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so this is him. the surreal moment in new york, in the middle of chaos. was with him. dying to know more about his high level visualization tools that focus on the connector rather than the node.

this posted on fb..

This is a very belated thank you to my 50 friends, who posted a birthday greeting.

After spending much of the holiday on developing the alpha version of my first serious game, “Co-Evolving with You,” and a mindmap for turning my “Chaordic Chat” method (of combining computer-mediated real-time exchange with contemplative practices) into a commons of its practitioners, finally, I’m slowly landing in the New Year.

January brought me a couple of exciting new projects, including:

• As the lead consultant to “Boosting the Collective Intelligence and Performance of the Southern Catalonia Innovation Ecosystem,” I start working on the design of the project.

• As the architect of the Collective Intelligence Initiative of the International Society for Systems Sciences, I start moving the “Collective Intelligence Enhancement Lab” into its implementation phase.

• As co-founder of the School of Commoning, and the Commons Rising online community, I will participate in international efforts to develop a commons communication strategy and an alliance of commons educators.

• With the Integral City Meshworks, this month, we start a series conference calls about developing the Integral City Commons.

• With the Collective Intelligence & Collective Wisdom community that I founded last month, and which has now 250 members, we are going to start curating our content and conversations.

• As an advisor to two software start-ups, I will test and provide feedforward to their the current ‘test release.’

With all of the above on my plate for January, the next couple of weeks promise a fun ride.

If you wonder what is the secret sauce to one man accomplishing all that in a short time, what are its ingredients, well, I’ll reveal them to you, as a token sign of my appreciation, amigos and amigas. These are the two essential ingredients:

1. The “1 man” is not just 1 man, but 1 man in the living and interlocking networks of mutually supportive relationships that make all the difference.

2. I developed some high-level project visualization tools picturing each project as a node in the ecosystem with links between them signifying their relationships. That allows me to shift my attention from the nodes to the links and discover the synergistic patterns that connect them. In turn, those patterns inform me about which next step can make the biggest contribution to the evolution of the ecosystem as a whole.

Would love to hear from you about *your* ways to increase your effectiveness, as an agent for a “more beautiful world that our heart knows is possible (Charles Eisenstein).


George Por: From Integral Mindfulness to Collective Intelligence to Collective Sentience | P2P Foundation

Original Tweet:

