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intro’d to Zach from this convo june 2020 on world localization day (all notes from 80 min here).. with charles, alnoor, helena, zach, local futures

some of conv (rest on world local day):

22 min – z: my study of chemo/cancer.. was understanding that the break down in this communication network.. when network tower loses its power potential in mitochondria and you can’t get signal out.. develop cancer.. can’t kill the cell and it goes on to do what we believe is this malignant process.. when in fact it’s just a cell that can’t get its communication out or can’t receive communication correctly.. and when you put in something like ().. has enough info and can kill itself..


begs a means to undo our hierarchical listening 

ie: 2 convers as infra

23 min – z: on finding that nutritional food can help the communication system.. because came from (tapping into) ground w communication system.. so just as communication w/in mitochondria.. saw communication between bacteria and fungi.. and fascinatingly .. these herbicides/pesticides we’ve used for food system over last decades.. has collapsed the cell phone communication there in the extra cellular space.. t.. so we started there asking.. what are the bacteria/fungi doing .. and in their production of this wireless communication network.. they were creating the capacity for cell to cell communication and inter cellular communication on the human level to happen

bush herbi/pesticide law

like supposed to’s.. of school/work making us (deafened) whales in sea world et al

getting us away from ie: organism as fractal

24 min – z: so similar to a cell phone.. in there is a transmitter and receiver that always works.. but if further away than 7 miles from closest 4g tower you don’t have reception.. cell phone can’t update info.. can’t reach people.. so you become an isolated organism.. in the same way.. when the extracellular matrix loses its bacterial/fungal communication network because of the antibiotic use in the environ.. we get isolation at the human cell level.. and the very first thing that happens at the human level when you lose that is a reduction in the capacity to make the proteins that give you self id.. and so when you lose communication you lose self id.. by losing what we call tight junctions.. the velcro that hold the barrier systems together.. so you’re gut membrane is largest barrier in body.. but after that .. blood brain barrier.. kidney tubules.. these vast systems of bio id are eroded as soon as that tele communication goes down that are made by bacteria and fungi..t

25 min – z: so it’s showing us a very elegant truth that the foundation of life has to be communication.. and if you perturb communication.. the first thing you are going to lose is self id..t

bush communication law


maté trump law et al

begs a means to undo our hierarchical listening 

z: and you don’t really get a fluent communication network in that microbial space until you get biodiversity..

ie: cure ios city

all the voices. everyday a new..

z: all make a slightly different version… that produce molecules..that produce communication network.. so as a whole.. produce equiv of a liquid circuit board for nature to communicate thru.. but if start to undermine biodiversity you lose communication.. lose communication lose self id.. lose self id become isolated.. and you become a cancer cell

so not so much that the cancer/virus (or whatever we fear) is there.. more that the communication isn’t (shaw communication law et al)

let’s focus on undoing our hierarchical listening 

z: and i would argue that humanity has become the cancer on the surface of this planet and we are sucking the energy out of the planet just as a tumor would out of the body of a human..t.. thru which that isolation has caused the death

what the world needs most is the energy of 8b alive people


from zach post on fb []:

I’m predicting an end of the probiotic era.

This $42 billion dollar industry is shooting an onslaught of silver bullets at us to have a healthy gut.

But here’s the truth: we actually don’t need probiotics in the form they exist on the shelf. In fact, we don’t need a probiotic at all, and we don’t need a digestive enzyme supplement.

We don’t need to destruct, minimize, or overwhelm our gut with a few species and strains found in a supplement.

What we need is the natural communication system within the cell to be restored throughout the microbiome and throughout the rest of the body.

That is where healing exists.

bush communication law

imagine if we just focused on listening to the itch-in-8b-souls.. first thing.. everyday.. and used that data to augment our interconnectedness.. we might just get to a more antifragile, healthy, thriving world.. the ecosystem we keep longing for..

what the world needs most is the energy of 8b alive people

Nature has a remedy. Nature is the remedy. The Intelligence of Nature is the superpower in ION*Gut Health.

from 1 min video

we need to quickly move on to our understanding of how to foster biodiversity rather than micro managing the human gut

that’s the beginning of life.. the biodiversity


80 min video [] – video gone

same info? in this one [] – starting at 27 min – talks of hypoxic injury – histotoxic hypoxia [] – on cyanide and covid similarities – ie: first presentation of blue face.. but seeming fine et al

