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khan filling the gaps law.. deeyah on authenticity.. et al

intro’d to Deeyah while watching her documentary about Banaz [on top documentary (site)]…and so.. loving her then.

re intro’d to her while watching her 2016 tedxexeter : What we don’t know about Europe’s Muslim kids

when i was a child.. i knew i had superpowers… i could understand/relate to the feelings of brown people..of white people..white/brown/whatever..i loved them all..i understood them all..


one year to be 5 ness

8 min – ..there are so many of us growing up in europe who are not free to be ourselves..not allowed to be who we are….even in freest societies in world..not free.. lives/dreams/future does not belong to us..belongs to parents/community..i found endless stories of young people who are lost to all of us..invisible to all of us ..suffering alone

listen to all the voices

holmgren indigenous law

9 min – i wanted people to understand deadly consequences of us not taking these problems seriously…. first film I made was about Banaz..


11 min – when their own families betray them..they look to rest of us..and when we don’t understand..we lose them…….while making film several people said to me..’this is just their culture..just what those people do to their kids and we can’t really interfere’…..i can assure you being murdered is not my culture.. you know?

12 min – next film..wanted to try/understand why some of our young muslim kids in Europe are drawn to extremism/violence…but i also recognized..i was going to have to face my worst fear..the brown men with beards. i’ve been afraid of most of my life…men i’ve also deeply disliked

so i spent next two years interviewing convicted terrorists/jihadis/extremists. ..i was more interested in finding out was what are the human/personal reasons why some of our young people are susceptible to groups like this. . and..

13 min – what really surprised me.. is that i found wounded human beings.. instead of the monsters i was looking for..

..that I was hoping to find..quite frankly because it would have been very satisfying..i found broken people..just like Banaz..i found that these young men were torn apart from trying to bridge the gaps between their families and the countries that they were born in. .. channeling that toward violence. ..they’re also promising our young people the things that they crave: significance/heroism/belonging/purpose/community that loves and accepts them. .

2 needs.. deep enough

they make the powerless feel powerful..the invisible/silent are finally seen and heard..this is what they’re doing for our young people. . why are these groups doing this for our young people and not us?

listen to all the voicesholmgren indigenous law

a nother way.. ie: host-life-bits via self-talk as data

14 min – i‘m not trying to justify /excuse any of the violence. ..we have to understand why some of our young people are attracted to this.

15 min – seeing human beings with all their virtues/flaws instead of continuing the caricatures.. us/them..villains/victims. two cultures didn’t have to be on a collision course but instead became a space where i found my own voice..

i stopped feeling like I had to pick a side..

16 min – african proverb: ‘if young are not initiated into village..they will burn it down just to feel its warmth’ ..

your own song ness

can you choose them instead of your honor?


17 min – to our young people tempted by extremism..can you acknowledge that your rage is fueled by pain? ..can you find a way to live? ..a life defined by you and nobody else.

eudaimoniative surplus

..they think we don’t like them…they think we don’t care what happens to them..they think we don’t accept them..can we find a way to make them feel differently.. what will it take for us to see them and notice them..

a nother way.. ie: host-life-bits via self-talk as data that io dance.. has to be for all of us.. and as the day [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]

..can we find a way to reject hatred and heal the divisions between us..

18 min – we are all in this together..revenge/violence will not work ..


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Emmy & Peabody award winning and BAFTA-nominated documentary filmmaker. Goodwill Ambassador. CEO & founder . Contact:

fuuse site:

“Fuuse explores the diversity of modern societies and cultures with honesty and compassion. Whether on film or television, online or at live events, Fuuse seeks to bring voices and stories from the margins of the mainstream media into the heart of public discourse. Only through creating more inclusive dialogue across, and within, cultures and communities can we hope to foster understanding. Only through fearlessly confronting complex, controversial topics can we hope to challenge prejudice. That is my passion and this is Fuuse’s purpose.” – Deeyah Khan, filmmaker and Fuuse founder.

wikipedia small

Deeyah Khan (Urdu: دیا خان‎, pronounced [d̪iːaːˈxaːn], born 7 August 1977 in Oslo, Norway), is a Norwegian film director, music producer, composer and human rights defender  of Punjabi/Pashtun descent. She is an outspoken supporter of women’s rights, freedom of expression and peace.

