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zach bush @DrZachBush on know thyself – feb 2023 – Building The NEW EARTH, Humanity’s Great Opportunity – w/ Zach Bush MD | Know Thyself Podcast EP 32 – (105 min video) – host – André Duqum

As humanity pushes towards the brink of the 6th largest extinction, we are faced with a choice to listen and transform, or resist the inevitability of change. Today, Zach Bush, shares his perspective on the end of an era for humanity, and the beginning of a New Earth. He explains the cycle of death and rebirth, and why difficult times is essential for transmutation. He also shares how we can get in touch with our inner knowing, and be the generation that allows for the New Earth to be birthed.

notes/quotes from video:

the potential we have on this planet is exactly equal to the existential threat that we’ve created.. in our inevitable belief of scarcity we started to go after resources that were beyond our needs.. look at all aspects of life today.. in last 2 years we’ve created more billionaires than ever at the cost of 300 m new families in poverty..

for all our intelligence we have this original wound of scarcity and separation.. we need to cry so hard as humanity right now for the beauty we have missed.. we need to dream a new dream.. we will become something greater than ourselves.. if we’re listening.. so may we wake up..

need 1st/most: means to undo our hierarchical listening to self/others/nature ie: tech as it could be

so may we wake up .. and i hope that in a few decades we are sitting around a fire laughing over the simplicity of life that emerged from the chaos of a disconnected humanity.. and the speed at which it all healed

yeah that.. the speed ness.. humanity needs a leap.. to get back/to simultaneous spontaneity .. simultaneous fittingness.. everyone in sync.. a legit global re\set

for (blank)’s sake

4 min – the first 50 yrs (of my life) have been this pressure cooker of human intellectual.. egoic model of achievement.. to run that as far as i possibly could.. and then feel that pendulum starting to swing back.. 2010 my life clearly took a very steep turn.. the last 12 years has been a steady deconstruction of everything that i thought i held valuable.. and everything that i thought i was worthwhile or valuable for this world had to fall away.. and that means you have to die over and over and over again yourself.. and to the people that are around you too

5 min – i think anybody who has entered this space of surrender has realized this is not a gentle/comfortable process.. and it’s one that is going to be extremely disruptive.. it’s been disruptive in every area of my life.. but my gosh.. the beauty that has flowed thru is just beyond my wildest dreams in 2008.. you know you need to make a change because you’re at the endpoint of something energetically.. and then you let out all that starts to die.. and now i find myself in 2023 with this really beautiful experience of recognizing that everything that i thought i was letting go of was even just symptomatic of this deeper one thing.. and if i had to boil it down to the one thing.. that’s coming to a long end of the loop.. which might just be my lifetime long.. but energy can either be destroyed or created..

6 min – and so i have a feeling that the energy that animates my body now has been around a very long time.. and what that energy has done thru the eons .. i have no idea.. on the scale or vastness.. because i can only look at it thru the human lens.. in which case i’m going to project a human story on that eons old energy center.. but i do have a sense that that thing has been around this sun before and i have had distinct experiences in the last year in particular that have exposed a memory in myself of things long past.. and that has been really deeply rooting reassuring to myself at a deep level that i belong here right now.. and i think that that was an unspoken fear.. thru much of my life.. maybe i don’t belong here.. maybe i don’t belong into humanity.. maybe i don’t fit.. maybe nobody is going to understand me.. maybe i can’t understand anybody else..t maybe i’m not worthwhile.. maybe i can’t do enough to be worthwhile.. these are the deep seated fears i think w/in the human psyche itself.. that we all have to live a lifetime to deconstruct and free ourselves of.. so there’s that journey happening right now

brown belonging law et al

7 min – but i also look thru the scope of human history in the somewhat perverted way that we know it.. but nonetheless.. that history speaks of recurring patterns of behavior that have repeated itself so many times.. and it’s so exciting to see the possibility that humanity is actually resetting the fundamentals on why those patterns were repeated themselves.. giving us the opportunity right now to break the pattern and to actually start new.. t.. in that space is an infinite possibility .. that’s the newness that i’m feeling

