by Nahko, Shailene & Xiuhtezcatl

is it just me.. or is it this city

grammatis broken law

lights have been swallowing me..

suffocating from the day

who would believe this beautiful mess.. could break free

a nother way..

don’t let the concrete tame what was once wild

black wildness law

i run wild no borders and no fences


i don’t want to wait till i get older

let’s not wait.. on hold is killing us

sorting thru the trauma

maté trauma law

forced to fit into this boxes.. to be perfect in a world of imperfection

supposed tos

when test scores seem to mean more than feeling alive or finding out what you breathe for

thurman alive law

all that i’ve done is not enough there’s too damn much i can’t control.. and i can’t let go

indeed.. begs a nother way 7 bn can leap to.. by letting go

and this is deeper than words..

beyond words

deeper than depression of the kids in the burbs

depression et al

the pain of being alive

hari present in society law

prescribed by a dr but these pills don’t work

josh ovalle.. crazywise.. et al

scars on wrist.. writing suicide notes.. this is your life to live not your life to take


the reason we hurt/die.. humanity has yet to figure out how to speak, to ask why

judgement assumption apathy..  were impossible to name.. they didn’t exist until we allowed ourselves to stray.. so far from truths story until we became the afraid

undisturbed ecosystem

afraid no more we will rise to unite.. it’ll mean you’ll have dug to the roots of the hurt.. too humanize the pain that we must intentionally uncover

roots of healing.. let’s make sure we go deep enough

and you’ll have returned to the surface.. this tree growing strong.. a new siren in your heart.. humanity will say thank you

as it could be



Earth Guardians (@earthguardianz) tweeted at 5:48 AM – 11 May 2018 :

Thank you Nahko and Shailene Woodley for collaborating on this anthem for our generation!

I pray this song reaches everybody walking on this Earth

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“Young” ft. @NahkoBear and @shailenewoodley is now available in all platforms 

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