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“The world is but a
canvas to our imagination”

—Henry David Thoreau

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met one of 75 person team as she, Victoria Rogers, shared at tedxteen 2014.

it doesn’t have to be polished it just has to be passionate

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sept 2015 – on Yancey Strickler and Perry Chen having no interest profit

they announced on Sunday that Kickstarter was reincorporating as a “public benefit corporation,” a legal change they said would ensure that money — or the promise of it — would not corrupt their company’s mission of enabling creative projects to be funded.


Kickstarter’s move builds upon its decision last year to become a B Corporation, a voluntary designation certified by a nonprofit group called B Lab. To become a B Corp, companies must meet rigorous environmental and social-responsibility standards, which they report annually to shareholders — though taking on the status has no legal impact. Other companies, including the e-commerce site Etsy, .. Warby Parker, the eyeglasses retailer, have also opted to become B Corps.


the Kickstarter co-founders said the company’s stance had attracted like-minded people — those more focused on the overall mission and less on the value of their equity.


please. No more kickstarter story request.  If your email says “kickstarter” in it, I’m not going to reply.

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why it’s not sustainable.. even if kickstarter plays nice…
crowdfunding ness


Excited to dig in to @ystrickler‘s latest, just the kind of through-provoking conversation starter we need these days…
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the focus on financial growth isn’t wrong. w/o financial security, life spans for people and orgs decrease. that’s bad. money is important.. it’s just not the only form of value we should protect and grow

dang.. we need to let go of money (any form of measuring/accounting)


the goal isn’t to get rid of money. it’s not to eradicate greed. it’s not anti profits either. the goal is a world where values like community, knowledge, purpose, fairness, security, tradition and the needs of the future also have a rational say in the big and daily decisions we face.. not just whichever choice makes the most money..


there’s a better way – let’s try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence.. ie: ubi as temp placebo..


that’s exactly the world i wanted to change. i wanted to break free of the universe where an idea had to justify its existence based on how much money it would make somebody else.. how limiting


the case against financial maximization isn’t anti money. it’s pro money.. it’s just prop people too..

can’t be both


2010 – daniel kahneman found correlation between emotional well being and income.. 75 000 et al


this is a step  many people struggle with. you go to school to learn how to become very well off financially. nobody asks what’ supposed to happen after that

oi.. supposed to’s.. of school/work


value meany money. value is an econ word.

values means ideals. values is a humanities world..

value is a form of measurement.. values are a form of categorization.. one is quantitative and the other is qualitative.. both relate to the goodness or importance of things..

graeber values law et al

values hard to measure/id.. this is the problem that the econ perspective of value alleviates.. money is a globally relevant langue.. this is enormously convenient

language as control/enclosure et al


when our only concept of value is financial, there’s a cognitive dissonance between how people want to live and how our metrics want us to live.. this is a dangerous misalignment.. we ‘measure’ what matters.. if we don’t measure it.. or cant’ measure it, it must not matter. and values are not something we know how to consistently measure right now.. we need a different way to see (then intro’s bentoism)

yeah.. sans money (any form of measuring/accounting)

in acknowledgements: ev williams, sunny bates, jennifer pahlka, joi ito, deray mckeesson (spelled wrong?), lawrence lessig, adam grant, ..

sinclair perpetuation law.. graeber rethink law.. et al