dawn of everything (book).. myth of normal.. (two books)

history ness.. black science of people/whales law.. et al

ie: a nother way

9 min – the potential we have on this planet is exactly equal to the existential threat that we’ve created as our human species has seen itself separate from nature.. i think that’s the original wound.. we saw ourselves separate from nature.. and immediately therefore having to believe in scarcity.. therefore having to create an ego to protect ourselves.. therefore othering everything.. therefore extracting everything.. therefore destroying the world.. t

thurman interconnectedness law.. holmgren indigenous law .. et al

and so this simple progression of that original wound of we are separate nature has played itself out and in that reality of an existential threat coming to biology on earth we have created this potential

10 min – so maybe we’ll start with the existential threat.. what happened.. in our inevitable belief of scarcity we started to go after resources that were beyond our needs.. because we thought.. maybe something else happens and i’ll need something that i don’t need right now.. or maybe my children will need something that i don’t have right now because things get worse so i need to get more to pass on to my kids.. t

again.. need 1st/most: means to undo our hierarchical listening to self/others/nature ie: tech as it could be.. so we can ..

org around legit needs

and we’ve created all kinds of constructs to prepare for this phenomena.. and one that i was kind of unaware of because it seemed so good.. in fact it was my whole *metric of value on this planet was.. i want to be a good husband and a great dad..t and so i’ve held that so vigorously.. and i’ve been .. 23 yrs of marriage and everything else.. like there’s just intense holding onto these identities.. and to find out that we actually created the construct of legal marriage so that we could pass on wealth to our children.. before that contract.. which was a very western contract.. it was more.. commitment that went w/o some sort of legal document that got govt’s involved in your love life.. **it was a familial contract back in that day that was more about.. let’s build a home together.. it already had capacity for extraction and all that.. but i think when we took it to this legal document that was about passing on the paternal name rather than the maternal name.. which was more historically accurate to most indigenous peoples.. that patriarchal shift to.. i want to make sure my wealth is passed down thru my male line.. and therefore we’re going to create this construct where women are owned thru this construct and lose their identity..

*of math and men ness

**was it ever though? marriage\ing ness et al.. nika & silvia on divorce ness et al..

11 min – so this patriarchal western view of it is just one of the many things.. and i think you could point to ed.. econ system.. and find different realities that oh my gosh.. it was out of this belief there wouldn’t be enough for our children.. that we create all these constructs to be able to extract more than we could ever need.. and now in the last 2 years we’ve created more billionaires than ever in history at the cost of 300m new families in poverty.. never before have we demonstrated so well that our pendulum is swinging so hard to this scarcity model.. a billion dollars.. a thousand million dollars.. nobody can spend that much money on providing for themselves or their family .. absolutely impossible..

12 min – so we’ve take this to such an extreme abstraction of need.. and then you see billionaires committing suicide for lack of self worth.. where did we go so wrong.. we did this in every aspect.. from relationships to econ.. to socio politics built around the scarcity model.. and in our constant separation from nature.. we became that existential threat.. and the extinction you mention becomes real.. so we’re in the middle of this great extinction.. and it turns out this extinction is being caused for the exact same reason the last one was caused.. 55 m years ago extinction of 90% of life on earth disappears in a matter of months/years.. and what we find on fossil earth.. layer of dust.. that choked out the respiratory function of the soils.. and in losing our soil systems we lost the biology of the planet.. and it took millions of years to recover.. but.. in the millions of years of recovery.. a brand new potential for life was discovered.. and this has been the story of every extinction.. when you put biology under stress.. it immediately creates more opp for the future

suicide et al

14 min – when we are genetically stressed we make new potential possibilities.. and that is what we now call a virus.. but long before there was an english word called virus.. there was a genetic library on earth.. we now call this the virome.. the global info bank of potential life.. and the viruses is their expression of new potential proteins are there for the uptake of all biology leftover

bush immune system law et al.. bush communication law et al..