27 min – virus carries cyanide into the bloodstream.. bloodstream goes into loss of oxygen capacity and patient turns blue.. 2-3 days later.. lungs fill w fluid.. not from virus but because of lack of oxygen.. patients are dying because of lack of oxygen carrying capacity.. not a lack of respiratory capacity or lack of oxygen in atmosphere or respirator machine.. they’re dying because we’re not treating the hemoglobin

30 min – much more effective approach (than hydroxychloroquine).. a cyanide poisoning kit that takes just 3 injections

del bigtree:

Del Matthew Bigtree is an American television and film producer, and CEO of the anti-vaccination group Informed Consent Action Network, who produced the film Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe based on the discredited views of Andrew Wakefield on an alleged connection between vaccines and autism. Despite having no medical training, his appeal as a public speaker and a recent influx of funding make him one of the most prominent voices in the anti-vaccination movement.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bigtree propagated conspiracy theories about the origin of the virus and urged his audience to ignore the advice of health authorities

Bigtree grew up in Boulder, Colorado. He is the son of Jack Groverland, a minister at the Unity of Boulder church. He attended the Vancouver Film School and eventually found employment in the television industry

Zach Bush, MD Interview on the Coronavirus with Del Bigtree

notes/quotes from video

2 min – (when asked to describe his expertise that combines oceans to palliative care).. i’ve just run across this term in permaculture.. the perfect meandering..

imagine if 8b people could do that.. everyday

 ie: cure ios city

and i think that’s the best description.. my career has meandered a lot.. engineering to year off at mid wifery clinic in philippines .. found miracle of life and got addicted to this journey of human biology.. there was no way i could go back to robotics and engineering.. 17 yrs.. finish med ed at cu.. exploded my mind.. everything made sense.. i could see down to fiber tissue.. when dissect a human body for 4 months.. last thing you unwrap are the hands (83 yr old woman).. and that’s most intense.. has so much humanity written in it.. like an archeological dig on human wisdom.. inspired me to ask deep questions and stay very curious about what it means to be human in these realms of tissue.. so went into internal med.. which i thought would give me the whole matrix of understanding of the human being.. the founding of all our specialities.. cardiology.. renals.. taught internal med for a year.. realized i was just scratching surface of how biology happens.. i’d learned a lot about disease but i didn’t understand why life was happening.. so learned about the endocrine system early on and kept in back of my mind as maybe the secret.. maybe the language of the human body is these hormones that coordinate 70 trillion cells to ignite life..

6 min – so i did that and end of that was doing cancer research and developing chemo.. and then came to realization that there had never been a case of cancer in history caused by a lack of chemo.. so i realized i was going down a dead end path that was never going to take me to a root cause solution

roots of healing et al

so then went into hospice and palliative care.. thinking that maybe there i would do no harm.. and i would meet my hypocratic oath.. and i would learn something of life.. and it was a beautiful bookend to my experience of birthing babies.. there’s definitely a second birth that happens

palliative care

7 min – and that journey took me out of the hospital system because i started to realize i wanted to know more about life .. and i figured out i needed to know nutrition.. so i started a nutrition center 10 yrs ago and my own biotech lab on the micro biome 8 yrs ago in realization that it’s not the endocrine system that is the language/coord system in human biology.. it’s the micro biome.. it is the bacteria and fungi that we live w/in that is the communication network of life

and that’s been my exciting journey over the last 8 yrs.. to dive into live itself there in the micro biome..

8 min – (take on covid): to answer that.. need to back up away from current situation.. and the virus is going to move thru the population just like every other corona virus that we’ve seen that has resulted in widespread death.. that’s gone on w/in 2 yrs.. first was sars – no vaccine just developed herd immunity – happened 2002 by 2003 it was gone.. mers happens 2012.. by 2013 it’s gone.. no vaccines.. so these things are sweeping thru the environ and we make a news story out of a few of those – sars, mers, covid – but if you look back to 1976.. saw huge uptick in viral syndromes.. started to see species jumping viruses that started to do really weird things genomically.. we’ve had 12,800 recorded new viruses in that time.. and that’s only the ones we managed to record/find/categorize.. there’s probably 100 fold that or 10k or 10m fold that that we haven’t understood

9 min – the amount of genomic info in the atmosphere/soils/water systems.. is beyond our supercomputer power to analyze.. and so when somebody comes along and says there’s a new virus.. my first thought is.. how the hell do you think that’s new.. like what is the data that you’re basing that on.. have you screened the genomics of viruses on the planet before.. and the answer is .. absolutely you can’t.. there’s 10^31 viruses in the air.. 10^31 in the ocean waters.. 10^31 viruses in the soils

too much ness.. too big to know ness

fractal to ownership of ideas.. et al..

