to belong rev


to belonging rev 

deck of the text below .. [also here: a quiet revolution]


on belonging


This desire is so universal that the need to belong is found across all cultures and different types of people.

huge.. i think if we’re going to have any kind of a change for good.. it needs to be based in something universal.. something already in us

however.. i think belonging is only part of it. in Peter‘s community – the structure of belonging.. he says our focus on individual transformation has been proved not to work.. and i agree.. but i don’t think the two are binary.. i think they (calling them authenticity and attachment) not only go hand and hand.. but neither works w/o the other..

so i’d suggest.. (via Gabor Maté insight) that our 2 universally basic needs are authenticity (true to self) and attachment (belonging – known by someone).. and that we should focus on and facilitate both simultaneously

gabor mate quote

the reason this particular time in history is so important (for a revolution).. we currently have the means for tech to allow us to listen to and facil both at once

a quiet revolution – 1\ quiet enough to hear every voice and 2\ sans violence/oppression/coercion/et-al

interconnect thurman

networked individuaism graphic

on revolution


a fundamental and relatively sudden change in political power and political organization.. abrupt change in a social order

i think all our part\ial initiatives/efforts are keeping us from the sync we need for global freedom/equity .. i think we keep getting distracted/disjointed by irrelevants (money/measuring/accountability/commitment/et-al) necessary to maintain/incentivize the partial ness.. and if i’m wrong.. thankfully.. there are plenty of amazing people/initiatives/efforts going that route

more thinking on that here: thinking restate/update 7/18

revolution instigating utopia


so.. on getting to a true revolution – abrupt change in social order.. based on universal basic needs

we could couch it in safety.. if you like:


gershenfeld something else law (Neil‘s response when asked by pentagon how tech could improve defense/safety):

something else neil full

so why hasn’t Neil (founder of fablab ness which is similar to Scott’s tinkermill) caused safety and/or a revolution..?

i think it’s because of his focus on the tech to make the stuff rather than the tech to listen first what matters to each (has to be all of us – everyday) person ie: whimsy/curiosity.. ie: tech as it could be

as it could be slide.png

it/we won’t sustain (a revolution or whatever) if its energy doesn’t come from w/in (invited vs invented ness) each person.. everyday


imagining the means to get to that ‘something else safety’ that art (as Dan says – gift) is via:

daily curiosity

i’m thinking we could get to those ‘gifts’ Dan talks about and that ‘something else’ Neil talks about if we would focus on cure ios city.. via 2 convers as infra

3 30 2 convers.png

again ..huge that it starts from w/in each individual everyday.. and self-talk as data (conversation #1 each day).. is how that could happen

i’m thinking accountabilitycommitment .. even participation & engagement.. grate against curiosity, against gershenfeld something else law, against our w/in ness, and so against the energy we need most.. ie: the energy of 7bn alive people

howard thurman quote come alive


to get to ongoing/authentic curiosity begs: 


[krishnamurti free will law and krishnamurti partial law and burke freedom law and bishop freedom law]

on talking to people about engaging (ie: neighborhood walks) of course they’re happy to be asked..of course they want to be part and belong.. so good on you for asking.. for having those convos but we need to realize the hidden (good willed) agenda in invited vs invented ness

and when people are already too busy .. that turns into perhaps an unethical situation.. 1\ getting people’s hopes us for something that doesn’t yet have a mech to facil it in a humane way (currently all efforts end up leaving people on hold.. ie: bureaucratic hoops ) and 2\ setting them up for feeling guilt/shame when they find they can’t fit it into schedule.. (costello screen service law)

and again.. to any/all of us .. if we are thinking we need to be accountablecommitted .. that free\dom is compromised.. what we need are spaces of permission where people have nothing to prove.. otherwise.. we are like whales in sea world  .. not ourselves.. (which is what most of us are today – hence the need to be freed-up/re-shelled)

none of us are free


perhaps getting to that total free\dom begs:

a leap

a reset .. a do-over

(a leap allows for more of a revolution – abrupt change in social order.. than i think what your belong rev might actually be – perhaps a reform/increment)

why try to leap back/to an undisturbed ecosystem..?

meadows undisturbed lawin undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole.. – Dana Meadows

undisturbed ecosystem graphic

if we could only get back to that synchroncitiy.. we could let go of all our invented and time/energy-sucking bureaucracies.

we need a revolution in revolution of everyday life


leap\ing begs and/or creates:


Many incredible people, have been seeking many incredible solutions, to bettering: education; health; budget; poverty; et al.. for many years.

