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While researchers, educators, and politicians often talk about education allowing people to overcome socio-economic status, or class, in the United States class is a fluid ascription that is complicated by racial classification and country of origin due to the unique history, media, and codified legal practices that continue to value some lives more than others, or, at the very least, imagine some as being more “American” than others.
closer for sure.. but beyond students.. beyond america..
systemic.. and so..
perhaps to hasten systemic change globally/equitably.. we focus on 3 elements: deep/simple/open enough ness
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nationality: human
juxta.. huge
Jane McGonigal (@avantgame) tweeted at 6:57 PM on Thu, Oct 26, 2017:
hey future future future… For the First Time Ever, a Robot Was Granted Citizenship via @Futurism
but not this 10 yr old