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adding page while reading David Graeber‘s bs jobs.. p 188 on grants in particular:


as a result, over the course of the 18th and 19th centuries, starting in england, the old episodic style of working came increasingly to be viewed as a social problem.. the middle classes came to see the poor as poor largely because they lacked time discipline,..t..  they spent their time recklessly, just as they gambled away their money

it’s impossible to understand the spiritual violence of modern work w out understanding this history


any victim of the system who has ever asked herself, ‘how can such people live w themselves” might take some comfort in the fact that, in many cases, they can’t..t

so ultimately.. meena explains, her role was to threaten to make formerly homeless people homeless again, ‘all so that one dept could claim a cash transfer from another’..t


in other words, the feudal analogy is not even really an analogy. managerialism has become the pretext for creating a new covert form of feudalism,..t..  where wealth and position are allocated not on economic but political grounds – or rather, where every day it’s more difficult to tell the diff between what can be considered ‘economic’ and what is ‘political’


everywhere, managerial feudalism ensure that thousands of hours of creative effort will literally come to nothing.. ie: if a grant agency funds only 10% of all applications, that means that 90% of the work that went into preparing applications was (just as) pointless .. this is an extraordinary squandering of human creative energy..


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just to give a sense of the scale of the problem: one recent study determined that european unis spend roughly 1.4 bn euros a year on failed grant applications..

scientists.. have to spend so much of their time vying w one another to convince potential donors they already know what they are going to discover..t

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we now have a world of funding proposals, strategic vision documents, and development team pitches.. allowing for the endless elaboration of new and ever more pointless levels of managerial hierarchy,..t.. staffed by men and women w elaborate titles, fluent in corporate jargon.. but who either have no firsthand experience of what it’s like to actually do the work they are supposed to be managing or who have done everything in their power to forget it


graeber min/max law

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