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Nothing would be enough to say. And anything would be too much.

Just spend your time here. Just see.

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mission from Nic’s site:

If we were to truly SEE each other from behind the folly of our own opinion, we might recognize that we are all intrinsically connected. That we each belong, without exception. And with such experience, everything might change.


MISSION : to capture The Soul of This Human Race on film. From all four corners of the world, and in all its glorious shades. So that we all might catch a glimpse of how similar we are, and sight of the experience that we belong, without exception.

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[highlights from video]

too few people hold a conversation – just because

people don’t pay attention to random – because – where’s the benefit of that

most aren’t paying attention, most aren’t lost in the person

not destroying the delight of meeting someone for the first time without any assumptions

if there’s a space that’s totally clear between the two of us..

the point is to see someone, and to see someone, you don’t want to get in the way

there’s no formula, no way to prepare.. just to got to listen to the ether

love 18 min in – we usually need something of explanation, but when experiencing presence, that explanation eludes you

what if all we were looking for was to fall in love – with everything

intangible experiences

i don’t know what’s going to be there – my job is just to give the space

you never get to anything of depth, if you’ve already worked out where you want to go, .. because then you can’t see the person, there’s no sense of wonder, and we miss out on everything, the curiosity, the wonder, all the doors that might open to us

25 min in – talking about them is no fun – it’s all up here – up in their cleverness

right now i wouldn’t put the camera on – we’re not there – there’s something in the way

so – what’s going on – there’s too much thinking going on – we’re trying to explain what i do

what’s right in front of us now – that could be interesting, but we’re trying to be clever, trying to work it out 



31 min in: from interit felt safe, warm, an acceptance, i didn’t need to be clever, it was easy – it just was what it was

it seems like nothing is happening, but the attention i’m getting from you is powerful, feels like i’m being listened to, doesn’t matter what i say, feels like a light shining into my soul, feel a resistance, yet slightly seduced by it

it feels like someone is saying to me, you don’t have to pretend, as you are, you are fine, nothing else has to happen

it’s like i can’t see anywhere i have to get to, for a while anyway

so we heal ourselves, if we’re given the space


i can see you now – i couldn’t see you before

there’s a place where i can see someone’s intellect (far more easy to sell, to take in,…) far less easy to get someone to pay attention to the different state, but it’s far richer

everyone is capable of it

there’s a whole section of this world talking about possibility, but that comes from a place that doesn’t believe it

oh. well i’m here, but this isn’t it. 

what i do most of the time – i just wonder about stuff..

you can’t get to a definitive answer – so in a constant state of – i don’t know

the ability to be there, without expectation

that timid point happens all the time but we don’t notice it, it if sit still long enough i can see it

quiet enough to hear it..public (concerning all the people) living eudaimoniously



no prep


lighter or darker


interview aug 2014:

Behind the Film ‘Intro Interview’

the thing you can’t not do

it’s not really about film, it’s about witnessing someone… beyond assumption.. this space between us is no space

what am i doing it for?… i really like doing it

i’m never going to run out of people, i’m never going to run out of the depth of which to wonder

i’ve never felt loneliness – i’m part of it no matter what

part of the beauty – that i just don’t know – and adventure of uncertainty


oct 2014:

How to See Somebody Naked | Nic Askew | TEDxHennepinAve

i can’t see those people (naked) around me

we’re all disfigured. we’re not enough. – the world supports that.

when you collide with an experience of authenticity.. and neither party is trying to move the world in their favor.. it’s almost disarming.

as soon as i go in with a question.. it’s like i’m trying to direct it.

the words needed to finish before what was meant to be said would come out..

the space between us. you think you can see someone but you actually can’t.

to give enough space – and no direction at all to where it’s going to go.

there’s no one that doesn’t want to talk like that.. to go there… given a safe space (authentic/human)

we’re all connected – no matter what.

there are no separate lives.. and we’ve never been alone.


