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The Dakota Access Pipeline protests, also known under hashtags like NoDAPL, are a grassroots movement that began in the spring of 2016 in reaction to the proposed construction of Energy Transfer Partners’ Dakota Access Pipeline. The proposed pipeline would run from the Bakken oil fields in western North Dakota to southern Illinois, crossing beneath the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, as well as part of Lake Oahe near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

After a limited review of the route, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a finding of no significant impact; it conducted an environmental assessment of river crossings and portions of the project related to specific permits, rather than an area-wide full environmental impact statement to assess the entire effects of the overall project through the four states.

Citing potential effects on and lack of consultation with the Native American tribes, most notably theStanding Rock Sioux,

standing rock

in March and April 2016 the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Interior, and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation asked the Army Corps of Engineers to conduct a formal Environmental Impact Assessment and issue an Environmental Impact Statement. In July, however, the Army Corps of Engineers approved the water crossing permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline under a “fast track” option, and construction of the disputed section of pipeline continued. Saying, “the Corps effectively wrote off the tribe’s concerns and ignored the pipeline’s impacts to sacred sites and culturally important landscapes,” the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe then filed a lawsuit against the Army Corps of Engineers accusing the agency of violating the National Historic Preservation Act and other laws.

In April, a Standing Rock Sioux elder established a camp as a center for cultural preservation and spiritual resistance to the pipeline and over the summer the camp grew to thousands of people. In JulyReZpect Our Water, a group of Native American youth, ran from Standing Rock in North Dakota to Washington, DC to raise awareness of what they perceive to be a threat to their people’s drinking water and that of everyone who relies on the Missouri and Mississippi rivers for drinking water and irrigation. The young people attempted to deliver more than 100,000 petition signatures to President Obama asking him to stop the pipeline, but they were not received at the White House.

While the protests have drawn international attention and have been said to be “reshaping the national conversation for any environmental project that would cross the Native American land”, there was limited mainstream media coverage of the events in the United States until recently. 

In September, construction workers bulldozed a section of land which tribal historic preservation officers had just documented as a historic, sacred site and when protesters entered the area security workers used attack dogs which bit at least five of the protesters. The incident was filmed and viewed by several million people on YouTube In October, it was widely reported when armed soldiers and police in riot gear removed the protesters from an encampment that had recently been established in the direct path of the proposed pipeline.


Harsha Walia (@HarshaWalia) tweeted at 2:17 PM – 27 Oct 2016 :

my sisters at #noDAPL. Sacheen: “500 years of colonization still marching forward and removing #Indigenous bodies from Indigenous lands.” https://t.co/8acN9wVYOw (http://twitter.com/HarshaWalia/status/791735501053132801?s=17)

(((Debbie))) (@MissShuganah) tweeted at 7:54 AM – 28 Oct 2016 :

Not only that but it’s time we stopped taking from Native Americans. #NoDAPL https://t.co/TRdUdkxUN7(http://twitter.com/MissShuganah/status/792001593939857408?s=17)


standing rock


Jacelyn Charger


Amy Goodman

Amy facing prison for reporting on dakota pipeline should scare all of us



BREAKING: North Dakota judge REJECTS “riot” charges against Democracy Now!reporter Amy Goodman

live https://www.facebook.com/democracynow/videos/10154580691423279/

the state’s attorney was attempting to stop journalism..

the public’s right to know is sacred.

beginning to understand where people come from.. that’s the beginning of peace


NY Mag: Amy on Why North Dakota Pipeline Standoff Is Only Getting Worse


The police involved in the situation are militarized. They’re out there in MRAPs. The people are afraid that the police are meeting them with a degree of force that could lead to something very terrible. Remember when the Chelsea bombing happened and we all got emergency text alerts? That’s happening in North Dakota now. People are getting texts telling them that there are protesters in the area — it’s an attempt to criminalize and vilify these people, and turn the local non-native population against them. So the best I can say here is that, moving forward, there needs to be continued public pressure against the pipeline. The media needs to do much, much better with that.