15 min – that was a 55 m year journey from extinction to human and over that time the viruses taken up into a genetic possibility of life birth.. so the genetic code you inherit from parents is just the possibility of who you become.. who you become is coded by the breath you take .. and this is why i believe things like astrology are so powerful.. it’s literally the energetic environ you’re born into that then demonstrates or creates the actual life from that potential template of the genome

so.. hari rat park law et al

16 min – as we dive into thousands genes.. we find out that 55% of those 19 000 are direct viral inserts into the genetic code.. 8% are retro viruses like hiv.. and so here we are in modern medicine demonizing the very genetic language that makes life in its many forms possible.. and if there’s anything we learn from 4b years on earth.. it’s that nature is pressing for biodiversity and adaptation are its code.. the results of biodiversification is more adaptation and it’s this feedback loop

bush demonization law.. bush mono crop law et al

17 min – the ability to communicate over distance was the breakthru for biology and they did it thru the *viruses.. and so here we are as a recent *expression of mother nature and we did that thru the accumulation of 55 m years from last extinction.. 4 m from creation of the planet.. we are well into this beauty experiment that is life on earth.. and right now we’re representing the kind of one of the most extraordinary central processing units that biology has every created.. meaning the most genetically pliable.. we’re more plastic than the other species out there in our genetic code.. meaning we can absorb more info than any other single species has ever done.. and we have the neural system to collect info energetically and neurologically than other species than any other that’s existed.. and we do that thru our colon.. our colon is more biodiverse than any other piece of nature in the universe as far as we know

*virus noticings et al.. gabor on virus ness et al

**? am thinking as a deformed expression of mother nature.. like whales in sea world

18 min – so we are so intelligent for the amount of info we can take in and we do that thru a very unique colon that has more neurologic connection that any other and it has a very specific anatomy to it that allows for more biodiversity to occur there.. so we are ultimately to date.. the *highest expression of planet earth’s entire intelligence in a single species.. and for that .. we became the existential threat that would create the 6th extinction.. because for all of this intelligence.. we have this original wound of scarcity.. and separation.. **so what happened is that we perfected stress on earth.. we figured out how to destroy earth’s water/air/soils.. we are the astroid.. the volcanic event.. of today.. that will choke out top soils.. and for that we will put so much stress on this planet.. and for that there will be so many more viruses than ever existed before.. because there’s more biodiversity now than 55 m years ago by a long shot.. so when you put today’s earth under stress.. compared to 55m years ago.. it is log rhythmically more intelligent from a genomic stand point..

*oi? intellect ness makes no diff if it’s all non legit data (like from whales in sea world).. **ok.. yeah.. just perpetuates sea world..

20 min – but life on earth need carbon.. it needs energy to be pumped thru it.. and to get that you need co2 in the atmosphere.. and the other thing we have done so well is getting co2 out into the atmosphere.. never before has there been so much carbon available to biology on earth.. and thank god for shell.. bp.. exxon mobile.. because w/o them.. we would not have gotten this carbon out of the center of the earth where it was not available to biology anymore .. so for the first time in a biology of 4b years.. we have all of the earth’s carbon.. 96% of it probably available for life.. so we have more fuel for the biology of this planet to take off and more genetic potential than ever before .. and every extinction has led to a more beautiful planet.. you go from ferns to wildflowers..deciduous trees.. there’s a vibrational experience on this earth that has never existed before (whale call to child will wrap earth 5 times before it dissipates).. that is now cued up with more genetic potential and more carbon fuel .. for life to explode on this planet than ever before.. this earth in a few million years is going to have *the most extraordinary intelligence on it.. and that could happen in 200 years if we stop extinction now in the state of play


