quiet in room

pascal quiet in room


via maria – ann druyan possible worlds: https://www.brainpickings.org/2020/05/20/ann-druyan-cosmos-possible-worlds/

This lack of a final destination, an absolute truth, is what makes science such a worthy methodology for sacred searching. It is a never ending lesson in humility. The vastness of the universe — and love, the thing that makes the vastness bearable — is out of reach to the arrogant. This cosmos only fully admits those who listen carefully for the inner voice reminding us to remember we might be wrong. What’s real must matter more to us than what we wish to believe..t

every portal of wonder, be it art or science, is a portal to truth


pascal quiet law

woolf room of one law

bachelard oikos law

feedback loop is broken


echo chamber ness

quiet enough

luxury ness of time and space


domain of one’s own

rp ness

Virgina Woolf

snowden private in public law