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cage home law: ‘we carry our homes w/in us which enables us to fly.. each moment presents what happens’ – john cage, silence


for the oikos ness of ni

bachelard oikos law et al



Pico Iyer

elizabeth says that good & bad extremes are indistinguishable to your sub-conscious.. it’s just an absolute value (distance) from home.. so what if we can learn to take our homes even there.

the thing you can’t do

2 needs


toykyo capsules

kara boxes

iwaan random beauty


living spaces


praying for home.. home is where peace can come from.. a nic askew film.. of Carrie Tree @carrietree singing..


and they call me a migrant. And they call me a thief. And they call me a beggar man. An asylum seeker. And I was once a teacher. I was once a family man. I was once a dreamer. A community leader.

I’ve seen friends and family all scattered and broken. And we don’t know why the cruelty keeps raging. And I’m seeking your kindness. I’m longing for safety and I’m praying for home.’

CARRIE TREE came unsuspectingly to a Soul Biographies RETREAT. Sometime after being stripped bare by the camera she shared this song, penned after time spent in the Migrant Camp at Calais known as the Jungle.


from ch 5 book of life  Alain de Botton:


“Home means the place where our soul feels that it has found its proper physical container, where, everyday, the objects we live amongst quietly remind us of our most authentic commitments and loves.”

home less ness



Pam Palmaterno matter where i go on earth i take mi’kmaw w/me.. i take the home and the land with me


Or, on days when you can’t look away, when you can’t stop crying, poetry that explains your world to you…

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Jacob (@cryptochamomile) tweeted at 12:23 AM – 21 Dec 2018 :
Home is where you give up looking for something better (http://twitter.com/cryptochamomile/status/1076015339484327937?s=17)