now sounds like he’s got sinclair perpetuation law (ie: not giving up on intellect and manufactured beauty/nature he seemed to speak against at 4 min)

taking a break.. oof

24 min – there and energetic and biologic side to that (potential) .. the energetic side is the emotional state you just spoke of.. and emotion is a human construct and so we could speak a little deeper about just vibration.. so the vibration of fear, guilt & shame are the things that are driving our extinction behavior.. so these vibrations set up a fear paradigm at the genetic/neurological/endocrine(hormone) levels.. biologically you are responding to these vibrations of energy of fear/guilt/shame at the genetic level.. we can show this in humans but we can also show it in plants.. ie: can project anger/fear on moss.. can use english to talk to plant and it responds to vibration words put out.. and i think for that reason the moss is more aware of human status than the human is because we don’t actually understand that our words are coming from an energy of emotion all the time.. so subtle and ever present that these energies.. these vibrational experiences are shaping the world around us..

lanier beyond words law et al

26 min – so what’s underneath this existential threat of humanity is vibrational experiences that resulted from this original wound of abandonment..

missing pieces.. need to org around legit needs

need 1st/most: means to undo our hierarchical listening to self/others/nature ie: tech as it could be

some prophecies now saying that in this decade we are in .. in midst of end of everything of last epoch.. 50-100 000 yr range.. a close and beginning of next .. and that gap.. a vector of energy in this shift.. from (ruining things from energy of fear et al.. to *3 yr old behavior of.. i get my way).. that’s been our vector for the last 50 000 yrs.. and we’ve seen the collapse of civilization again and again in that 50-100 000 yrs..

*oi to that.. not yet scrambled et al and jensen civilization law et al..

28 min – and so now we’re lacking a vector.. we have so played that story out.. we look at all aspects of life today (soc media, econ, ed, politic).. and we just throw up our hands.. saying.. no way we can sort this out till we go extinct.. look at timeline.. we’ve got 8 yrs.. look at presidency coming up.. same trump and biden.. 8 yrs.. how can anything change if we’re still playing out this patriarchal polarized socio political system..

29 min – and the answer gets at what you just mentioned.. ‘whoa.. did you just say there’s a phase change?.. there’s potential we could actually create a completely diff biology?’.. and that’s the silver lining i wake up with.. people.. we have nothing to fear.. we only have opportunity

(to me).. could actually re\set to legit biology.. aka: get out of sea world

and those prophecies are saying that in this little metamorphic zone of everything dissolving in the cocoon.. the butterfly hasn’t shown up yet.. in that moment.. we will lose the genetics of fear/guilt/shame.. now there’s some opp.. the second our biology forgets fear/guilt/shame.. is the second we can (?) to completely a new biology.. and i’m so excited by that possibility .. and i am so sure that nature has positioned herself perfectly to ignite that opp for us.. and she is just full of grace for sure.. but beyond grace.. she is full of excitement to re express herself.. more beautifully w more biodiversity w more *intelligence..

yeah .. i think if we’re looking for *this.. it’s a red flag.. i think if we’re legit free.. re\set.. we’d be about not yet scrambled ness.. (that to date has happened a great deal because of our drive for intellect ness et al)

30 min – and so we sit here.. a linear transformation .. no way.. a complete metamorphic transformation.. butterfly coming out of that cocoon is what we have to do now.. and i’m so grateful for that..

yeah to that.. for (blank)’s sake

and again.. for that .. need 1st/most: means to undo our hierarchical listening to self/others/nature ie: tech as it could be

31 min – i’m so grateful that we can’t figure out.. well is there an econ model to recover the us dollar.. we are sensing that the things that have dictated our recent world are coming to an end and we’re trying to imagine what comes next.. so i’m so excited about those people running around w blockchain and crypto ideas.. because they are the plow in the ground.. where they would have been killed 25 yrs ago for thinking of something other than the fed.. even fed thinking we should create own crypto.. probably not but congrats for thinking outside your box.. the crypto story has been so telling.. we really are fundamentally ready for the complete new .. the more we all just participate.. let’s participate in the philosophy of it.. of newness and a unified vision of where we are going..

