suggested cities

this experiment was intended/designed for 100% of humanity. and if we’ve held true to finding a problem deep enough, a mechanism simple enough, and an system open enough for it to work everywhere.. it can be experimented – anywhere. we’re good with that.

however – if/when asked for suggested cities.. a few that come to mind because they might hasten the hastening:

madagascar: starts anyone.. via nika dubrovsky et al

longmont’s ..prospect – perhaps the space/resource infrastructure is most in place – via Jacobs ness of the design of prospect 1000ish… and/or roosevelt park – 150ish dunbar (via alliance – rp) – bend your ear ness

baltimore -[elijahderay (bb if mayors ruled),neighbor\hood (govt) et al]

refugee camps – anywhere.. but local.. perhaps nederland [3d printing meets hexayurt.. makes it circular…no..?..very eagle and condor ish] – w hexayurts and/or 3d printed and/or crate houses.. whatever..

indigenous people …in canada – Tom; in colorade – ute people; ..

manhattan (or somewhere near/around people like Neil, Deb, danah, ..) – because it’s a location where several or at least one/some of the tech-minded people live

loveland – because this is where we’ve lived/breathed people in for a few years. so perhaps the people infrastructure is most in place

eastside – via Stephen et al

more below… no order…


more on potential cities.. from city ness:


perhaps try a beyond [hack]bases (via David Potocnik) in nederland or wherever..



World Economic Forum (@wef) tweeted at 6:02 AM – 17 Oct 2017 :

These photos show the world’s abandoned #cities (