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Banaz Mahmod was executed for the crime of love. Strangled to death at 20 years of age and stuffed in a suitcase, Mahmod was the subject of an “honor killing”. This classification of murder is committed by members of the victim’s own family in response to an act of perceived shame of dishonor. The feature-length documentary Banaz: A Love Story tells the harrowing story of her short life and brutal murder at the hands of those who should have cared for her the most.

notes/quotes while watching..

sometimes i wonder.. why love should be so hated…

when they came over.. didn’t leave their culture.. hard for men/boys to give up.. culture.. intensification to retrieve some kind of dignity ..from controlling sisters/daughters lives… women no longer obeying.. having more autonomy.. so getting a lot of beatings..

11 min – family name like a brand.. reputation.. so may be cut out of econ life..

13 min – i have to do this.. i have to put a shame to an end.. the dad paid the son to do it..

25 min – if you report.. everything you love will have to be given up.. family et al..

26 min – have to conform.. if don’t.. fall out of favor.. why wouldn’t men go for this.. they get it all

men have id crisis.. feel they don’t belong..

28 min – the police recovered dozens of texts between banaz and rahmat

30 min – found out after her death.. police made no attempt.. she went to police 5 times.. and called them so many times.. they didn’t think she was in that great of danger

31 min – she died w/o help and her voice has never been heard by anyone.. not acceptable in the uk

32 min – b & r seen kissing each other.. phone call into family.. triggered whole thing… decision made.. orchestrated by uncle..

33 min – shame/embarrassment/dishonor.. not a crime of passion.. not something spontaneous.. organized crime.. men sitting around table deciding how she would die..

seen as sacrifice for all other members of that family

38 min – if i run away.. i’m dead.. if i go home.. i’m dead..

42 min – there were over 50 people involved in that murder

48 min – parent child relationship gone horribly wrong

49 min – seeing my sister turn to ashes like that.. that’s enough to turn someone mad

54 min –  3 men in banaz family were given life sentences

56 min – on people not reporting.. all we have is a significant underestimate..

58 min – a lot of people felt they hadn’t done anything wrong.. ie: because she brought this on her.. should have been killed.. and why are brits interfering…

59 min – caroline et al.. first to achieve and extradition..

that you can’t speak about .. because part of minority.. awful..

1:00 – her grave left unmarked for years after the trial

1:01 – best way to curb honor killings.. education.. raising awareness.. talking about this issue..

1:02 – no honor in any of this.. it’s murder..

1:04 – remember banaz as a loving/giving warm young woman who did nothing wrong.. other than to love someone they disapproved of – Caroline Goode

Caroline honored in 2011 –

according to an ikwro report, nearly 3000 honour based crimes took place in the uk in 2010

the metro police still has no specialized unit dedicated to tackling honour based crimes (2012)


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Banaz Mahmood (1986-2006) was a British English Iraqi Kurdish woman who lived in Wimbledon.

Mahmod was born in Iraq and moved to England with her family when she was 10 years old. She was married at age 17 to a man 10 years older than her in anarranged marriage. Within months the marriage turned violent.

Banaz wanted a divorce and fell in love with someone of her own choosing.

The uncle and father of Banaz wanted full control of who Banaz saw, and wanted to force her into a marriage of their choosing. Mahmood went to the police for help five times before her death.

Her uncle and father had her raped and murdered, in revenge for Banaz’s refusal to accept their determination to control who she saw and who she married.

This act of rape and murder has been referred to as a honor killing.

Detective Chief Inspector Caroline Goode of the Metropolitan Police led the investigation to recover the body of Mahmood and prosecute her killers, securing the first-ever extradition from Iraq to the United Kingdom.

Inspector Caroline Goode explained that when the police had asked for information from the Kurdish community living in South London, they were met with a wall of silence.

Her story was chronicled in the 2012 documentary film Banaz: A Love Story, directed and produced by Deeyah Khan.

Deeyah Khan


badtameez.scorpio  (@badtameez_) tweeted at 10:29 AM on Tue, Mar 07, 2017:
Keynote Speech: ‘Banaz – A love story’ presented by Deeyah Khan – I cannot stop crying.


wanted to create a piece of work that could help western authorities understand..

9 min – women as communal property.. monitored et al

11 min – banaz went to police 5 diff times before she was murdered

20 min – i understand cultural change will take time.. but we can right now educate authorities..  that’s why i made the film

21 min – i can no longer stand by in silence as women like Banaz continue to be erased..

as women suffer w/o any support/understanding.. i want women/banaz to be mourned/remembered.. one of intentions of killings is not murder of person.. but also to murder memory of that person.. so least we can do is to.. remember them..

23 min – our silence allows this to happen.. whether silence born from political correctness or don’t want to step on toes.. want to be careful.. socially sensitive.. that’s all well and good.. noble/good intentions..

but if outcome of that is that our young people die/suffer.. what good is that kind of politeness/gestures/understanding..

hear her voice now.. so we can hear others…

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