oh my.. so deep then so shallow.. stay deep man.. oi oi oi

we have to think – sans any form of m\a\p.. otherwise will be same song

32 min – this is the thing that diffuses all my hope/joy.. the fastest and most consistently.. is people working around me w teams.. start to imprint the past experiences on the now.. and i’m like.. all we’re talking about people.. is that it can be w/o the past.. i’m watching past blow apart teams/momentum.. there are 1.5m non profits in space of ecology/climate/social-justice.. and yet nothing is shifting.. why isn’t it working? ..t billions a year.. because they are imprinting past on now.. ie: one thing non profits do is run in the scarcity mentality around money.. until we believe in abundance model.. we will blow each other apart.. until we get to shared space/resources

? so now i’m confused.. why be happy about crypto ness? why call them tillers of the soil? oi.. that is the past that is binding us.. any form of m\a\p binds us

need a means sans any form of m\a\p

33 min – we saw this in the pandemic.. the nuclear fam blew up .. when you allow the nuclear to go nuclear it is so destructive.. we saw more suicides in homes.. more domestic violence.. in 2 yrs.. more violence on women/children than has ever happened in history.. more substance abuse than has ever happened in history.. and this happened in last couple years because we’re in the death throws of imprinting the past onto the now and therefore screwing up the momentum of the future

34 min – so i start to become a little hopeless at moments when i see those that are most visional/passionate/energetic to change the world imprinting the now with the past.. t and watching my own inability to prevent that from happening and my own inability to get it back on track quickly.. to diffuse the energy.. and my own inability to keep those tendencies out of myself.. so this is the great test i think.. can we really wipe the slate clean.. can we stop projecting the past on today and be the new thing

yeah that.. excellent question/comment.. let’s do that

ie: imagine if we listened to the itch-in-8b-souls 1st thing everyday & used that data to connect us (tech as it could be.. ai as augmenting interconnectedness)

need 1st/most: means to undo our hierarchical listening to self/others/nature ie: tech as it could be.. so we can org around legit needs

ha – emailed and fb messaged him ..

findings (and warning ness):

1\ undisturbed ecosystem (common\ing) can happen

2\ if we create a way to ground the chaos of 8b legit free people

36 min – (on monarch caterpillar’s head falling off before it goes into cocoon and doesn’t go with) if there’s a lesson we need to learn as humans is .. we need to get rid of the head before it gets into the mess.. can we lose our head before we completely dissolve.. t

graeber can’t know law et al

37 min – this is our challenge to one another.. i think what we need to do ultimately .. is sit around fire.. in silence in the dark.. hold hands.. in that space.. *and stop telling stories.. because right now it’s the stories of humanity have perpetuated our reality.. we need to **dream a new dream.. out of the silence.. t

whoa.. *last part.. good.. yeah that..

but first part.. dave’s campfire analogy ness.. even if silent.. i think presence would get in the way of missing piece #1

so to me.. rather.. imagine if we listened to the itch-in-8b-souls 1st thing everyday & used that data to connect us (tech as it could be.. ai as augmenting interconnectedness)

**(to me) needs to be silence of the house.. not the campfire.. first.. ie: bachelard oikos law.. otherwise.. still maté trump law

38 min – and that silence.. if you’ve ever experienced it in nature.. is so loud.. there is so much happening there..

millman never nothing law et al

and my fav thing about growing up in colorado.. i was very fortunate to get into an extraordinary troop of boy scouts.. boulder co.. anti estab attitude.. we had such radical experiences in nature together.. so dangerous.. 1st time in life i felt independent.. everything was holding still.. silence was deafening.. felt like i was falling into the milky way.. and then i heard so much.. overwhelmed by the noise of the silence.. vibration of stars et al.. so much happening around me.. and that’s what we’re going to have to do together.. have the humility to stop telling human stories.. and listen in to the story of the moss.. so.. *if we’re listening.. my concern is we’re going to do that path and not be awake/aware.. so may we wake up.. let us think of our moment in history as an opp to listen beyond ourselves.. **stop listening to the egoic narratives of human ness