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Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) tweeted at 6:56 AM – 21 Nov 2016 :

Dear @POTUS blasting people with water in freezing cold weather is a use of lethal force. Stop this madness! Stand up for the native youth. https://t.co/faOHwTL4Vp (http://twitter.com/MarkRuffalo/status/800699350951202816?s=17)


Sophia Wilansky


Help our sister if you can, she sustained severe injuries last night at Standing Rock and to has had to have her arm amputated because of the impact of a pressure grenade She was airlifted to Minnieapolis Medical Facility and is undergoing many hours of surgery. PRAYS OUT TO HER AND ALL OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHO ARE PUTTING THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE FOR ALL OUR FUTURES!#nodapl


Salon (@Salon) tweeted at 4:35 AM – 23 Nov 2016 :

How the Dakota Access Pipeline plans went all wrong https://t.co/QTvUq6XwMj (http://twitter.com/Salon/status/801388593189191680?s=17)


via Kosta on fb:

The incredible global group Geeks Without Bounds has been bringing Internet as a human right to Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

Read about the intricacies of remote wi-fi mesh networks at http://gwob.org/internet-at-standing-rock/, and chip in to support their work with Digital Smoke Signals power free and open communications for the water protectors at https://www.gofundme.com/waterissacred


Collin Rees (@collinrees) tweeted at 3:35 PM – 22 Nov 2016 :

300 injured at #StandingRock: “He just smiled & shot both my kneecaps.” Atrocities inflicted on #NoDAPL protectors: https://t.co/cmqmYU0YGW https://t.co/kmQz9XxFLs (http://twitter.com/collinrees/status/801192489541472256?s=17)


sophia’s father



jeremy scahill (@jeremyscahill) tweeted at 8:05 PM on Thu, Nov 24, 2016:
US Air Force vet @cianMW, who worked on drone/assassination program, speaks from the front lines at #standingrock protests against pipeline https://t.co/AEuYLehJGb



2,000 Veterans To Form ‘Human Shields’ To Protect #StandingRock Protesters huffingtonpost.com/entry/veterans… #NoDAPL


share on fb by xiu (vets stand guard protect nodapl protesters):


and i read it right after i had read this (vet dies w maggots in wound):



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Obama administration halts construction of Dakota Access Pipeline huffingtonpost.com/entry/obama-da… # via @HuffPostPol



The #NoDAPL Fight Is Not Over #StandWithStandingRockyoutube.com/watch?v=5x1Dvt…

all of this is intertwined

so let’s go deep enough..


jan 24 2017


indigenous people need to re civilize the entire planet – Chase IronEyes

holmgren indigenous law


WE NEED EVERYONE TO WATCH AND SHARE THIS VIDEO. This music video shows the corruption of government power… https://t.co/L57ShIs3Zp

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/earthguardianz/status/824311837848141825

part of me is just like you


“Our worldview, our cosmology, our mythology creates a sacred relationship with water” – @ChaseIronEyes https://t.co/xH4KCtQi2k

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/lakotalaw/status/829886886717988864



Texas Pipeline Spills 600,000 Gallons of Oil One Week Before DAPL Is Approved! #keepitintheground #nodapl fb.me/7s6VMoPIa


veterans back to standing rock – feb 2017



via Alnoor Ladha.. on nodapl at standing rock

Angry Progressive (@WhiskersCrowley) tweeted at 6:36 PM – 16 Mar 2017 :

Memory, Fire and Hope: Five Lessons from #StandingRock by @alnoorladha
https://t.co/QuHKLTjgZy via @TheRulesOrg #NoDAPL https://t.co/X9p7hU3LTc (http://twitter.com/WhiskersCrowley/status/842535068665102336?s=17)

the forced closure of the encampment is simply the latest chapter in a violent, 500-year-old history of colonization against the First Nations. It is also the latest chapter in the battle between an extractive capitalist model and the possibility of a post-capitalist world.

