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[palma, spain]

intro’d to Daniel here.. when he shared this link in p2p fb group:


beyond sustainable to restorative.. ie; reforesting.. still mindset of man over nature

next.. reconciliatory.. reconcile w nature..

beyond that.. regenerative.. creating cultures that are able to work creatively w disruptions rather than avoid them.. to be resilient to change because change is the only constant we have on this planet..

so moving beyond sustainable to regenerative is key

and key to that.. holmgren indigenous law

a nother way

systemic change.. toward/back-to antifragility


michel fb share – july 2017 –  1 hr webinar

(haven’t listened to all)

Regeneration: A Webinar with Fritjof Capra and Daniel Christian Wahl


1\ earth charter

2\ word – regenerative

3\ how to involve business community




Bruce Kunkel (@bkunkel3) tweeted at 5:26 AM – 5 Aug 2017 :

“Questioning dangerous ideologies (dismantling economic orthodoxies)” by @DrDCWahl https://t.co/vsgtIqAujr (http://twitter.com/bkunkel3/status/893795335281049600?s=17)

We need to initiate culturally creative conversations about what kind of changes to our current economic system are more likely to deliver a thriving and desirable future for our communities and all of humanity

need convos. stop.
if insisting/suggesting abouts.. won’t be for all


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Innovator, Educator, Consultant, Author, and Activist with background in Biology, Sustainability, and Regenerative Whole Systems Design


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