*need 1st/most: means to undo our hierarchical listening to self/others/nature ie: tech as it could be


hans gillies latest

43 min – there’s this point in the hospice journey where nobody is concerned about living well.. just concerned about being present.. you walk into room where someone is staring into the eyes of their loved one.. maybe for first time present.. they might not be verbal at that point.. but the presence in their eyes.. you fall into their eyes.. because they are so still/aware.. taking in every detail.. gravitational force.. next breath feels like a year.. seeing more beauty in that moment than in 80 yr journey.. so tuned in .. witness to the beauty of a human seeing beauty in another human

palliative care.. et al

45 min – if we look into another eye for 2 min.. .. we will fall in love.. that’s beauty.. takes millionth of a second to see it.. 2 min to shut down all our narratives.. can we look into each other’s face and just shut the fuck up.. that’s hard for me.. not only has my whole career been what comes out of me.. if i wasn’t leaving somebody more enriched by exchange.. then what was i worth.. we’re so used to that that we can’t be still.. hard for me to have enough self love/will to be still.. realizing i can do nothing to bring you in a higher state of being.. all we can do is take people out of full coherence.. relationship is a powerful way to bring yourself into moment..

need detox of non hierarchical listening

48 min – so strange that all we have to do to survive is stop doing.. so strange that all we have to do to fall in love is to be witness to somebody rather than know them.. or convince them we’re important to them .. or offer something to them.. t something i have not perfected yet.. i’m on a journey to find it myself.. because those prophecies are telling us this decade somebody is going to do it .. and i don’t care if it’s me but i sure want to be part of that vortex of energy spinning closer and closer to that moment so that somebody will pop..

norton productivity law.. pearson unconditional law.. paul know\love law.. .et al

49 min – when two people finally can see each other.. the vibration love on this planet between those two being will catapult us into this new expression.. new biologic/genetic/energetic expression.. because they finally saw each other.. up until this moment w these egoic minds all we can really see is a reflection of ourselves.. and we can fall more in love w ourself when we look at each other.. and that’s an important journey.. not to diminish that.. that is the journey toward this other moment we’re talking about .. but it’s not the same as seeing the other person.. to really become visible to one another.. we’re going to have to come into complete vibrational coherence with self.. and that’s much bigger than trying to do self love.. it’s self expression..

50 min – you want to go into the next phase.. self expression.. how do you do that.. it has to be embodied.. souls are connected forever.. the challenge is.. can the biology that’s being animated by that thing come into complete coherence.. so that it can do the phase shift..

so.. for all the words i’m saying right now.. there’s this.. ‘oh my.. i have to figure out what he’s saying.. in reality.. it has nothing to do w any words/thoughts.. it has to do w literally this (slaps legs) can i get my legs to pay attention to source.. so it becomes the full expression of that vibration.. and right now i’m so up in my head.. that my feet aren’t animating the full expression..

(to me) simpler to just say.. on each heart ness.. we just need to listen that deep (as detox) .. to what is already in/around us.. and trust that

need mechanism simple enough.. no prep.. no train

51 min – because so many layers of emotional interference.. biggest one.. un processed grief.. because change triggers grief.. and nature is change.. and we resist change in every possible way.. that’s why we create schools the way we do.. learn this stuff and you’ll know everything you need to do.. learn human history and it won’t be repeated.. so it’s this externalization of reality that we start to do in ed.. then relationships with contracts.. ie: until we die.. nothing will change for us.. and we’re clinging to each other and resisting change

rather.. why we create schools period.. why we have any form of m\a\ppeople telling other people what to do et al