10 min – so we are surrounded.. literally absorbing.. breathing.. thru skin/eyes/systems .. we are absorptive machines for genetic info.. we need to be very cautious to say there’s anything new.. it’s unlikely that the earth has never seen ‘this’ before.. this earth is a history of cataclysmic events.. we should be far from startled when we see the collapse of our own health..

11 min – lets go in it with our eyes wide open and celebrate the beauty we are in.. life is extraordinarily beautiful.. and i would include the viruses as an extraordinary showcase of the beauty.. there is a genomic language on this planet.. that we have termed virus mistakenly into part of the micro biome and then we pit them our enemy and then we tell an extraordinarily damning story of language of genomics/life.. and the story we need to retell is that life is beautiful/adaptive/regenerative.. and it’s always looking for the next solution.. and the way we look for solutions/adaptability is thru viruses.. that’s always how life has done it.. so if you damn a virus.. you have just damned the language of life itself

13 min – (asked how is a virus beautiful when it kills) when we see an infection.. hiv/tb/covid et al.. when we interact with the microbial world.. what we are describing is a terrain or an ecosystem of experience.. a vast ecosystem in a healthy state that is always adapting/adjusting to stressors..

14 min – when we see a pandemic in an area.. and polio is a great ie of this.. hiv is a great ie of this.. where the virus is simply in the environ at such a level that’s it’s very likely we’re going to see manifestations of .. adaptations of the humans in that environ are going to absorb that microbe.. and so some of those people living in endemic polio areas will manifest a disease that we call polio.. but many many people outside of that population getting sick are being exposed to that polio thru their water systems and and the like.. so these have been natural elements w/in the environ..

hiv looks to be extremely under-diagnosed.. ie: study that screened 8 000 healthy people w no history of infectious disease.. screened negative.. found 42% even though healthy had viruses.. found extraordinary amounts of hiv and hepatitis c in this asymptomatic population

15 min – which suggests that these microbes are part of our normal daily biologic experience.. occasionally.. we will find a syndrome of immune deficiency .. there’s an imbalance.. in this tons of bacterias in human body.. we haven’t done good at seeing what a healthy body does..

16 min – but looking at hunter gatherers in africa right now.. with the american gut project with jeff leach .. you can see that the american right now is walking around with about 10% of the micro biome of the gut that we should have.. so we’re 90% deficient..

when you become 90% deficient in the ecosystem.. you’re going to get weeds.. and the weeds come in and overgrow an area.. just like they do in your backyard.. if you go rototill your backyard that destroys the balanced system of a meadow.. you’re going to immediately get weeds that come in .. that weren’t there when the biodiversity there.. they weren’t evident.. but they were there.. their seeds were in the environ enough.. that as soon as there was an opp for them to come into their niche.. they would do that

we need to look to the farmers here who are doing regen agri to find out .. that the weeds are never the problem.. the weeds are the symptom of the collapse of biodiversity.. and i would say that same thing for polio .. for hiv.. for any of these infections..

17 min – when the biodiversity is there.. we can reach a homeostatic state.. where the 100s of 1000s of species of grasses and plant life in a jungle.. maintain equal balance and there’s no opp for dis equilibrium or unbalance or dis\ease.. in that environ

in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows

gershenfeld something else law

you go thru and dump a bunch of agent orange into that environ and you destroy that jungle.. then you’re going to see a very unbalanced system and the weeds come up

tragedy of the non common ness

but the weeds are not the problem and in fact they are part of the solution amazingly.. and so the weeds .. we now find out.. in regen agri .. is part of nature’s way of regen ing the ecosystem.. the weeds have these important early niches in reforming the networks of mycelium and intelligence w/in the soil that can then rebuild the micro ecosystems for the bacteria/fungi.. and then ultimately the seedlings.. and the biodiversity can come back up out of the seed bank that’s deep in the soils and express itself again