She is the founder and CEO of production company Fuuse. Her debut film as director and producer, Banaz A Love Story (2012), won a Peabody Award (2013) and won the 2013 Emmy Award for Best International Documentary Film and British Royal Television Society nomination for Best Current Affairs Documentary. In 2015 she made a film where she sets out to find out why the jihadi message has such an alluring hold on young Westerners. In Jihad: A Story of the Others, Deeyah meets one of the godfathers of the British jihad, who went abroad to fight, and who preached extremism to thousands of young Muslims across the UK and the West.

She is the founder and producer of World Woman, an annual international festival of art and activism in Oslo.

Deeyah is the recipient of several awards for her work supporting freedom of expression, in 2012 she was awarded the Ossietzky prize by Norwegian PEN.


Deeyah has been active in raising awareness of honour killings for several years. In early 2009 she directed and produced Banaz: A Love Story, a documentary film about honour killings. The film received its UK premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in London September 2012. This was Deeyah’s first film as a director and producer. It has won critical acclaim and international awards, including the 2013 Emmy award for best international documentary film. The film is being used to train British police.


jihad (doc)

white right (doc)

disobedience award


interview w nicholas kristof – fb live – minus first minute


refuse the us and them..

us & them

we don’t have the luxury of pessimism

violence is not the way to engage with the world..

this is about all of us.. trying to figure out what we’re for..

a story about people grokking what matters.. – human\e constitution ness

we have to come up with a vision of the future that includes all of us.. that belongs to all of us..

a nother way..



#Art _________”The freedom of artists to express their heart” by Deeyah Khan @Deeyah_Khan#WHRD#Women#HumanRights

3 min – art is a very human/basic/direct form of communication.. that touches our heart/mind.. has capacity to make us think/feel.. both which are elements that make it much harder to control us.. to break our spirits.. to impose on us things that are inhuman

4 min – there are 1000s providing art as service for social activism.. and for artists like that.. they end up becoming the *voices of the voiceless.. they end up becoming truth tellers.. speaking truth to power

oy.. *not voice less.. listen less..

5 min – for artists like that.. in constant danger..

7 min – the reason art is so powerful is also demonstrated in the efforts that are taken in crushing it

8 min – art is as necessary to democracy as a free press… art/artists play a very vital and very underestimated role in civil society

9 min – the reason i’m mentioning this..

the challenges that face us as a human family.. are so great/difficult that we are not in a position to discount anyone.. it’s going to take all of us..

hosting-life-bits – a means/mech to listen to every voice. all the voices.. has to be all.

all of our talents/creativity to genuinely address and work for the world that we are all wishing for.. which is a world of freedom and equality in dignity and rights for every single individual


lori brumat (@loribrumat) tweeted at 11:39 PM – 22 Feb 2017 :

Unity around #humanity is what can give meaning and reassurance to diversity to stop dangerous extremism. (

extremism operating on dividing (yet) threatened by diversity

ginorm small ness of all of us can free us gershenfeld sel


Fuuse (@Fuuse) tweeted at 1:50 PM on Fri, Mar 03, 2017:
Promoting the basic human rights and freedoms of artists is something we must commit to – @Deeyah_Khan #MusicFreedomDay #SupportCreativity

freedom of art ists to create the work/questions they choose.. obligation to facil safety/space to do that

has to be all of us for this dance to dance..

good news is.. we have means to do that


It became a choice between protecting people’s feelings or allowing more women to die – Filmmaker @Deeyah_Khan

#BeBoldForChange #IWD2017

Original Tweet:

i’ve spent a lot of my life being afraid.. being careful.. considering everyone else’s feelings.. rather than my own.. rather than the truth.. conclusion i came to.. i have to stick to the truth/reality.. if i don’t.. our women will continue to die

supposed to ness



“We cannot solve a problem we are not allowed to name,” says @Deeyah_Khan on “honor-based” violence.


UNESCO (@UNESCO) tweeted at 2:20 AM – 29 Apr 2017 :

“Artistic freedom is complementary to #PressFreedom”
Meet @Deeyah_Khan, @UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador (


Clare Baldwin (@clarebaldwin) tweeted at 5:42 AM – 28 May 2017 :

“It doesn’t start with hate. It starts out as a human need that is not being met.” @Deeyah_Khan (

article from nov 2015

“I believe what IS is doing, we can do. They tell a story that is compelling to our young people; we have to tell a better story than them.”

let’s do/model this story.. a nother way – [short\bit]

based on: maté basic needs

What are we doing about it? We don’t have time for douchebags in suits to be pointing fingers at each other.

