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via ab.. swimming here lately (starting this way too late.. doubt i remember them all):

1\ banaz – a love story – Deeyah Khan

2\ shenzhen – bunnie

3\ the human robot

4\ tashi & the monk

5\ price of world cupMikkel Keldorf

5\ cancer – forbidden cure

6\ wartorn – John Pilger

7\ a simpler way

8\ change the dream

9\ new story humanity

10\ aftermath

11\ the four horsemen

12\ black panther vanguard revolution

13\ the music instinctBobby McFerrin

14\ disobedience

15\ syriathe reckoning

16\ tent city

17\ singularity or bustben goertzel

18\ black lives matterPatrisse Cullors

19\ preempting dissent

20\ my brother the islamist – Robb Leech

21\ fixing the system – Shane Smith

22\ indigo children Gavin HaynesIssa Gold

23\ the secret life of chaos – Jim Al-Khalili

24\ obeyChris Hedges

25\ a brilliant madness : John Nash

26\ jim morrison

was planning to watch – janis joplin, bob dylan, and thelonious monk.. none had available videos..

27\ press pause play

28\ used and betrayed

29\ kim peek: the real rain man – i love watching him flower..what kim represents is dark side of the moon.. we know more about moon than brain – (neurotribes – starting p 363)

30\ planet ant

31\ crusades: arab persepective – skimmed 190 min – end: crusade changed from fight other to fight bad guy.. changed meaning of killing.. ie: crusades for cancer.. 19/20th cent to now.. considered positive thing.. see as propaganda in media..historical truth.. was an imperialist campaign of colonialism that exploited religion in the name of the cross.. fighting under flag of religion and under banner of a crusade

32\ waking life

33\ the money fix – shoot.. missed that i’d already watched it : original viewing

34\ help me to speak

35\ everything and nothing (haven’t watched yet) – Jim Al-Khalili

35\ man w 7 second memory (haven’t watch yet)

36\ who was karl marxkarl marx

37\ children full of life

38\ einstein quantum riddle


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