53 min – we’ve been resisting change for so long.. and for that we have so much unprocessed grief.. disrupts energy field of the heart.. so just translates emotions of unprocessed grief into body.. why do we have fear/guilt/shame in stories we take up.. because we’re interpreting the whole world in unprocessed grief.. so it’s time to change.. time to let go of the belief that we shouldn’t grieve.. we need to cry so hard as humanity right now for the beauty that we have missed.. the beauty we have tortured/extracted..

maté trauma law et al.. missing pieces

54 min – frustration of trying to keep humans on path.. if i had just shut up.. and thanked the trees.. it’s so difficult to live a transformed life w all the grief carried.. we need to get it out.. to erase the memory of humanity from our water structure.. right now every cell in my body is screaming ‘terror’.. ‘nobody understands you’.. right now i have 100 b viruses.. 100 b new genes that could change me if i let it.. all bio appears and disappears every second.. because not made of cells made of atoms

56 min – and that quantum physics stuff that governs atoms is really annoying to study because it just proves that the human mind is *infantile in really seeing and understanding the beauty of what we hold w/in and around us.. **we are so far beyond the beauty of the cosmos

great sentence.. but would change *infantile.. to intoxicated or scrambled.. because.. maté not yet scrambled law et al

**sea world beyond.. so.. hari rat park law et al

57 min – so we are disappearing and reappearing every millionth of a sec.. and we keep imprinting the past on that next millionth of a second so it looks like we’re living a linear life of decline..t when in fact we’re living a quantum physics potential for complete newness every millionth of a second.. why am i carrying forward the emotions of yesterday.. how is it even possible.. because the mind is so good at keeping things just a few seconds longer

feedback loop is broken ness..

huge to imagine if we listened and find the bravery to change your mind ness.. et al

58 min – hypo campus holds memory for 7 seconds.. w/o seconds emotional memory is gone.. but that’s an eon to cells that change every millionth of a second.. for that we keep dying/separating from nature.. so head of caterpillar must fall off.. i’ve found that there are so few tools that can really erase the memory of the past.. and they’re all vibrational

really wish we could connect.. don’t need a tool to erase.. just one to keep it being filled w present .. itch-in-the-soul.. so too preoccupied.. et al.. gershenfeld something else law et al

59 min – ie: sound therapy.. tape into sound as powerful vibration.. breathing.. nothing more accessible than resetting yourself w breath.. so sound, breath, nature.. so lot of modalities coming out.. ie: fasting is a powerful way to come into science.. to biology inside you.. quadrillion bacteria constantly being asked to process food.. no silence in system that’s constantly eating.. all carrying toxins.. so poisoning.. too.. every 7 breaths would be great to reset.. take 7 seconds when feel hunger.. enjoy signal from body.. listen to bio beneath the surface.. usually not asking for more food.. but asking for a break from dominate emotion.. we have a tortured soil w/in us.. reflection of soil in world..

1:05 – do we want to do it.. do we want to stay and play

1:07 – the rate of healing that happens in a human body when it disconnects from that traumatic past and re expresses something new.. the speed at which a field will express new life and nutrients.. is so blindingly fast and abundant and beyond your expectations w just a moment of rest.. t so for a human i think it’s just down to seconds for a field it’s down to a single season of rest

why leap.. for (blank)’s sake

1:08 – co2 is not the cause of global warming.. it is the fuel for the new earth

1:09 – we know we can stay to play if we choose.. i’ve struggled all my life w this question of .. do we have free will.. i don’t know if we have free will.. but i know we have freedom of choice.. i don’t know if we make that choice from a position of free will.. but we do have freedom of choice

ugh.. i think that’s a red flag.. not deep enough.. finite set of choices is killing us

ie: decision making is unmooring us law.. we need curiosity over decision making (itch-in-the-soul as free will)