18 min – so when we stop *disturbing soil.. and let it return to its native state.. where we stop plowing/spraying.. and we **let nature do its thing.. we can see ***native grasslands that we though extinct for 200 yrs.. come back in.. ****no seeding necessary.. it comes oozing back out of the matrix of the soil .. as life/biodiversity itself.. and it relies on this stepwise progression of weeds into biodiversity

this is so fractal to *disturbing humans.. if we’d let go (of thinking we have to train/manage them) and let nature/curiosity do its thing.. we’d see ***native souls coming back to life.. no ****training/prep necessary

when we have an unbalanced micro biome of a human.. where we take them out of their native balanced state of hunter gatherer in nature system.. and we force them into a village where they have water that’s contaminated w feces.. can’t touch fresh water.. we destroy all of the grasses and grassland diversity w/in their village.. they’re now walking on dead clay.. they’ve lost any touch with that micro biome of soil.. that’s the beginning of endemic disease.. of where we see these imbalances.. and tb is a phenom ie of a condition that didn’t spring forth until we created the industrial revolution.. so divorced from ecology of balance/harmony..

19 min – then you zip forward.. back to that regen farm.. and you say.. hiv/covid/lyme.. isn’t ie: lyme just the weed.. that found its niche in a damaged ecosystem and it’s on the way back toward.. it’s doing its role in getting us back to biodiversity..

20 min – and yet as physicians.. we’ve been taught to kill it.. as farmers.. we’ve been taught to kill it.. so we rush in and kill all the weeds.. and then we wonder why the weeds are worse next year.. and why our crops are doing worse next year so that we have to put in more nitrogen fertilizers and chemical inputs and all of this.. and the plants are weaker.. so more prone to pests et al.. so more herbi/pesticides.. and we get into this vicious cycle..

and then we wonder why our children have gone from 1.2% of chronic disease to 52% with chronic disorder/disease.. since the 1960s.. so what.. in the last 50 yrs has created this epidemic of biologic deluding/loss in our children.. and in our farmland.. and the answer is.. a war against the micro biome

safety addiction et al

21 min – so.. when we see the emergence of something like covid/hiv.. we can be confident that the hiv wasn’t the problem.. it was our lack of intelligence at the soil level of our bodies/gardens/farm-fields.. we have been destroying that microbial diversity that would lead to a balanced ecosystem..

itch-in-the-soul ness

imagine if we just focused on listening to the itch-in-8b-souls.. first thing.. everyday.. and used that data to augment our interconnectedness.. we might just get to a more antifragile, healthy, thriving world.. the ecosystem we keep longing for..

what the world needs most is the energy of 8b alive people

so we call them pathogens.. dangerous germs.. but in fact they’ve been here since beginning of time in some shape/form.. and this whole concept of militarizing things.. humans can’t even touch the speed of biodiversity.. the biodiversification of the virus.. they are so fast at replication and so fast to shift their genomics.. we can’t keep up w that.. there’s no lab in the world that can do it as fast as nature does it.. nature’s adaptive beautiful machine

starfish ness.. and the need for ie: gershenfeld something else law

wait.. nature a machine?

22 min – (del asking if virus is man made): from cdc’s own data.. this is a very mild respiratory death season.. one of mildest in last 7 yrs.. where we ran into the severe problems in respiratory deaths was 2017.. that was from the influenza.. it was a bad strain that went thru the world.. cdc announced 7% mortality in jan 2017.. and that it would be catastrophic.. and it was.. you could see death rate just shoot up that year.. (other issues too but) influenza accounted for the huge spike.. we did not see that huge spike this year.. there was no spike of respiratory deaths beyond our baseline seasonal changes that we see..

24 min – every year there’s pathogens that cycle thru that will lead to the endpoint of pneumonia/respiratory death.. and we don’t discover what it is.. we don’t genomically take the effort or have the lab intelligence to go find that thing

and so i’d say first of all.. there’s not any evidence by respiratory death in the us that we have some massive new thing that has happened.. that’s a bio terror weapon.. if somebody created this virus.. we don’t need to fear them because they did a really bad job.. the flu a few years ago did a much worse toll on humanity than this thing..

if this is a biologic weapon.. not very good at it.. did people die from it..? maybe.. people died with covid in their bloodstream but like i said.. if you look at the genomics of the bloodstream of 8 000 healthy people.. you’ll find 42 common viruses including hiv to be relevantly common in that population

he keeps saying 42 viruses.. and the paper on screen when he first said it said 42% of 8000 healthy people had viruses