Mindfulness, especially shared mindfulness, is an
essential doorway to the collective intelligence and
action required to re-orient where we want to go as a
society. “Mindfulness” here refers not to its popular,
“stress-reduction” meaning, but to a discipline of
training our attention and intention to foster wise
action grounded in compassion with self and others.
“Mindfulness is not merely a compartmentalized tool
for enhancing attention but is informed and influenced
by many other factors – our view of reality; the nature
of our thoughts, speech, and actions; our way of making
a living; and our effort in avoiding unwholesome
and unskilful states while developing those that are
skilful and conducive to health and harmony4
purser & Milillo 2014, Mindfulness Revisited
Without an ethical foundation grounded in the common
good and an integral, evolutionary worldview, the
currently trending mindfulness practices and trainings
risk reducing a radical, ancient wisdom tradition of
self-knowledge and self-transformation to a self-help
technique or psychological state readily co-optable by
the defenders of the institutional status quo.
george pór
p 5
Biofeedback is still rarely used in collective settings for
examining and creating connections between participants.
Synchronized heartbeats may induce a subjective
experience of increased connection.
closeness doesn’t automatically leads to shared integral
mindfulness that also has an ethical component
interested in connection to mikey – also change leads to lead
completed, the pulse would let participants
become aware of their shared heartbeat. however,
unless their culture has shared purpose and values
and an attitude of striving for competence in
some inner technologies, then it is unlikely that
the outer technology of biofeedback can deliver
on its potential for fostering shared, integral
title page 5 – infra
Below are 6
examples of what the increased connectivity
within the 6-pole resources of CI may mean.
1 ~ e permanent inner chatter of the mind,
with its frequent jumps to unrelated thoughts,
creates a disjoint series of only loosely-connected
reflections. We can grow higher coherence
in that chatter by practicing contemplation,
meditation, and visualization of our
mental models. growing competence in any
of those arts will boost our C-IQ. e practical
value of the capacity to maintain a more
coherent inner discourse cannot be overstated
inner chatter of mind – coherent inner discourse….?
p 6
what if we could turbo-charge the creative potential
of value flowing from our reflections to our enabling
technologies and vice versa? Imagine, what could it
enable and make possible?
ose principles are;
Take Care of yourself, Take Care of Each other,
Take Care of is place”. (It’s remarkable those
principles and the associated practices were pioneered
by high school students in Canada.)
aup – kindergarten
p 10
It shifted the restricting feeling
of performing to a scope anticipated months
ago into the joy of writing from the living centres
of what is true and most alive for me now, and
trusting that their inner coherence would somehow
manifest in the outer coherence of what was
produced in those five days
back to chaotic chat… maybe we don’t control it but rather trust emergence of now
It was like some kind of mental congestion got
removed by changing the direction of the writing
process from outside-in to inside-out. I am grateful
to all readers for that shift because it was our
shared mindfulness, collective intelligence, and
collective sentience that made it possible. let
me explain.
Writing is communing, a passage of the chasm
from me to we. you’ve been present with me
in creating this essay, in all the choices I made
about it, including the shift in my attitude
about the writing process I mentioned above.
your voice inside me made it clear that what’s
important is not how complete the story is,
but how authentically it is poured forth from
my passion, because only then can it connect
with yours
yes. this.
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George Pór (@technoshaman) tweeted at 6:10 AM – 27 Aug 2018 :
Collective Intelligence and the Future of Consciousness (
How would your quality of life be affected if, at the end of  your search journey,  you could get answer to a question that really matters to you and can be asked with 10 words or less?
imagine if rather than an answer.. you get connected to a small tribe of local people asking the same thing.. ie: cure ios city rather than intelligence.. via 2 convers.. as infra
George Pór (@technoshaman) tweeted at 8:47 AM on Fri, Sep 27, 2019:
From #despair to collective awakening to our potential as a species, through mutual learning across the transformative movements of multitudes…
@snowded: So the narcissistic leaders of the US and UK, supposedly the bastions of democracy, engage in gaslighting & whipping up violence through the language of hate; in parallel a young girl speaks truth to power in an attempt to stop the world burning and is largely ignored. #dispair
perhaps cure ios city
tech as it could be.. listening to every voice everyday.. with 2 convers as infra
imagine deeper

between nora and george via john

George Pór (@technoshaman) tweeted at 1:45 AM on Tue, Oct 01, 2019:
@NoraBateson, in response @jhagel’s tweet, could this be a good “warm data” question:
What can education/workplaces be, in a changing world, which wouldn’t destroy the creative genius of the child within each of us?

@jhagel: Our natural creative genius is stifled from the time we are born, but especially once we go to school. We need to find the five-year old within us again. That capability that we as a five-year-old possessed, never goes away

ie: cure ios city

1 yr to be 5 again


George Pór (@technoshaman) tweeted at 1:58 AM on Wed, Oct 30, 2019:
Yes, and of course, the lack of curiosity and asking genuine questions is not an accident. It’s the consequence of the systemic muting of the evolutionary impulse inside and around us. Unsatisfied by just stating that, I’m asking, what practices do we know for re-awakening it?

listening to it (to our gut) everyday..

ie: tech as it could be.. listening to self-talk as data via 2 conversations as infra..

cure ios city


George Pór (@technoshaman) tweeted at 8:28 AM – 1 Jan 2020 :
As some of you know, around my birthday every year, I hold a personal ceremony for re-casting my Circle of LifeWork. On this glyph, you can see the fruits of the last one, and read the full story of it here: . Curious of whad’ya think of it.