“It doesn’t start with hate. It starts out as a human need that is not being met,

and with love and loyalty between the recruiter and the follower.” Those radicalised by former über-recruiter Abu Muntasir describe him as the father they wished they had had.

What frightens IS most isn’t our bombs, it’s us getting along

Given that Khan has endured a backlash in the past, does she fear one again from this film? “No,” she says defiantly, her eyes flashing. “We risk losing much more by remaining silent.”


Pål de Vibe (@paaldevibe) tweeted at 3:09 AM – 12 Jun 2017 :

Veldig sant av Deeyah Khan: Den virkelige integreringen kommer når du helt enkelt oppfattes som et menneske. (

Very true of Deeyah Khan: The real integration comes when you are simply perceived as a human being

nationality: human


Deeyah Khan (@Deeyah_Khan) tweeted at 5:21 AM – 3 Jul 2017 :

The concept of “community leader” is a failed, outdated, colonial model of engagement that should finally be done away with

#MissingMuslims (

verd de gris art (@verddegris) tweeted at 6:08 AM – 3 Jul 2017 :

@Deeyah_Khan We need to make use of local people-based networks modelled on #6degreesofseperation – friends, family rather than patriarchal hierarchy (

hlb (via 2 convos everyday) that io dance.. listen to all the voices..

a nother way

3.14 degrees of interconnectedness


Elizabete Aunina (@eaunina1) tweeted at 2:03 AM – 12 Jun 2018 :
The new documentary “White Right” by @Deeyah_Khan is absolutely fantastic. Precisely the sort of mutual humanly dialogue we need! (

i wanted to see if i could understand their anger.. to get to know the personal reasons why they’re drawn to such hatred and division..t

thurman interconnectedness law: when you understand interconnectedness it makes you more afraid of hating than of dying


Tim Matthews (@timmatmusic) tweeted at 6:20 PM – 23 Jun 2018 :
@LuxAlptraum @Deeyah_Khan Oh man… I just watched ‘Jihad: a story of the others’, @Deeyah_Khan’s earlier (2015) documentary (also on Netflix).
Both of these films need to be disseminated as widely as possible. Their fires need tending. (

huge.. has to be .. a nother way.. for all of us

Adam Ferris (@Adam_Ferris_Art) tweeted at 4:36 PM – 23 Jun 2018 :
Just viewed #whiterightmeetingtheenemy on @netflix by the wonderful @Deeyah_Khan
It’s a great balance of accurate info and showing how scary our world is.
But my main takeaway is that people can change for the better. We just have to be better at reaching out to those in pain. (


Fuuse (@Fuuse) tweeted at 5:42 AM – 8 Aug 2018 :
What a year 2018 is turning into – @Deeyah_Khan earns an #Emmy nomination for her Fuuse film ‘White Right: Meeting the Enemy’ – which is available to watch on Netflix – (

re submitting again this year for mit’s disobedience award

make friends law:

Just watched #WhiteRightMeetingTheEnemy on Netflix. @Deeyah_Khan disarms some of the most violent extremists by asking them simple, human questions. Her bravery and kindness is so inspiring. Face to face human connection is a powerful tool in combatting cultural divides.

Original Tweet:

Jeremy R (@JeremyRFLA) tweeted at 10:38 PM on Fri, Aug 10, 2018:
If you haven’t seen the documentary “White Right” by @Deeyah_Khan, you absolutely must. Above all, it shows that basic human interaction and decency has the power to change what appears to be a lost soul. Find someone that doesn’t look or think like you. Have a conversation.

‘I thought I’d never get out alive’ – the #YGL @Deeyah_Khan and Muslim director who interviewed neo-Nazis

Original Tweet:

Fuuse (@Fuuse) tweeted at 4:23 PM – 11 Aug 2018 :
The power of empathy – After spending time with Muslim filmmaker @Deeyah_Khan for her documentary, ex-KKK member Ken Parker has now denounced his extremist views. See the Emmy-nominated film on #Netflix. (

Keiko (@keikoinboston) tweeted at 3:21 PM – 10 Aug 2018 :
2. Another story of how respect, compassion, and friendship gets people out of extremism.
Shaming and divisive rhetoric about “white people” & “whiteness” in the guise of humor doesn’t work. (


The power of empathy – After spending time with Muslim filmmaker @Deeyah_Khan for her documentary, ex-KKK member Ken Parker has now denounced his extremist views. See the Emmy-nominated film on #Netflix.