25 min – when we go test the bloodstream and say covid in bloodstream.. all we’ve said is this is part of the gardens.. and covid is now part of your terrain.. is that covid responsible for the downstream syndrome.. it’s impossible by our own .. ie: harvard found.. it’s actually air pollution that predicts better than any other thing in the environ.. better than the presence of the virus.. your prediction of death is how many micrograms of air pollution.. smaller than 2.5 nanometers is in your air that you’re breathing.. that’s what you’re going to die from

26 min – at sun valley conf last year.. i showed next (pandemic) would come from china.. because that’s where there was the most environ stresses.. and nature can do this at any speed.. but nature has had very little reason to do rapid.. until we’ve built up agri/industrial.. billions of pounds of antibiotics into soil every year.. we’re putting extraordinary pressure on the micro biome.. so i believe the micro biome is accelerating it’s genomic generation of genetic material that we call viruses now.. because it needs to adapt faster than anytime in the last 55 million years.. there’s a force of nature that we call extinction .. that is forcing mass adaptive info stream to come out of bio itself..

27 min – we need to realize that we’re producing that too.. our stress produces huge genomic info out of us.. do we call that viruses..? no we call that exosomes.. and there’s diff ways we categorize those things.. but really it’s just lexicon.. biology that’s under stress expresses new genomic info.. and we do that by the second.. every second i am expressing diff micro rna.. my micro rna exudes out of my body.. carried in tiny little exosomes.. and it’s not a full protein coded gene.. it’s a tiny little messengers to the whole genome/microbes/family/pets/people/plants around me.. i’m expressing genomic info out there as to what my stress level is

so every organism on planet is generating this.. now imagine 7b humans expressing genomic info.. now imagine 1/4 trillion bacteria on your body expressing genomic info.. 30-50% of viruses coming in are being made by bacteria.. so bacteria.. the human cells.. are making this genetic info.. now.. how can a lab say they can do it 8x faster than that host of complexity.. that’s physically impossible for a lab to do this faster. . can they do it in one strand of dna faster.. sure.. but they have to bet that what they’re doing there is going to interact w environ in some intelligent fashion

29 min – ie: pile of pig stool.. one of highest uses of antibiotics.. stool of pigs now considered a hazardous waste.. illegal to transport across state lines.. so built lakes of pig stool.. since can’t bury it or send it.. 10-15% of viruses there.. so massive virus factory.. of quadrillions/quadrillions of cells creating more.. speed at which pig stool is doing this is at a staggering figure.. i would to ask any govt/lab.. is your lab really better than this.. you can’t compete w nature and adaptability.. we think we’re really clever with creating genomes.. but .. we were built by the machinery of the genome.. so don’t tell me you figured out one gene and you’re at the co creative capacity of mother nature.. we’re just scratching the surface.. of mother nature.. who has no capitalist nature behind it.. so now add money behind it and changed nature again.. nature does this w/o an ethos..

31 min – nature’s goal is biodiversity and sustaining life.. we have put ourselves against that nature that is the champion of biodiversity and life on earth.. and we are destroying that..

33 min – science on covid is rapidly emerging.. but to say we know anything about it is erroneous.. which is why i’m so frustrated w govt/med.. ie: we have universities (hopkins) declaring knowledge of how many people have died of covid.. that is scientifically impossible.. we have a lot of people dying of bizarre respiratory conditions all the time

goes into corona viruses.. ie: sars in past.. and descriptions.. ie: turn blue (loss of oxygen) .. then lungs fill.. then die.. this is exactly what’s happening with this strain.. most didn’t have fever.. no signs of distress.. but bump in liver enzymes.. talking normally yet blue in face.. show me evidence this person is having virus dysfunction.. instead .. (what’s happening) has loss of oxygen.. get fluid that starts to accumulate in lung.. leads to stasis.. blood clots.. whole body (liver et al) showing signs of loss of oxygen.. what’s going on if no signs of viral infection.. what seems to be happening .. a constellation of events happening in bloodstream to induce a high altitude like injury or hypoxic injury to the whole system.. if don’t fix that.. will fill lungs w fluid.. because didn’t reverse the hypoxic thing.. and and if put them on respiratory machine.. actually made situation worse.. because forced/high-pressure oxygen is very noxious to tissue/lungs.. push oxygen in and bloodstream still can’t bind it.. you haven’t fixed the hypoxemic event.. so you’re pushing an oxidative injury which is inflammatory .. onto a tissue that can’t absorb the oxygen at the tissue level

