vandana shiva

vandana shiva

first intro’d to Vandana via schooling the world.


Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2013: Growth = Poverty

On GDP: “How have we reached the place where we can sacrifice our world and knowledge for a flawed abstraction?

14 min – what gdp doesn’t allow for…. (great stretch of words – positive)

15 min – gdp measure everything except that which makes life worthwhile

15:20 – (stretch of words – negative)

20 min – only way farmers can get seed is through debt (monsanto)… and debt is causing suicide

29 min – growth meant money – for war

31 min – perpetual growth models built into the failure of the technology

32 min – 15 mill farmers have been pushed out of farming –

33 min – so what should we be doing? growing small farms – protect biodiversity – we can feed 2 india’s by conserving via biodiversity. the more we leave for other species – the more they leave us

39 – earth democracy

41 min – india has the highest concentration in the world of billionaires

44 min – you actually have more people saying no to growth – but it’s never counted – because gdp shuts out other ways and other discourses… it’s a silencing mechanism of a very heavy kind

46 min – undernutrition from overconsumption  – disease is counted in the growth side of gdp

50  min – we need to treat corporations as legal entity without personhood; if investor rights start to happen – there won’t be a society

53 min –  i don’t think we can work in silos anymore – we will not be able to make any difference if we don’t see the interconnections – seeing the interconnections is the challenge now

56 min – if one thing is to get out of the silos – the second is to get out of the linearity – there’s pluralism everywhere – the gdp makes us forget that pluralistic potential – where there’s hope and possibilities

56 min – food has to be the place where everyone can start making a change.. look for the real value – we should all become seed savers.. start a garden if you can –

seed freedom

i am a seed


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Vandana Shiva (Hindi: वंदना शिवा: born 5 November 1952) is an Indian environmental activist and anti-globalization author. Shiva, currently based in Delhi, has authored more than 20 books. She was trained as a physicist and received her PhD in the philosophy of science from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, in 1978 with the doctoral dissertation “Hidden variables and locality in quantum theory.”

She is one of the leaders and board members of the International Forum on Globalization, (along with Jerry Mander, Edward Goldsmith, Ralph Nader, Jeremy Rifkin, et al.), and a figure of the global solidarity movement known as the alter-globalization movement. She has argued for the wisdom of many traditional practices, as is evident from her interview in the book Vedic Ecology (by Ranchor Prime) that draws upon India’s Vedicheritage. She is a member of the scientific committee of the Fundacion IDEAS, Spain’s Socialist Party’s think tank. She is also a member of the International Organization for a Participatory Society. She received theRight Livelihood Award in 1993, and numerous other prizes.


money ness



Indian smallholder farmers are under assault from many quarters. GMO seeds, chemical companies, for-profit micro-lending


World Food Prize 2013 – Vandana Shiva and Frances Moore Lappé condemn selection of winner

40% more food per person than when I wrote diet for a small planet in 2002..

the honories of the world food prize – are contributing to the problem


sept 2015 – (posted by Xiuhtezcatl on fb) san fran for soil not oil conf/march.. w/ Vandana:

Having such an amazing experience at the Soil not Oil conference in San Francisco. I am learning a lot and our EG crew is offering a lot to the older generation on the front lines of the movement! Discovering new ways together to really make this an intergenerational movement and make these movements move and cross over into main stream. Pic is with one of my most favorite hero’s and friends Vandana Shiva and Miguel Robel’s friend and the organizer of this amazing event. We are doing a big march in San Fran tomorrow!

xiu with shiva

xiu and vandana


farmer suicides

Dr. Vandana Shiva (@drvandanashiva) tweeted at 5:55 AM – 16 Dec 2017 :

We are not producing food more cheaply.High Costs of production #farmersdebt #suicides Billions in subsidies .Trillions in externalities (


Strong words from Vandana Shiva. Wish the video wasn’t stuck in the Facebook ecosystem…

Original Tweet:

the knowledge of how to live in nature.. how to care.. how to share..

working w our hands is not a degradation.. it’s our real humanity


Dr. Vandana Shiva (@drvandanashiva) tweeted at 4:29 AM – 22 Aug 2018 :
At the #organicexpo I reiterated @NavdanyaBija commitment to create #JaivikBharat2027 #india@100 free of #poisons #FarmersSuicides #hunger (

“All we have for survival, in my view, is 5 years- 5 years to transition to sustainable agriculture.”

begs systemic change.. a means/mech to leap.. for (blank)’s sake..  a nother way


Dr. Vandana Shiva (@drvandanashiva) tweeted at 5:58 AM – 26 Nov 2018 :
The #Earth is home for all species & future generations.The rich trying to escape from the earth after they have destroyed her ecological systems is irresponsible .We have a #dutytocare for the earth,to heal her broken cycles. (

False narratives on feeding the world have been the misleading sign posts that have brought us to the precipice.

First they said chemicals will feed us.Then they said GMOs will feed us.

The people and planet were left poisoned. Now we are being told ‘Big Data’ will feed us.