starting to collect some favorites on this page:

some fav soul biographies


paying attention w/o the need for it to take you anywhere..

a very offensive idea – it’s ok to take a step each day w/o knowing where you’re stepping – we’re all looking for some sense of certainty. how could  i just not have a plan..

the adventure of uncertainty – the one thing that is certain – is that it’s ok that there is no certainty.. fear of loss isn’t so much 

maybe the point is to get lost in a conversation.. rather than ending it and having 5 points.. it’s like cutting out the middle man… (that we have to get a job to get money to get stuff .. so we can then get together for conversation.. like this)

where on earth are you going.. choice

if i get a thought.. i’m just going to say it.. i’m not going to work out whether it’s worth saying or not

one has to witness someone.. witness is being there and nowhere else

each of us stand seemingly alone…as we cry out for evidence that we belong… there are no separate lives and we’ve never been alone.. (one same heartbeatwhole poem)

if you don’t believe you’re enough – you’re going to be afraid of everything..

you’re translating everything to have meaning… that might not have meaning..

everyone has this longing to do that.. to just drop everything.. 

47 min – on just following the day

revolution of everyday life.. ness

this is useful.. this is the point..

if i could just chisel out enough time and get rid of enough guilt.. to take some unknown steps

50 min – on curiosity – not question as a verb.. but as a way of being

56 min – something is going on underneath that.. and it’s nothing to do with the words

i can’t be bothered with explanations .. that can get in the way.. of what’s underneath

1:00 – i don’t quite know why… but i feel drawn to this

the luxury – to do stuff you feel drawn to

1:06 – if you can’t articulate – you hang out.. the communication is subtle and deep.. and people can spot it when they hang out with you

interview – april 22

1:10 – i’m really into paying attention to people.. i can see people.. and can’t explain it.. but i can capture it on film

1:15 – the way we see – everything outside is exactly the same (bob chadwick) – getting to that place with a person

i know you ness


This is likely my last contribution on social media and elsewhere for a while. Perhaps a long while. And this is why

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experimental convo with Chris


nov 1 2015

surrender. there is no plan.

pay attention to that.

irrelvant quote vinay

whimsy matters. a nother way. for all of us.

embed\ing in still. enough.


recovering from schizophrenia –

the most important thing.. has been able to talk to someone

Jean-Paul Mari

that people were listening w/o judgment.. didn’t try to tell me it was wrong/untrue… just offered help by being there w/o having to correct me

full time work..?


nov 2015  – tedx

sitting still long enough to let someone tell what their soul is trying to speak.. you can keep quiet.. but that’s not really witnessing.. there’s this space… in between.. and there’s no need for anything… almost like a state of almost not being there… when that happens.. everything changes… there’s just space… almost the antithesis of media today… hard to watch and then not hard to watch.. then it’s intoxicating…

if i research someone.. then i might have an opinion

i had to pay attention to what she was saying.. beyond the words..

it does happen everywhere if you let it..


praying for home.. home is where peace can come from.. a nic askew film.. of Carrie Tree @carrietree singing..

and they call me a migrant. And they call me a thief. And they call me a beggar man. An asylum seeker. And I was once a teacher. I was once a family man. I was once a dreamer. A community leader.

I’ve seen friends and family all scattered and broken. And we don’t know why the cruelty keeps raging. And I’m seeking your kindness. I’m longing for safety and I’m praying for home.’

CARRIE TREE came unsuspectingly to a Soul Biographies RETREAT. Sometime after being stripped bare by the camera she shared this song, penned after time spent in the Migrant Camp at Calais known as the Jungle.


Laura Van Riper


souls of america tour


You belong without condition. This is at the heart of the #SoulOfAmerica filming process

people want to just feel like they’re home. that there’s no one the have to be. and no where else they have to be.

we belong. there was no condition to that.. ever

maté basic needs


from aug 13 2018 monday letter: set down your need to know and notice what there is to notice. It may just improve your eyesight.