37 min – so .. we know we’re seeing extraordinary rates of death.. 88% of people on respirator in ny are dying.. nowhere else in the world did we see levels that high of mortality.. and so.. we are part of the problem.. when we keep thinking we have a respiratory failure event.. sars to now.. 18 yrs of science.. has shown us that this is a hypoxic injury not a viral infection type thing

Hypoxia is a condition in which the body or a region of the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level. Hypoxia may be classified as either generalized, affecting the whole body, or local, affecting a region of the body.

38 min – if it was a virus that was overwhelming your system.. you would see your immune system respond appropriately ie: fever can happen downstream in covid.. but it’s not at the beginning of this process.. it’s actually in week 2 that you tend to see fevers spike.. again 5 000 people in ny.. temp is stone cold normal at presentation.. it’s not till days later when their lungs have filled with fluids in a hospital environ.. and now they have secondary bacterial infection.. that they get the fevers.. so signs on down the line.. but it’s not the presentation (at the beginning)

as soon as we come to terms w this as a med community.. we going to save lives pretty rapidly.. we need to treat this like a hypoxic injury

39 min – what i think now is very incomplete.. because my clinic is not allowed to be open right now.. which is so ironic.. if you think you have a hospital overload capacity then don’t close all the clinics.. so i haven’t been able to treat those patients with this.. but i offer to any physician to start to explore this.. we need to treat this as a hypoxic injury.. similar to cyanide poisoning..

from friend: sounds like a very dangerous option.  first the cyanide antidotes specifically induce methemaglobinemia  which binds cyanide preferentially over regular hemoglobin (and that’s why it works in cyanide poisoning).  but Methgb is itself very toxic, especially to kids as it doesn’t bind oxygen well.  so i’m not sure why treating someone who is already hypoxic with something that potentially makes you more hypoxic is going to help.

so we need to start to put in the pieces to change the shape of the hemoglobin.. which we can do.. we now know how to treat cyanide poisoning.. cyanide poisoning happens to present exactly like covid syndrome which is non fabrial, blue patient with signs of liver failure and hypoxemic injury to the organs developing later into respiratory death

40 min – so we have a very well established treatment program for cyanide poisoning.. 3 quick injections.. of cyanide kit.. using things like sodium nitrate in there to change the shape of hemoglobin so that it can bind thru metheneglobin to oxygen again.. so we have an fda approved mech of treating cyanide.. we should turn our mindset to that.. but now.. am i right? is that going to fix the problem.. ? it may be more complicated than that.. but until we start treating the hemoglobin as initial injury.. we’re never going to solve the downstream infections that are happening

people aren’t dying of covid.. they’re dying of secondary pneumonias that are bacterial in nature.. downstream.. and some of them are dying of hypoxic organ failure.. but they’re not dying of a virus per se

41 min – del: but virus is causing the problem.. there are people that this virus is causing this hypoxic issue

it’s participating in it for sure.. we haven’t proven that yet.. but i think there’s a distinct possibility that the virus is participating in the unmasking of this hemoglobin shift.. and when i say unmasking.. it can’t be causing it directly.. or else everybody that got exposed to the virus would be have hypoxic injury.. but very few people/% who get exposed to the virus .. actually present it with blue organ failure

42 min – there’s a new protein .. we’re told.. needs to be proven out still.. but told there’s a new rna strand that codes for a new protein that’s diff than sars and mers.. ok great.. but something in sars and mers did the same thing.. so there’s been something stable in these corona viruses that is unmasking in a small % of patients this hemoglobin type effect.. so then should we say that it’s the virus causing it..

well if it was virus causing it.. again.. everybody exposed would have that.. so what is the virus doing.. the virus seems to be unmasking toxicity of our environ.. and there’s something really poetic about that.. the people that are dying are by and large in areas where there’s high agri residues of round up .. and high residues of small particular air pollution.. smaller than 2.5 microns.. and so .. north italy, nyc, seattle, louisiana, .. those are all the highest areas in europe and in us.. of those two phenomenon.. agri toxicity coupled with air pollution and small particulate matter.. in china.. that happens to be wuhan

43 min – in that air pollution.. we know.. carries cyanide.. ie: earth justice has just published high levels of cyanide.. nothing done.. and months later see several cases of people dying of cyanide poisoning..

