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people and systems

Alliance provides key business functions and national support services to *drive local property performance. We think of our culture as an **inverted pyramid, in which leadership exists to provide support to the properties we manage. We are firm believers that a strong infrastructure directly correlates with smooth and successful property operations.

*deep local – beyond property – to self – ie: self-talk as data

**perhaps rather than inverted pyramid – we try stigmergy..



The Performance department provides regional and site-specific support to optimize property performance

yes that. both: in the city & as the day.. to max.. ie: imagine widows living there.. hanging out.. doing their thing.. available w local history.. for those moving in.. younger people.. .. then too.. not having to provide medical.. nursing home.. hospital et al.. for older gen.. be\cause.. they are alive. (palliative ness ness)

on alliance uni

With *300+ instructor-led and on-demand courses available, this state-of-the-art learning management system delivers training** targeted to the specific needs of each associate while making learning resources easily accessible.

*so imagine that.. exponentiated.. where all the people (eventually 7 bill plus) are doing/modeling the training (because life becomes the training)..

**which is targeted to needs of all .. ie: have/need ness of one



Alliance’s in-house marketing team is comprised of agency-level marketing, design and public relations specialists, dedicated to developing *creative solutions to brand, promote and differentiate your asset

*basically – letting you be you.. which is best asset for entire world..

a nother way


research and revenue

This team is responsible for implementing a *lease-revenue optimization program (LRO) across the Alliance portfolio, as well as heading research relating to pricing and market-specific investment strategies.

*have seen its brilliance via imagine we work toward.. no money.. – optimizing to the hilt.. imagine all the energy/algo’s and energy people spend working around those algos (ie: figuring out if they can afford the risk of what happens with the month to month..)… going toward an algo that is all about connecting people.. rather than about measuring transactions/rents/moneys.. no?

on alliance tv

Our company news channel is used to *communicate with associates nationwide. Segments take the form of video blogs, in which management team members introduce new programs and share ongoing company developments, or commercials designed to promote an Alliance campaign.

imagine.. app/chip for 7 bill people.. as the day.. part of short

human resources


info tech

Alliance partners with Kingsley Associates to implement *strategic survey programs to understand our residents’ needs and demands during key phases of the residents’ life cycle. The information gathered allows us to derive clear action items to **enhance our residents’ living experience.

*if that is a desire at all.. need to go deeper.. residents talking to self.. otherwise… you/we are perpetuating bandaid ness..

** again.. all comes down to if you really mean/believe this..

citizenship and sustainability

Our clients, residents and associates are integral to the success of our citizenship and sustainability efforts. *Every day, they find ways to enrich the lives of people in the neighborhoods and cities surrounding our communities by giving back to those less fortunate and supporting our company-wide commitment to green initiatives. As the largest developer and the seventh largest multifamily property manager in the country, we recognize that our real estate survives for generations. We have a responsibility to be good stewards of the land we develop, the properties we manage and the communities we live in.

*this is huge. hope it’s true.

imagine we could put what you’ve worked on on steroids.. so that ie: it could enrich the entire globe..

NEW! Our 2015 Citizenship + Sustainability Report presents, for the first time, an in-depth look at all our efforts and progress to date. By sharing our collective accomplishments and goals, we hope to further unify our sustainability and citizenship efforts and inspire and drive continued performance. Click here to read the Citizenship + Sustainability Report for further details.

then lists 7 ways to focus – green

alliance cares

Alliance isn’t just doing business in the local community — we are a part of the community. Through the “Alliance Cares” program, we orchestrate portfolio-wide campaigns to benefit various charities and encourage associates to participate in local volunteer efforts. Our teams donate their time and energy to support many worthy causes and events, including: Tools 4 Schools Toys for Tots Soles4Souls The Boys and Girls Club Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Rebuilding Together San Francisco’s “National Rebuilding Day” Children’s Burn Foundation The BuddyWalk Shoreline Clean-Ups

perhaps you are ready to experiment with exponentially hastening.. global reach… help us leap to a nother way for 7 billion today.

