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[image from her little/brilliant film – bricolage]

Keri is another one, so hard to say anything about.

when i close my eyes.. i see her art, i hear her voice of adventure.

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a little film with Keri Smith produced by Mike Schwartz (Mike is producer and writer, known for The Winter of the Beard (2008),Bricolage (2013) and The Moped Diaries (2013))



her amazing story..
how i discovered my secret powers keri font

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100 ideas (inspiring our as the day graphic):

100 ideas


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oct 2014 –Steve add a bit on utopia to Keri‘s the imaginary world of _________:


Utopia is a combination of three greek words; Eu (good), Ou (not), and Topos (place). Utopia translated is “good not place”. It is important to remember, as a “not place,” it is impossible to arrive at utopia. The reason we imagine utopias is to provide a point on the compass that orients us on our travels. Without utopia, we’re lost – we are traveling without direction, guessing and hoping that we are moving forward. The purpose of utopia is not a destination, it is to give us direction so we can progress.



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sunday, july 18, 2010

how to build a community

if you don’t know of and/or don’t follow
.. you should.
she is incredible.
where most of my art work comes from.
she’s a delight.
a post of hers from 2004 even – so inspirational i’m sharing it here:
Keri writes:
I was walking through a beautiful neighborhood in Vancouver, (off of Commercial Drive) when I spotted a flyer that caught my eye. The bottom of it said “if you take this poster, make copies & pass it on! I like the idea of one person’s vision that gets passed on. Something that starts off as a small spark, a thought, that picks up momentum and grows exponentially over time. So here you are, if you like it make copies and pass it on.

How to Build a Community

turn off your tv~leave your house~know your neighbors
greet people~look up when you’re walking~sit on your front steps
plant flowers~use your library~play together~buy from local merchants
share what you have~help a lost dog~take children to the park
honor elders~support neighbourhood schoools~fix it even if you didn’t break it
have pot lucks~garden together~pick up litter~read stories aloud
dance in the street~talk to the mail carrier~listen to the birds
put up a swing~help someone carry something heavy~barter for your goods
start a tradition~ask a question~hire young people for odd jobs
organize a block party~bake extra and share~ask for help when you need it
open your shades~sing together~share your skills
take back the night~turn up the music~turn down the music
listen before you react to anger~mediate a conflict~seek to understand
learn from new and uncomfortable angles
know that no one is silent though many are not heard
work to change this

yeah.. she’s very cool.
i asked her about a keri font.. been doing quotes letter by letter until the day..
Maria on Keri:
The Wander Society, Keri Smith – out mar 2016
during closings et al at time of virus ness.. keri fb share:
After receiving several emails from teachers in Italy requesting help in giving their students something to do during the Corona Virus outbreak I have created a new website on which I will post a daily activity. Please visit, and spread the word!