Original Tweet:


deeyah on white right and disobedience

Shafi Naqi Jamie (@ShafiNaqiJamie) tweeted at 5:50 AM – 18 Sep 2018 :
“Deeyah Khan, a Muslim woman of Pakistani and Afghan origin who was brought up in Norway, was visiting a far-right training encampment in America, where hundreds of men were sat drinking, with military-grade weapons by their side.”
Worth reading
@ShareThis (

Time and time again she hears the same story, one of abandonment, of not fitting in, a sense of hopelessness, shame and humiliation, of longing to belong..t

And she hears how when the men joined their hate group the story changed to one of feeling like a hero, having a sense of purpose, a feeling of belonging.

belong rev.. to belong rev..

begs a quiet rev.. focus on 2 needs & a cure (authenticity & attachment) deep enough to affect all of us .. today

It’s the same story that permeates Khan’s previous film, Jihad, A Story of Others, for which she spent two years talking to Islamic extremists, convicted terrorists and former jihadi.

“I was really struck by how there were so many similarities between the experiences and the type of people that I met both within the white supremacist movement, but also within the jihad movement as well,” says Khan. “It’s almost as if it’s the same guy, and it’s almost as if some of the deeper reasons are either the same or incredibly similar..t

2 needs & a cure (authenticity & attachment) deep enough to affect all of us .. today

jihad (doc) 

“These movements satisfy the basic human needs that we all have, and obviously for very cynical reasons, because they’re wanting to build the sense of loyalty, the sense of brotherhood and camaraderie with these men, so that they can be directed towards whatever political aims the various movements have,” she says.

Ironically, while these are hate groups, Khan says their actions are driven by love– a love for the fellow members of the group that have given them a sense of family, a love for the leaders of the group that have given them a sense of purpose.

Khan believes it’s down to the “magic” of sitting down face to face. “Everything becomes real. Your words and the impact of your words. The weight of those words becomes real,” she says.

“Why are you nice to me?” she asks Ken at one point. “Because I respect you,” he replies. “I actually consider you my friend.” Despite making a recent journey throwing other flyers out of the window targeting Syrian refugees, Ken admits to Khan that she is the first Muslim he has ever met.

Is Ken her friend?

“Yes, absolutely,” asserts Khan. “He forced me to challenge my own prejudices against guys like that as well. I was able to see his humanity.”.. t

mufleh humanity lawwe have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity – Luma Mufleh

begs a means/mech to listen to all the voices.. everyday..
as it could be

“This is a really hard thing for him to do,” she says. “He’s turning his back on his entire community. Now he really does need a friend because now he has none, he’s left them all behind based on a principle, based on these ideas that he no longer wants to subscribe to any more.”..t

This August, Ken is having his tattoos removed. Khan is flying over to be with him.

It sounds like the sort of thing a friend would do.


on under the skin w/russell

Russell Brand (@rustyrockets) tweeted at 5:38 AM – 3 Nov 2018 :
If you’re driving, running or relaxing listen to Under The Skin – this is a great episode @Deeyah_Khan (

This Deeyah Khan episode is special. She is an award winning documentary filmmaker who has met and confronted Jihadists and members of the KKK in order to understand what drives them. So much insight, bravery and practical love on difficult topics – religion/race/gender/identity. Also COINCIDENTALLY I barely speak in it.

deeyah starts at 2 min

6 min – how do we satisfy the needs of these young people.. before they become instrumentalized by politicians/populism..t

almaas holes law

7 min – they’re all operating out of really basic needs.. not being met.. that says more about us as a society than about these means.. i’m interesting in finding what those needs are..t

2 needs/desires

11 min – the personal is the political

18 min – i don’t know what we need to do to address that loss..  it doesn’t matter if it (an alt) exists or not.. it’s up to us..t

as it could be.. listen to each voice everyday

a nother way.. not yet tried

37 mi – fascism will not withstand human contact

39 min – guy joining army to express is islamist hate

40 min – there’s a synergy between these men and our politics.. our politicians channeling that anger is absolutely destructive.. most of guys i met are ex military