12 page paper by george on academia edu -Augmenting the Collective Intelligence of the Ecosystem of Systems Communities: Introduction to the Design of the Collective Intelligence Enhancement Lab (CIEL):

p 1 –

only a smaller ecosystem that is part of the larger one can have any chance to influence the evolution of consciousness in the larger.That‘s why we prefer to talk about an ecosystem of systems communities, or ―systems ecosystem for short, rather than ―systems movement. The systems ecosystem include the various systems science organizations and their conferences,the systems-oriented virtual communities, distribution lists, journals, academic programs, learning laboratories, books, and the close 1.5 million webpages referencing ―systems science. Even this incomplete list reflects that this is a socio-technical-knowledge ecosystem, a complex whole with co-evolving parts
yeah.. part of our problem/cancer
literacy and numeracy both elements of colonialism.. we need to calculate differently and stop measuring things
let go
p2 –
*What are the qualities that the systems ecosystem needs to possess if it is to become one of the enablers of evolutionary transformation in the larger ecosystem, the planetary patchwork of civilizations itself? **Not assuming that the systems ecosystems already knows what those qualities are,the first of them is the capability of evolutionary learning, defined here as learning what it takes to develop the higher level of collective intelligence (CI) to boost the CI of the ecosystem of the human society
*maté basic needs
**and i think we need to assume the ecosystems already know.. otherwise it won’t work (for 8b people).. ie: thinking we need to train is a red flag we’re doing it wrong..
more about augmenting interconnectedness than collective intelligence
i think Doug Engelbart would agree if he could hear/see
Hence, the systems ecosystem‘s best starting point for advancing the transition to a sustainable and thriving world with ecosystemic meta-stability, is in prototyping evolutionary learning communities, capable to bootstrap their own CI
ie: 2 convers as infra
Ultimately, meeting the response-ability of the systems ecosystem to the societal need for an―evolutionary guidance system‖ (Banathy, 2000)starts with creating the enabling conditions for collective self-refection and meaning-making in its constitutive systems communities. This paper is focused on outlining the functions of and the *infrastructure for one of those conditions, the emergence of collective intelligence in systems communities and the systems ecosystems, as whole
ie: 2 convers as infra
p 3
Evolutionary learning empowers us to anticipate and face unexpected situations. It will help us to progress from unconscious adaptation to our environment to conscious innovation and coevolution with the environment and the development of the ability to direct and *manage change. (Banathy, 1996)
i’d call that curiosity.. let’s just facil daily curiosity
red flab: thinking we have to (or that we can) *manage change
For systems communities and the systems ecosystem, as whole, to fulfill their evolutionary potential, they also have to equip themselves with an innovation *architecture capable to absorb the complexity of co-evolving with environment, particularly in times of such rapid modes of evolution as systemic bifurcation (Laszlo, 1991) or **punctuated equilibrium (Eldredge & Gould,1972), also popularized as―***jump time (Houston, 2004).
*ie: cure ios city
**ie: simultaneous spontaneity
***humanity needs a leap.. to get back/to simultaneous spontaneity ..  simultaneous fittingness.. everyone in sync..
‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows
p 6 –
Nobody has moved the edge of deep knowledge about that co-evolution more dramatically than thelate Douglas Engelbart, the principal source of inspiration behind the suggested CollectiveIntelligence Enhancement Lab