44 min – what i think is interesting is that nature.. in a toxic stew of dying soils.. round up.. has unmasked the relationship of cyanide to hemoglobin.. and is this an adaptive even happening as nature has exuded this..? if this is a military operation.. again .. didn’t recreate 2002 and looks to have a much lower death toll than sars did.. we’re somewhere around normal flu mortality

45 min – so is there a virus.. yes.. what is it doing.. it seems to be unmasking the toxicity of our environ that we’ve created.. and the virus itself is not enough to cause the death.. we have to have the perfect storm of air pollution (every 1 micron increase of air pollution has a 20 fold increase of death – by that harvard study)

46 min – chances of having hypoxemic injury in those places of high pollution.. and i’d say.. drop in death was because air pollution cleared (paraphrase) in the two weeks following the cessation of activity in ubay.. so by stopping human activity.. we took the cyanide out of the air.. and suddenly nobody was dying of covid.. everybody’s like suspicious.. ‘china’s lying.. people must still be dying’..

i love that the us always thinks others are lying.. that’s our default.. thinking others are lying.. who do we..? do we think we’re not lying..? who’s not lying here..?

vinay on lying et al

47 min – we are not ingenious when it comes to knowing threat/security.. we are reactive.. pissed off.. feared.. we have dismal track record for truth/justice over last 20-30 yrs

actually.. i’m thinking all data is non legit.. (whether you call that lying or not).. we’re just passing around non truths

48 min – this covid thing is a massive distraction to the fact that we have massive econ instability in this country that is mainly being driven i believe by a 3.7 trillion dollar health care that can’t keep up with the rate of chronic disease development

sicko .. heal .. et al

50 min – (del: do lockdowns work.. can we stop the biome in its natural proliferation by lockdown): not only can we not stop it.. we wouldn’t want to.. is my position.. the adaptation speed of the planet is determined by air flow on this planet.. and so genomic info didn’t wait for humans to show up.. viruses have been transiting our globe since long before humans showed up.. in fact.. w/o that virus parade of genetic info mixing with and informing the milieu of life.. over billions of years.. we would not have even shown up.. so we know viruses can travel rapidly w/o human travel

billions of years..?

51 min – two ways viruses have been measured to move 1\ thru respiratory spit.. this gets all attention from the mask people.. they are studying the droplets.. which go about 3 ft.. if that was how viruses travel then airplanes would be super important in the movement of viruses around the planet.. but of course we had transmission of the virus around the globe before we developed air travel.. there’s a possibility we could change the concentration of the virus in locations.. but we’re not going to eliminate the virus by eliminating air travel

53 min – ie: viruses showing up simultaneous in places uninhabited by people.. desert to ice regions

2\ aerosal.. airborne.. pocket of air rather than liquid.. those can go quite far and survive longer than in liquid.. interestingly we can screw up the normal distribution of a virus by air pollution.. high density.. because particles bind to the air pollution itself..

54 min – so i still hold out.. we will see a cease in virus.. if we stop traffic.. and everyone goes to bikes.. skateboards.. et al.. if we do that.. air virus will spread over next weeks/months.. and will spread itself out in a very even distribution and we won’t have these pockets of high density virus/humans.. and won’t see same penetration.. and won’t see same level of cyanide that increase rate of death in these respiratory viruses..

55 min – so easy step.. if every fall .. we’re going to be a public transit only community.. so every oct-nov when vit b levels start dropping and we lose the intelligence of soil.. the amount of carbon is near zero by oct.. all greenery of spring/summer/fall have sucked in all of the co2 and methane.. and then oct-jan.. flue season.. co2 in atmosphere blows up until about june.. reason we see flu season.. due to natural soil’s cycles.. and we call that flu season.. i don’t think there’s any proof at all that flu is causing this perfect seasonal change.. because the virus doesn’t care what season it is

56 min – what seems to change its activity is the amount of co2/methane/carbon.. that we create thru our transportation/mechs .. and then we create flu season..we create a syndrome of respiratory death and dis/ease that is actually a natural cycle of the quiescence of the micro biome of soils not participating in that same respiratory cycle.. and so the respiratory system of the whole planet.. including humans.. starts to fail.. in that quiet state.. and death happens.. and that happens in nature in a massive way.. we call that fall and winter.. and in that death.. we re-absorb nutrients into the soil.. we get ready for an explosive new cycle of life..

