cross generational expertise

today i m curious

what if the only labels that mattered – were our daily curiosities.
what if all the other labels are what’s keeping us from us. keeping us in our silos/prejudices.

what if we keep missing it/us because we’re not mixing us up enough, not letting us blend enough..

we keep missing the dance of community because we keep leaving off the foot/head (age/color/etc) of the body… the one – us.

i don’t think couples are the future, you need more than that, you need back up…  

about a boy

it’s not that different types of people (age/color/etc) don’t get along.. we’ve just never let them freely/openly connect per curiosity. it’s always been a duty – ie: to take care of each other, get some community service hours, et al..

expert in the room et al


in the city – where there is a gathering of eclectic people

as the dayretire\ment ness from work/busyness/money to life