1. There is a global convergence of movements – Over 300 North American tribes had came together for the first time in history. Standing alongside them were over 100 Indigenous communities from all over the globe. A contingent from the Sami people, the Indigenous peoples of Scandinavia, had traversed the Atlantic to show their support the day I arrived. They were joined by black bloc anarchists, New Age spiritualists, traditional environmentalists, union organizers and ordinary Americans who have never attended a protest……various movements from around the world including the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, the Pink Tide in Latin America, the landless people’s movement from India, the anti-austerity movement in Europe, the global Occupy movement, and the countless awakenings” spreading across the African continent are uniting as expressions of the same impulse: a belief that the neoliberal capitalist system has failed the majority of humanity and a new world is emerging.

2. A more holistic activism is emerging – ..Charles Eisenstein ..we will receive an invitation to .. ‘the deplorables.’ ..Pancho Ramos-Stierle : ‘Brother, your soul is too beautiful to be doing this work.’..stare hate in the face …hold a compelling invitation to the haters to fulfill their beauty.”


3. Occupation of space is a critical tactic – ..a physical spectacle that forces the corporate media to tell the stories it would otherwise like to ignore. It creates networks of solidarity and deep relationships that span beyond the time and space of the occupation..

4. We are Nature protecting itself – ..Although Indigenous peoples represent about 4% of the world’s population they live on and protect 22% of the Earth’s surface. Critically, the land inhabited by Indigenous peoples holds the remaining 80% of the planet’s biodiversity…During COP 21 in Paris, Indigenous youth groups carried banners that read: “We are Nature protecting itself.”

holmgren indigenous law

5. There is a common antagonist – ..the deadly logic of late-stage capitalism…a cannibalistic global economy that requires perpetual extraction, violence, oppression, in the service of GDP growth, which in turn, benefits a tiny elite at the expense of the world’s majority….a Algonquin word, wetiko, that refers to a cannibalistic spirit that consumes the heart of man..We are not just fighting a pipeline; we are fighting the wetiko spirit that has taken hold of our planet like invisible architecture


Wetikois inherently anti-life. And what we are all fighting for is a new system that recognizes our interdependence with the Earth and with each other, and that allows our highest selves to flourish.

a nother way


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Betsy Reed (@betsyreed2) tweeted at 6:15 AM – 27 May 2017 :

Stunning leak:: Standing Rock activists targeted by Blackwater-style firm TigerSwan, working with police agencies: https://t.co/y4duCAdS0e (http://twitter.com/betsyreed2/status/868440493109239808?s=17)


Salon (@Salon) tweeted at 4:02 AM – 3 Jun 2017 :

Paramilitary security tracked and targeted #noDAPL activists as “jihadists,” docs show https://t.co/ew7VHFQuIR (http://twitter.com/Salon/status/870943660099215364?s=17)


from Xiuhtezcatl’s we rise:


they had laid the groundwork for the movement of our lifetimes…standing rock was not just about one pipeline.. it symbolized a struggle for justice of all kinds.. racial/econ/treaty/gender/climate.. .. standing rock made it impossible to ignore the historic and present oppression of indigenous people.. 

standing rock

the treaties signed by the us govt, which gave indigenous nations sovereign rights and territory have been almost completely ignored by our court system. fed judges have ruled that treaty law does not apply to oil and gas pipelines because colonizers created the court system.. they stacked the deck against indigenous people and loaded their bank accounts..as they continue to exploit sovereign territory for corp profit…. as can see w/ dapl and kxl .. the fossil fuel industry is an existing expression of colonization.. our society has been corrupted by mindset greed.. which teaches us to continually take w/o ever giving back.. we’ve forgotten that we are all indigenous to this earth, and our home is sacred beyond measure..