57 min – we need to come to terms that this is the viral phenom.. the viral genome is expressing itself constantly.. and when it’s in this ecosystem of friendly biodiversity.. there is no death and dis\ease

if we shift to bicycles and non carbon emitting transportation in the fall .. i think we will see a marked reduction in death from what we call flu season.. the virus will still be present.. but we won’t die from it

59 min – age is interesting.. on avg age of death.. n italy is 6-8 yrs older than s italy.. we’re 13 yrs younger.. and when you see us with higher rates.. so ask why is us older bio than chronologically.. we’re at bottom of health outcomes.. because we are sicker than any other nation..

1:01 – covid combines to receptor in lungs.. as we age h2 can go up..

statin drugs and ace inhibiters upregulates h2 receptor in lungs and react to environ abnormally.. and drs can be sued if not using these.. we are most medicalized system..

1:04 – if we had a true public health org.. when virus hit.. first thing we should do is take all of ace inhibitors.. and statin.. we would have saved 1000s of lives..

and then we should have stopped influenza vax.. risk for corona goes up with it.. so if we really believed more deadly than flu.. we didn’t do any of those things.. nih, cdc … all knows that science..

1:06 – nobody died on ship.. 5 day infectious period.. we should have seen high amounts of blue people and liver failure on that ship.. that was the worst age.. over 70s.. and children.. kids best micro biome swappers outside of dogs.. so kids and old people.. and they didn’t quarantine first few weeks.. it should have been massive death..

1:08 – we knew at the beginning this wasn’t going to be some massive fatal thing unless we treated wrong.. and we did.. we treated it as a vicious virus and everything got blamed on corona instead of our mindset.. we weren’t responding to the real thing below.. because as physicians we have been brainwashed away from using our eyes/nose/fingers our sensory system.. we don’t believe anything until it comes thru a lab or mri machine.. if we don’t do those 2 things.. we have not been given permission to have any trust in our own intuition.. in our own massive capacity for quantum computation and intelligent decision making.. that’s been taken away from us and we’re threatened w law suits.. if don’t have mri et al.. to back up your plan

1:09 – paralyzed the med system by fear of doing something wrong.. doing something outside of the current paradigm.. for that we are losing our patients..

forbidden cures

this virus will be gone by next summer.. and when they come out with the vaccine.. they are going to say vaccine caused it.. that is scientifically/physiologically impossible.. and it’s never happened w previous corona viruses circulated.. so let us be this easily duped.. i think there is an intelligent way to look at vaccines in future..

1:10 – is zach against vaccines..? no.. zach is fully for an intelligent micro biome informed new model for childhood immunity and vaccination.. we need to start seeing selves as war with it.. we need to advance vaccinations to understand that

1:12 – if there’s a crime now.. i don’t believe it’s in the military lab.. i believe it’s in the icus of patients dying alone.. in what time in history have we decided in mass that we need to let people die alone.. what level of fear have we gotten to that we are letting people die alone.. and we’ve generated that fear around a virus that looks to be on level of flu

1:13 – there’s an innate drive in us to stay connected.. to stay in one another’s presence

1:16 – the beauty of birth – tunnel out.. to beauty.. and then we go thru a forgetting.. a dumbing down.. screw up circadian rhythms et al.. then beauty of death/birth.. tunnel out – to beauty

1:18 – the danger we have right now is not a virus.. the danger we have right now is that we have sterilized ourselves from death.. we have created sterility around the death moment.. which is ultimately our reason we’re here.. this transformational experience when we realize we are not biological beings.. we are spiritual beings.. we are spiritual beings trapped in a biological shell for a moment.. and we have learned to fear all of that.. and for that we are missing the beauty of life..

1:19 – we have the wrong story going on.. and it is not a conspiracy theory.. it is fear.. and we are afraid of our own death.. which is our rebirth.. we need to re orient ourselves to life..

we need to put everything in line with energy.. we need to evolve past our fear.. love is not the fabric of everything.. the fabric of everything is beauty and the reaction to the beauty if love.. start witnessing the beauty and then you will experience the love

1:21 – we need to come up with a new normal in these coming weeks..


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