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A Domain of One’s Own provides domain names and Web space to members of the UMW community, encouraging individuals to explore the creation and development of their digital identities.


A Domain of One’s Own is a project at the University of Mary Washington managed by the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies.

Starting in fall 2013, the project allows UMW students, faculty, and staff to register their own domain name and associate it with a space on a UMW-managed Web server. In that Web space, users will have the opportunity and flexibility to design and create spaces of almost unlimited possibilities. Within the system, they may install LAMP-compatible Web applications, set up subdomains and email addresses, and install databases. In addition, users may choose to “map” their domain (or a subdomain) to other services, such as a UMW Blogs, Google Sites, or Tumblr…….


not the course as access, but the community as access – Jim on revinventors panel on higher ed

That is everywhere apparent with umw.domains #umwdomains #4life



presentation by Audrey – april 2014:

15 min – domain of one’s own flies in the face of the concept of scale. this is about people.

30 min – what’s magic is that we can deeply connect

a domain of one's own

people’s platform – future platform in head – ness

echo chamber, self-talkscale the individual, chip, ni re\wire, personal fabrication

indieweb ness



Want to see what it would be like to have Domain of One’s own package at your school? Explore stateu.org It will BLOW YOUR MIND!

better. no doubt. but is it your domain if you still abide by some package deal..? ie: you telling me what to put on my domain..

reminds of convo – if you grade it – is it my domain


Martha.. et al


aug 2016 – via Audrey – on ownership ness of domain of one’s own


@Bali_Maha @allistelling @jimgroom @mburtis @timmmmyboy I wrote this hackeducation.com/2016/08/23/dom…

Virginia Woolf’s essay “A Room of One’s Own,”

It’s about having the financial freedom and a personal space to write.

Debra Schleef: a domain is more than a delimited internet space with your name on it – it is a figurative room that provides time, creative license, and a space to express oneself freely.

I think we know such a thing as an “ownership society” has *never existed for all of us. Nor has, to be fair,

**the ability to have “a room of one’s own.”

and it *has to be all of us.. or it won’t work.. www ness via hosting-life-bits

**this is what rp ness models..

When I call for each of us to have a domain of our own, I’m not really invoking “ownership” in the way in which Maha suggests the “Domain of One’s Own” initiative implies; but I am, I do confess, invoking Virginia Woolf and the importance having the space and safety and security (financially well before technologically) to think and write and be.

time and space.. luxury/chamber/room ness to be hide and still be out there..