imagine disengaging from even those (seemingly) worthy charities/causes/events…  because ie: school is life.. everyone has what they need.. et al.. focus on a and a .. go deeper

exec leadership

Bruce Ward, Chairman/CEO

Mr. Ward is the managing partner of Alliance Residential Company, overseeing acquisition, development/rehabilitation and property management efforts. Mr. Ward and the key executive group have acquired or developed nearly 74,000 apartment homes. He is the former Group Managing Partner of Trammell Crow Residential – West, responsible for all operating businesses in the western U.S. While at Trammell Crow Residential, he served on the management board with responsibility for the strategic planning and guidance of the firm. Mr. Ward led the merger of Trammell Crow Residential – West with BRE Properties, a San Francisco-based REIT in 1997. Post-merger, Mr. Ward served as Executive Vice President for BRE Properties and President of BRE Builders, and was responsible for the firm’s development and acquisition activities. Mr. Ward graduated from the University of Texas, Austin. He is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization, serves as Vice-Chairman for Urban Land Institute’s multifamily council, and is a member of the Homeward Bound Board of Trustees (former Chair) and National Multi-Housing Council Board of Directors.

Alliance improved its marketing department to what Krohn calls an “advertising agency level.” It’s focused on generating leads online and understanding young renters. The company also employs a group dedicated to environmental issues that inspects both future and existing properties to find ways to reduce their environmental footprint.

“That’s been a really big surprise on the upside,” Ward says. “It’s been great for employees and been great for projects. And, it’s been great for marketing. We really do believe the Millennials are interested in this. It’s the right thing to do.”


“He’s very intuitive,” Krohn says. “He knows when to put his foot on the brake and when to put his foot on the gas pedal.”

let’s hope so

Sep 9, 2013 – Alliance Residential Company (Bruce C. Ward: 602-778-2800,

Later this year, Ward also expects to make a “major” announcement on an active seniors housing initiative. “We’ll leverage off our current infrastructure and put some talent to bear on that,” he says. “There are a lot of great companies in that space, but we just think, with our network of local offices, we can source some exceptional sites and do it in a safe and risk-managed way.”

V. Jay Hiemenz, President/COO

2015 – 1 bill for senior living pipeline:

Even before Boyles came on board three weeks ago, the Alliance team was at work identifying opportunities for senior housing development, with a focus on independent living, assisted living and memory care. Alliance is interested in developing properties “in some cases” that include all three types of services in a single site with a continuum of care, President and COO V. Jay Hiemenz stated in a press release.

that’s what cross generalization ness (city ness) does.. no?

re\tire\ment community ness

John T. Rippel, Chief Investment Officer

John Rippel is responsible for identifying development opportunities and directing the acquisition process for existing communities throughout the Mountain, Southeast and Central regions. During his 31 years in the multifamily industry, Mr. Rippel has participated in the acquisition and development of more than 14,000 units at an approximate value of $900 million. He began his multifamily career as the partner in charge of south Texas development and acquisition for Trammell Crow Residential; under his leadership, Trammell Crow led the Houston market in residential development. In 1994, he led his division to the successful IPO of Gables Residential and helped grow the company into one of the nation’s largest multifamily owners/operators. Mr. Rippel obtained his BBA from the University of Texas at Austin, and is currently a member of the Urban Land Institute.


june 2020 greystar – bob faith – buys alliance for 200m []

Faith told the WSJ that the firm was in “a pretty good spot” with its renters still able to make their monthly payments. Given the Greystar and Alliance portfolio is on the higher end of market rents, tenants have been more able to pay. Greystar collected 95% of its April and May rents, down from the typical 99% collection before the pandemic, Faith told the WSJ.

“It means that folks are either making good income or have good savings,” Faith said.



longmont property for rp – Cotton Burden et al




An increasing number of US landowners want to build commune-style villages that are completely self-sufficient #eco

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bend  your ear ness – prospect.. suggested cities.. et al