1:12 – but we’re not overwhelmed (by beauty).. there’s too much stagnancy in the human being disconnected from source to actually be overwhelmed.. the type of overwhelming you’re talking about requires an immense amount of presence.. you’re talking about an overwhelm that resets the codes in the water in every one of your 7 trillion cells.. an overwhelm that erases the relevance of every story you’ve ever heard before.. and so this is our challenge.. can we become so aware that we become so overwhelmed.. that every thought we ever had in human history become obsolete and buckminster’s vision comes true.. that the new world is instantly so obvious.. so dumbfoundingly simple.. that we all move into the i am state.. *i am valuable/beautiful/vibrant/liked.. and i can transmit the vibration of love .. **as long as i’m aware of the beauty

history ness as whalespeak ness re\set

humanity needs a leap.. to get back/to simultaneous spontaneity .. simultaneous fittingness.. everyone in sync..

ie: art (by day/light) and sleep (by night/dark) as global re\set.. to fittingness (undisturbed ecosystem)

fuller change law..

i’d say *that’s still fuller too much law.. rather.. perhaps the it is me state.. where there’s no *as-long-as-i’m ness and rather a sans-any form of m\a\p ness..

1:14 – you are creating virtual fire pits all over the place.. for humans to come around and have convo.. this is a sacred mission.. let nobody diminish what you have done.. it is extremely vital for our future that we come around fire together and create space for the union of two souls.. even better.. more

1:15 – and i hope in a few decades we are sitting around a fire out in nature together.. laughing together.. over the simplicity of life that emerged from the chaos of a disconnected humanity.. and the speed at which it all healed.. at the last moment .. the last step of biology on the planet.. we suddenly took a step back from the cliff edge and we ran into a new field of flowers that are blooming in colors that had never been imagined before .. because the new genetics of the new earth are even more vibrant than the last and the eyes of the human in the decade will be brighter and more clear.. this is the potential of human shared space

1:19 – on kneeling before elephant.. senses it and comes to you – from one of last bushman..

1:20 – like call of blue whale.. could reset math of the new matrix.. express your original math

1:21 – André Duqum – pouring thru my heart/chest.. a deep hope for a new beginning

1:23 – André Duqum – (zach taking him thru tops to bottom of body) – i feel a deep capacity to *know.. zach: such a relief.. i was taught for decades i had to learn.. so much diff thing than **knowing.. you do have a gravitational center right there and it is connected to all knowingness.. all info of universe is at play in this atomic space that we the human psyche.. we have access to all the knowing

oi.. no.. not *that.. ugh.. also unsettling for zach to keep saying.. perfect

so ok if *grokking ness (what’s already on each heart).. but not sure it centers in the psyche.. and i’d change it to all the knowing we need.. ? i don’t know.. doesn’t matter.. to change.. just seems it matters to blockage.. if we think it’s about know ing ness.. rather than just listening

1:24 – andre: (behind eyes).. feel relief.. an effortless pleasurable experience.. zach: we have all been straining our eyes for decades looking for hope outside ourselves.. we’ve stopped peering over some future and just became present

1:25 – andre: (behind mouth) .. feel desire to powerfully reveal truth.. the possibility of illumination

yeah.. i don’t think if we were legit free.. truth ness would be an issue.. to me.. too stagnate and still too much of a cancerous distraction

zach: that is beautiful.. the possibility of illumination

dang.. that just seems to me.. still trying to live in future.. illumination ness.. et al

1:26 – andre: (in throat) – power and source for illumination.. (upper chest) – bandwidth to feel full spectrum.. feeling of alive ness and gratitude for that.. (belly button) – deep potential to be actualized.. deep sense of power of will of knowing i have power to change the world..

sorry.. this just feels to driven.. scripted (unknowingly).. maybe just too much talking .. to me.. we need to be freer than that.. ie: imagine if we ness..

(skimmed rest of it.. so i would quit critiquing.. ha) – just went on describing why’s of sci of body parts.. then how to reach/follow him