41 min – the fact that there’s such a high percentage of ex servicemen joining the white supremacists movement is a real concern.. and that people don’t talk about that..t

42 min – most of these men who have served.. feel they were sold a lie..t.. so .. very anti american..  would like to see the american flag burned..  would like to see system dismantled.. because perpetuating a lie..asking of lives of poor/working class for nothing.. in return.. the military breaks you down and asks for absolute loyalty in return for order/certainty/significance/brotherhood.. so when leave all that.. still need that


43 min – supremacists.. offer a need men are looking for

51 min – we’ve handed those people (poor working class) over.. and that’s on us.. the way the system is structured is detrimental to a lot of people.. the system is underpinning those ineq’s

53 min – the fault doesn’t like with that guy.. it lies w ie: trump

no.. it has to be all of us .. can’t single people out.. you just said so.. exceptions get us to where we are now

54 min – r: systems benefit from polarity

55 min – their real enemy is not each other.. their real enemy is us.. people who want to make it work

57 min – r: i’m interested in power.. and who benefits from it staying as it is..polarization suits the powerful.. do you think this can happen more broadly than individual

58 min – i think so.. human connection is absolutely necessary.. this word hope is very important to me.. i’m not interested in just telling horror stories and the problems.. i won’t to look for potential solutions.. hope to me is power

a nother way

59 min – once you rob someone of hope.. any desire to resist.. goes away.. so to me.. hope is power.. and act of resistance.. something else is possible if we’re willing to engage w each other..

and too.. if we do a reset.. where the exclusion game is irrelevant

1:11 – we have to find a way to live together.. to me.. this all comes down to human relationships..t

2 convers as infra

1:12 – because our political leadership have been impotent in articulate a vision of the future that include all of us.. it’s down to the rest of us.. t

begs mech that listens to (and detoxes) every voice.. every day.. ie: tech as it could be..

the truth is.. it’s difficult to have relationships.. even w people you like..

1:13 – we’ve all been thrusted together and expected to figure out how to do it

1:14 – r: if hard for smaller groups.. how to make it work for larger groups..t

2 convers as infra

ginorm/small ness: too big to know.. to small to label

1:15 – r: to somehow unify extremists.. and re calibrate attention on truly powerful.. t

begs a leap – reset – for all of us – to that sync matters

1:20 – these ideas are already potent.. how do we popularize it? .. somebody like you.. your choosing to go beyond.. everyone doing their version of that.. if they can..

1:22 – i think people underestimate the individual responsibility

1:23 – r: i have a belief in the optimum

1:25 – people are complex/complicated.. why do we have to fit them into these boxes.. locate the humanity in someone else.. in attempt to hold on to my own..

1:27 – i know what it feels like to be stereo typed.. de humanized.. that’s why i can’t do that w even a nazi.. ie: this simplification/caricature of people for my convenience..

1:28 – the more we can get underneath all the noise/static.. the closer we get to solutions..t..  we can’t afford to give up on each other.. we’re all in this together..

deep enough for 7bn to resonate w today – (almaas holesmaté needs)

1:30 – in circumstances that seem impossible ‘we don’t have the luxury to be pessimistic’

1:33 – r: liberation for men from prescriptive roles

1:34 – do you believe it’s doable.. on an individual level

1:35 – r: i think if we can break down ideals and start over again.. re imagine states that include all of us..t

begs a leap – hard to increment to all of us ness

1:47 – r: perhaps we need to reject those polar nouns.. ie: female, male

i agree.. human.. until oppression stops.. for being female.. we don’t get to the place of all being human

hmm.. i don’t agree with that.. that’s why we’re where we are now

1:48 – undeniable that women are suffering around the world.. pay/violence

1:50 – the goal is that we get to a place that we are all just human..t

we have to start there.. nationality: human

(today we have the means to facil that leap)