and i think doug would agree if he could hear/see .. that we need to focus on

p 8
A core idea is something that is at the source of why we came together to do something. It is a strong call from our core of being to be useful, to serve, to create, and to evolve. It is something that calls to us and it may alter the ways, in which system communities organize themselves for stewarding the collective intelligence of their membership.The core idea of the CIEL initiative is to prototype an ―emergent platform that integrates social, electronic, cognitive, and inner technologies and processes for augmenting the collective intelligence of evolutionary learning communities,and the systems ecosystem, as whole.
let’s go deeper.. and org around something that is already core to 8b people.. ie: maté basic needs
The specific purpose that CIEL and the process of developing it is designed to serve is three-fold:
p 9
1\ To create a testable alpha version
done.. ie: short findings restate in 2019
2\ To discover the next stage
done.. ie: next experiment
3\ To lay foundations for an inter-disciplinary community
done..  ie: cure ios city with 2 convers as infra via tech as it could be.. (listening to 8b daily curiosities and using that data to augment our interconnectedness..
because what world needs most is the energy of 8b alive people..
which we’ll only get at if we ca undo our hierarchical listening)
p 11
Biomimicry is the conscious emulation of life‘s genius. The word ‘conscious
refers to intent it is not enough to design something without nature‘s help and then in retrospect say, ‘This reminds me of something in the natural world.‘…
Biomimicry implies conscious forethought, an active seeking of  nature‘s advice
before something is designed. (Benyus, 2012)
Our search for integrating biomimicry methods in the design framework of CIEL gave rise to thefollowing research questions:
1\ What biomimetic information could guide systems communities to move toward greater effectiveness and efficiency in cultivating a shared mind?
ie: maté basic needs.. realizing that there are 2 basic needs at the core of every human.. baked in.. deeper than ie: food, water, shelter, et al
2\ What essential, new information can we unearth if patterns of differentiation and integration (of thoughts, mental models and whole disciplines) common with the corresponding evolutionary mechanism in nature?
ie: tech as it could be…. realizing that today we have a means to listen to 8b daily curiosities and use that data to augment our interconnectedness.. to undo our hierarchical listening
3\ What are the implications of the ―neurons that fire together, wire together 
ie: ‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows
if we can let go enough to get back/to that dance


just after reading about 12 pg paper (bottom of george’s page).. read this thread between george and joe.. highlighting this tweet:

@cognitivepolicy A two-hour webinar discussion in itself wouldn’t be too long if there were no other, equally high-value webinars by thought leaders in disciplines pivotal to the civilizational renewal that we’re on the verge of, not to mention the number of wonderful spiritual teachers.

Original Tweet:

imagine if we believed in 8b high value  daily curiosities.. and org’d around listening to and facil ing that

too much ness is killing us.. and today we have the means to undo that hierarchical listening via tech as it could be..

ie: 2 convers as infra

augmenting human intellect

augmenting collective intelligence

augmenting interconnectedness

rock or flower


Michel Bauwens (@mbauwens) tweeted at 8:40 PM on Sun, Jun 21, 2020:
via george por:
The slides of my presentation (complete with my speaker’s notes) at Humanity Rising are here Curious abt whad’ya think…

slide 4: scaffolding the communication corridors

ie: 2 convers as infra to undo our hierarchical listening


George Pór (@technoshaman) tweeted at 0:05 PM on Thu, Jul 02, 2020:
Maybe more than anything else, a better future needs social ecosystem catalyst well-trained in the arts and sciences of amplifying the collective intelligence of the movements for civilizational renewal. @jgreenhall @NoraBateson @henkhadders @mbauwens @JMNSCH

social ecosystem catalyst: cure ios city

beyond intellect ness.. augmenting interconnectedness


George Pór (@technoshaman) tweeted at 5:04 AM on Wed, Jul 15, 2020:
Thinking (eco-)systemically requires mutual learning across the contexts in which the transformative forces operate, mapping the neighboring niches and align functionally along the various lines of gifts that each niche is bringing to the whole. Differentiation b4 integration.

ie: cure ios city

imagine if we just focused on listening to the itch-in-8b-souls.. first thing.. everyday.. and used that data to augment our interconnectedness.. we might just get to a more antifragile, healthy, thriving world.. the ecosystem we keep longing for..


Some related ideas about Commons education and the difference between a “community of learners” and a community that learns” that I shared in an an interview on the side of the  Economics and the Commons Conference  (Berlin, May 22-24, 2013)
Original Tweet:

5 min video – dec 2013 – George Por on the Commons education

community is the curriculum

let go.. even that statement is killing us

maté parenting law et al

ie: cure ios city


How can we bridge the gap between the creativity of AI and humans at an individual scale, on one hand, and “ensuring that humanity has a role in an increasingly autonomous world” (@trentmc0), on the other? We don’t know (yet). We need Generative Action Research to discover it.
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need 1st/most: means to undo our hierarchical listening to self/others/nature.. ai/tech doesn’t have to be creative.. (people are plenty creative if legit free) just has to be nonjudgmental (so all people can be legit free)

ie: tech as it could be