What if we already have the solution(s), we just don’t have them in sync. [people, space/resources, tech]

who how what for sync bet

What if we bet (why bet) on an experiment, that no one has yet tried.


sync\ing begs and/or creates:


the energy of 7bn alive people.. which is again.. what we need most

aka: eudaimoniative surplus

eudaimonia aka


ongoing energy comes from:


if equity is everyone getting a go every day.. redefining public education becomes revolution of everyday life.. aka: global equity

equity everyone every day


details/specifics in regard to:


[need to clean these scribbles a bit]

sister still hears shots from when she was knew of kkk but i didn’t.. we need more cross gen convos..

if in longmont (aka where ever you are)  history can elderly…and curiosity is key ie children
elderly ie: movie of elderly space..all used to be opera people..(quartet ness) tire ment.. alta vita ish
childlike ie: tinkering lab ness to foster/facil curiosity..1 yr to be 5
but. need more of an rp ness model..(Jane Jacobs…eclectic/density/closeness…to Peter blocks strangers vs silos)
one reason need tech..going thru on her schedule for a mtg that might not even be a good fit..
85% don’t feel engaged in jobs.. and bs jobs and too much ness of bureaucracy
may get sabbaticals easy off top too..low end ($wise) not expecting much..high end ..not doing much..
on needing to do/model short bp this ie: everyone playing needs to have means provided to not think about money for a yr.. (not bi.. not higher pay) .. cause then thinking about money..
people who engage ie ab.. need no strings place to live and resources. .sabbatical arrangement if currently employed
to that end rp (or prospect..or nederland in 3d houses or yurts..) is great space to offer up free.. individual iwan baan spaces.. kitchen ie pub

so.. to model the means to leap.. need tech and money as temp placebo ie: short business plan



in short

imagining a nother way.. based on maté basic needs

which we are currently capable of via tech as it could be.. ie: 2 convers.. as infra

[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]

because what we need most is the energy of 7bn alive people in order to get back/to an undisturbed ecosystem

in the city.. as the day.. via gershenfeld something else law

from a nother way book:

in the city as the day graphic stilly 5


the short equation

equation that matters


re iterating the coming together of tech (perhaps scott) and humanity (perhaps dan/mike):

for tech piece

we now have means to listen to and facil the chaos of 7bn free people.. everyday

app/chip updates

ie: hlb via 2 convers that io dance.. as the day..

for humane piece

mufleh humanity lawwe have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity – Luma Mufleh

rowson mechanical law

not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake

a nother way


in closing

i know this is crazy (ie: leaping) .. but we need some working on crazy.. again.. this may not be your focus.. so hopefully at least this might

1/be encouragement.. that if what you are doing doesn’t work or seems hard/slow. . you know other work is going on toward a global leap
2/ help you see that if (the powers that be are) so inclined ..longmont has potential to be model that leap
maybe watch crazywise (with Gabor Maté)
and white right and jihad by Deeyah Khan
if you haven’t yet



deeyah on white right and disobedience

Shafi Naqi Jamie (@ShafiNaqiJamie) tweeted at 5:50 AM – 18 Sep 2018 :
“Deeyah Khan, a Muslim woman of Pakistani and Afghan origin who was brought up in Norway, was visiting a far-right training encampment in America, where hundreds of men were sat drinking, with military-grade weapons by their side.”
Worth reading
@ShareThis (

Time and time again she hears the same story, one of abandonment, of not fitting in, a sense of hopelessness, shame and humiliation, of longing to belong..t

And she hears how when the men joined their hate group the story changed to one of feeling like a hero, having a sense of purpose, a feeling of belonging.

belong rev.. to belong rev..

begs a quiet rev.. focus on 2 needs & a cure (authenticity & attachment) deep enough to affect all of us .. today

It’s the same story that permeates Khan’s previous film, Jihad, A Story of Others, for which she spent two years talking to Islamic extremists, convicted terrorists and former jihadi.

“I was really struck by how there were so many similarities between the experiences and the type of people that I met both within the white supremacist movement, but also within the jihad movement as well,” says Khan. “It’s almost as if it’s the same guy, and it’s almost as if some of the deeper reasons are either the same or incredibly similar..t

2 needs & a cure (authenticity & attachment) deep enough to affect all of us .. today

jihad (doc) 

“These movements satisfy the basic human needs that we all have, and obviously for very cynical reasons, because they’re wanting to build the sense of loyalty, the sense of brotherhood and camaraderie with these men, so that they can be directed towards whatever political aims the various movements have,” she says.

Ironically, while these are hate groups, Khan says their actions are driven by love– a love for the fellow members of the group that have given them a sense of family, a love for the leaders of the group that have given them a sense of purpose.

Khan believes it’s down to the “magic” of sitting down face to face. “Everything becomes real. Your words and the impact of your words. The weight of those words becomes real,” she says.

“Why are you nice to me?” she asks Ken at one point. “Because I respect you,” he replies. “I actually consider you my friend.” Despite making a recent journey throwing other flyers out of the window targeting Syrian refugees, Ken admits to Khan that she is the first Muslim he has ever met.

Is Ken her friend?

“Yes, absolutely,” asserts Khan. “He forced me to challenge my own prejudices against guys like that as well. I was able to see his humanity.”.. t

mufleh humanity lawwe have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity – Luma Mufleh

begs a means/mech to listen to all the voices.. everyday..
as it could be

“This is a really hard thing for him to do,” she says. “He’s turning his back on his entire community. Now he really does need a friend because now he has none, he’s left them all behind based on a principle, based on these ideas that he no longer wants to subscribe to any more.”..t

This August, Ken is having his tattoos removed. Khan is flying over to be with him.

It sounds like the sort of thing a friend would do.


focus on home less ness