ritesh batra

ritesh batra

intro’d to Ritesh at the reinventors art roundtable:


at 11:40

my most important thing was keeping silent – not making a film – when everyone else was – because i thought i didn’t have anything to say.

so – how do i kind of hide .. and still be out there..

and go away and re emerge each time i have something to say..

how do i hide

batra hide in public law

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feb 2015

How to Be Invisible


she embraces her invisibility as a kind of liberation.

Throughout the natural world, the capacity for camouflage and the ability to recede into the background come with lavish beauty and biological aplomb.

They also propose that becoming invisible, .. is not the equivalent of being nonexistent, ..

a lightness of being, a composure, and all the grace of going unseen.

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privacy ness

echo chamber ness


quiet enough

ni ness

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his work – the lunchbox trailer:


ritesh directed – our souls at night – w r redford and j fonda


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