1:51 – we are only going to win these battles shoulder to shoulder.. man and woman… but you tell me.. how do we involve more men.. ie: conferences about violence.. room is filled w women

conferences are not the answer

1:53 – how do we ensure that people’s full humanity .. dreams/loves.. that that gets to manifest itself in its full glory.. how do we do that together.. w/o demeaning each other.. t.. to me.. the answer has been empathy.. w/in that it’s about stories

begs a means to listen to every voice everyday.. because what we need most is the energy of 7bn alive people

ie: tech as it could be.. via gershenfeld something else law

1:54 – how do we break down those walls.. create pluralistic future

r: i think your willingness to place yourself amongst people you’d have most obvious conflict is a brilliant way of metabolizing our potential to transcend those boundaries.. and have the perspective that love is more powerful than hate.. that you’ll never undo hate w hate

r: i’ve feel a little bit like i’ve taken drugs.. word drugs


Fuuse (@Fuuse) tweeted at 3:19 AM – 22 Nov 2018 :
‘I’m often told by people that talent doesn’t exist in minority communities – and that’s bullsh*t. The talent is there, the opportunities are not.’ – @Deeyah_Khan (

links to 1 min video

talent & creativity cannot be taught.. what you can teach  – how to write an application; how to fulfill certain criteria

graeber grant law

graeber min/max law

i think we should make more of an effort to make sure that talent/creativity and untold stories ..perspectives that have not been included before are included..t

begs mech that listens to every voice .. every day..  ie: tech as it could be via cure ios city


nomoreslaves (@nomoreslaves) tweeted at 4:54 AM – 14 Dec 2018 :
‘We all have the #capacity to effect #change’ – activist and film-maker @Deeyah_Khan #quote (

indeed.. but too many need to be set free first.

because sync matters more than we can imagine.

ie: cure ios city could facil that global/local/internal leap


Fuuse (@Fuuse) tweeted at 3:25 AM – 18 Dec 2018 :
.@Deeyah_Khan wrapped up 2018 by winning the BBC News and Factual Award at the @WFTV_UK Awards. During her acceptance speech Deeyah revealed something she’s not been able to share before…

a mother.. and follow your heart


‘I found a lot of similarities between jihadis and neo-Nazis – and it has less to do with the ideology and more to do with their human needs that aren’t being met’ explains @Deeyah_Khan, director of two films on @Netflix exploring white supremacy and radical Islam.

Original Tweet:

1 min clip

maté basic needs

let’s org around that for 7bn

2 convers as infra


One of the consistent threads speaking to extremists is that so many of them had experiences of being on the outside. What these violent movements provided was unconditional acceptance’ – @Deeyah_Khan
Original Tweet:

imagine if unconditional ality.. to everyone.. was a norm.. no one had to go searching for it


Fuuse (@Fuuse) tweeted at 5:05 AM – 12 Feb 2020 :
If we have diversity in decision-making rooms, then diversity elsewhere will naturally follow explains @Deeyah_Khan

perhaps.. but not enough to include all
today we have the means to let go of ie: decision-making rooms.. because we have the means to listen to every voice everyday

important not to use diversity as a decorative exercise.. need them in decision making rooms as well.. if get diversity there.. what comes in front and behind the camera .. and the stories that are told.. will automatically shift

you will automatically find that our culture gets stretched to a point where it includes more people..t

as your films show.. we need to listen deeper.. has to be everyone.. beyond ‘more’
self-talk as data.. could/would make decision making rooms et al .. irrelevant

ie: curiosity over decision making

decision making positions also have to reflect diversity.. you can’t hold onto power on one level of this and then expect it to shift everywhere else.. so decision making has to be inclusive as well


deeyah & simon on extreme listening


After spending 20 months filming the stories of women in the USA for my new documentary ‘America’s War On Abortion’– I’ve decided to share something deeply personal with you all.  3 weeks ago while editing this film I had a miscarriage:
via @GraziaUK
Original Tweet:

Deeyah is one of the best docu filmmakers around. She’s tackled some difficult subjects -sharing this very personal and painful experience with us exemplifies how she combines empathy, compassion and storytelling on such a sensitive subject. She’s an outstanding ambassador.
Original Tweet:


khan filling the gaps law

Unless we address the gaps in young people’s lives – extremist groups and gangs will continue to feed off and cynically exploit them explains @Deeyah_Khan
Original Tweet:

1 min video clip:

if we don’t have actual societal networks that provide/support people who when they are at their most vulnerable at their most broken in life.. not just extremist groups.. any violent groups.. you have these cynical groups who will step in and actively groom and provide whatever it is that our young people are lacking in their lives.. these groups try to fill those gaps.. the human/emotional/psychological needs that so many young people have.. these groups are cynically filling those gaps

imagine if we.. org around legit needs.. so there are no gaps.. for any ages..

ie: a nother way