In many ways, he swims for himself, and lays down records for others.

“In the water you’re weightless. While you’re there, you can use all the muscles in your body, your sinews and elastic tissues, without that extra weight that’s on you. In the water it’s just yourself and no weight at all.”

He will go back to swimming three laps a week, sleeping well and eating a boiled egg for breakfast.


3d printed shirt that lets you breathe underwater – fins draw oxygen from water


sept 2018 – how cold water swim could treat depression

  • The treatment is based on cross-adaptation, a phenomenon where individuals become less sensitive to a stimulus after being exposed to another.
  • Getting used to the shock of cold-water swimming could blunt your body’s sensitivity to other stressors.

“Underwater, I feel an intense mixture of burning pain and, even after doing this for years, a little panic. But it’s the only time the anxious negative chatter in my head is truly silenced. After two minutes, as my skin reaches the same temperature as the water, I start to feel comfortable and my breathing slows. After even a brief swim, I feel elated for hours and calm for days.”


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