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co-founder of opendoor (the sandbox house).. with Jessy Schingler  –

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After lots of hard work on Hylo, and our first pilots just around the corner, we’re thrilled to be able to expand our small team. Please like, share and tag people who might be interested.

Hylo is a new kind of platform that helps us connect, collaborate, and create things together in our communities. 

If you’ve ever worked in a co-working space, a maker-space, or an accelerator, you know it’s really hard to find out what everyone’s up to and how you can help each other. We make it easy to see the abundant skills, resources and connections that are all around you in your communities-of-purpose, and help match you up so that it’s easy to create things together.

We are a small and dedicated team working at the intersection of social networks, data science, and helping the web fulfill it’s potential to be a collaborative creation engine.

We work out of a private office at the new Impact Hub Oakland (opening in January), a 5 minute walk from 19th St. BART. 

*We are interested in meeting and potentially hiring:
– UI/UX Designers 
– Front-End engineers (we work w/ AngularJS)
– Full-Stack Engineers (we work in Scala + Java on Play! Framework)
– Business Operations

We believe that when we all work together, we can create anything we can imagine. If you believe that too, and are a skilled builder of great software, we’d love to meet you. We offer salary + equity and an opportunity to work on some amazing things.

hylo: Short for hylozoism (from the Greek hylē, “matter”; zōē, “life”);
The philosophical doctrine holding that all matter (including the universe as a whole) is alive.


sept 2015 – cnn feature



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After four incredible years, I’m stepping down from OpenDoor, a community and company I started with my dear friend Ben Provan with support from countless others. I thought I’d share about what we’ve created, happy and hard memories, what I’ve learned and the vague glimmers on the horizon.


I believe humanity’s challenge is shared leadership: how do we co-steward a planet in crisis toward viability while avoiding world war, and being fair and just in how we handle wealth and power so that we build a truly peaceful civilization, not one held hostage by nuclear threat.

So I’m interested in using my experience with self-organizing groups to solve new problems. Also, #blockchain.

let’s try this.. ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


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Pondering whats next for the world, and my place in it:


We evolved as bands of foragers, likely no larger than 150 people. At this scale, humans are capable of coordinated effort toward common goals and mutual benefit by direct social and verbal interaction. Organic, original, aboriginal. Trust and reputation are managed through gossip and information is relayed verbally about local edible plants, water sources and potential threats. *It becomes difficult to manage a group larger than this because personal relationships and verbal communication have a ceiling, comically obvious to anyone who has played the parlor game “telephone” where messages are lost when relayed multiple times.

perhaps still true..not sure – but either way.. tech can help us with that 150

As complex language emerged, and particularly with the advent of a new information technology called writing, we improved our ability to coordinate with a larger number of people. The Roman Empire was made possible by a complex bureaucracy that used writing and accounting to manage trust, reputation, status, ownership and value

language for who..B for who..? that’s where we started to alter/mutate.. rna.. toward telephone game ness.. begs we listen to all the voices.. ie: via idio jargon

Humanity is now a single, 7 billion person tribe- our fates inextricably linked by the shared existential threats of climate change, nuclear war and frighteningly long list of other epic global challenges

indeed.. let’s facil that

Luckily, the brutal realities of evolution leave us a clue. Unless this new system is substantially better than the existing ones, no one will adopt it. So the mission is simply to create a set of systems for social coordination that out-competes incumbent systems on all fronts.

out competes..? rather.. one that 7 bn souls already crave

*Imagine people volunteering their skills to help build a park in their neighborhood, and **then the neighborhood coalition votes via online ballot to grant tax credits or event payment to the citizens who contributed resources toward building the park at a fifth of the cost of today’s contractors. ***Imagine if every bill were voted on directly by all citizens in a new house of Congress in addition to the Senate and the House!

*imagine eudaimoniative surplus.. via a mech that listens to 7 bn curiosities daily and connects people locally to facil the doing/being of those curiosities..  volunteering becomes irrelevant

**resources are commons based.. trusting have/need ness.. money (any measuring of transactions) is irrelevant.. so then any voting .. any public consensus.. becomes irrelevant.. (public consensus always oppresses someone.. not to mention the energy it zaps)

***imagine no more bills.. congress.. senate.. et al

*What kind of trust and reputation systems will work best in these futures? How will a large collective **decide what work to do, and ***who gets paid?

*100% trust.. no reputation

**redefine decision making

***no pay

Where are my elders?

rather.. where are the 5 yr olds

Who holds pieces of the puzzle?

pieces – maté basic needs

Who gets to be at the table?

has to be all of us..

let’s connect man..



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