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Future of Wealth speaker @ChaseIronEyes: #Tech allows for real-time documentation of struggles for liberation:

Chase has dedicated himself to ending the marginalization of his brothers and sisters


Technology and the digital age isn’t increasing our liberating spirit – it is merely allowing us to document its evolution, in real time. 

let’s change that.. there’s a nother way.. via a mech simple enough.. (eagle and condor ness).. as means to listen to all the voices/increase our liberating spirit.. ie: hlb that io dance..

What is the revolution? What are we protesting? To protest, by definition, is to admit that a certain state of affairs is our reality – and, possibly, that this social-political-economic-legal reality possesses any moral authority, but we know it does not. We are organizing, impacting on levels heretofore completely unknown and impossible. Yet, who owns the fiber? Who owns the spectrum, the signals? Who defines the free speech zone, the confines of which dictate the contours of your “right” to protest? This is a double-edged sword. Our increased protesting increases our surveillance. It’s all there, at our own doing.

Will we use technology for good or bad, dark or light, to “protest” or to create new, just realities?

Nature is our true media.

eagle and condor time

Let us take our place and tell the world. We are human beings. We seek a liberation: Spiritual, Material, Economic, Political.

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

indigenous peoples


holmgren indigenous law

hunter gatherer

schooling the world

change the dream (doc) – eagle and condor

new story humanity (doc)

standing rocknodapl


jan 2017 – via truthdig

1 min – a machine.. corp state.. however you want to name that.. that set of institutions that is reflected/manifested in.. too-big-to-fail/finance/currency/debt…

it’s a huge place.. we’re talking about an abstraction of people’s spirit from their mind.. we’re talking about a colonization that has happened already in a long period of time..

schooling the world ness

when we think about colonization.. you think about white people colonizing brown/black people.. and that’s a very real thing.. but the colonization we’re talking about is the one where you really are separated from our spiritual selves.. our spiritual being..

and the whole world.. is in that state..

2 min – that’s what i think lends itself to this nihilistic attitude

part of decolonizing is teaching our own language.. because the language comes from the land.. it’s a blueprint to civilizations that have existed in this hemisphere 10s o1000s of years..

perhaps we go for idio jargon ness.. all the voices.. because schools/blueprints/civilizations.. any kind of public consensus.. always oppresses someone.. ie: owen.. crazywise.. et al

what’s going on out there at standing rock.. is ongoing.. about 600 arrests have happened..

3 min – that fight.. the unarmed revolution is extremely important.. because a corporate state inflicts violence around the world.. we are an empire and we have to come face to face with what that means.. it means that we have to inflict violence on others.. have to convert their resources to our benefit.. for whatever those reasons are

david graeber ness..

schooling the world ness

4 min – and so.. that corporate state.. that set of institutions.. knows exactly how to deal with war.. they’re the profiteers of war.. they love war.. they know how to deal with violence.. they know how to deal with people who are unlawful and who seek out violence to assert their concerns

what they don’t know how to deal with.. is intelligent people.. who know the power of peace..

have to be really careful.. because.. i believe in an unarmed non violent revolution .. but i don’t believe we need to be passive.. because the power of peace is just not passive.. it means that we can’t back down.. that we have to stand in our own spiritual dignity.. and not let anything.. any institution/nation/people oppress us..i think everybody has that intrinsic value..


16 min – crazy stuff they’re doing in order to justify arrest


apr 2017 – live update

almost 800 facing criminal charges.. 40-50 facing felony charges

3 min – we have to take the global awakening that happened.. possibly for the first time in recorded history.. we don’t know

6 min – we’re seeking this liberation..


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Liberty Flows from the FrontLines. To those asking how to help, support my legal/nonprofit fund

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Chase Iron Eyes is an American Indian activist, attorney, politician, and a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. He is a member of the Lakota People’s Law Project and a co-founder of the Native American news website Last Real Indians. In April 2016 he announced his candidacy for the United States House of Representatives for North Dakota’s at-large congressional district. He was unsuccessful.

Iron Eyes was raised on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

standing rocknodapl

Iron Eyes graduated from the University of North Dakota with a bachelor’s degree in political science and American Indian studies. In 2007, he graduated from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, with a Juris Doctor in law (with an emphasis in Federal Indian law). Iron Eyes was also the president of the Native American Law Student Association during his academic career in law school. Iron Eyes is licensed to practice law within the state of South Dakotaas well as in the federal courts of both North Dakota and South Dakota in addition to several tribal court systems.

In July 2012, Iron Eyes filed a civil suit in federal court on behalf of Vern Traversie, a blind 69-year-old Lakota man, against a South Dakota hospital. The lawsuit alleged a violation of Traversie’s civil rights, citing scars that Traversie said were from doctors carving the initials of the Ku Klux Klan into his abdomen during heart surgery.

holy what..?

Iron Eyes has used his career as an attorney to advocate for Native American civil rights. He has actively engaged in the protection of sacred sites. He was instrumental in raising awareness of Pe’ Sla, a high mountain prairie situated within the heart of the Black Hills, located north of Deerfield Lake and west of Black Elk Peak, a sacred site related to the Lakota Creation beliefs where annual ceremonies, village gatherings, and the area where renowned Lakota visionary Black Elk sought his vision. Another of the sacred sites Iron Eyes has drawn attention to is Bear Butte.

He is also a member of the Bush Foundation’s Native Nation Rebuilders program, which is a leadership development program designed to promote the development of innovative tribal governance practices and how these ideas can be suitably implemented within the American Indian nations covered by the program in order to effect positive change. He has continued to voice opposition against the drilling of oil wells within the area.

Iron Eyes has served as a staff attorney for the Lakota People’s Law Project, an initiative founded in 2005 to end the unlawful removal of Lakota children from their families to be placed in foster care outside their communities.

In 2016, Iron Eyes announced his candidacy as a member of the Democratic Party for the election to represent North Dakota’s at-large congressional district in the United States House of Representatives. Speaking to Prairie Public Radio in April, he said, “I’m running for Congress out of necessity […] I see that our government is broken, and I feel responsible to do my part to try and fix this on behalf of North Dakota”, as reported by Indian Country Today Media Network.


Chase Iron Eyes (@ChaseIronEyes) tweeted at 3:22 PM on Fri, Apr 21, 2017:
My 8 yr old daughter saw heavy equip at DAPL construction site. I told her it’s done( oil will flow…she cried, shit is hard. We lost this1

there’s a nother way we can do this..


talk at georgetown law school on justice

how old doctrines.. ie: christopher columbus landing here.. doing rituals.. even though we’d been here long time.. following suit with doctrine of discovery…important to start convo here..  how fed/criminal law interface with native nations.. with original sovereigns of this hemisphere.. 

the doctrine of discovery came about .. 1452 – declaration of war on all non christians.. by your very nature.. declared incapable of asserting/possessing sovereign attributes..

in 1493 after columbus landed.. pope crafted the scholarship of that time… the original nations sometimes refer to these as legal fictions.. but upheld by military…

native americans have original prior rights .. native nations granted recognition to the u.s… it wasn’t the other way around.. we’re taught that us gave us these indian reservations..

relative to why native americans/nations find themselves in situations.. in contact with criminal justice system and so forth

cases: marshall trilogy – ie: idea that native nations are considered domestic dependent nations.. oxymoronic.. no such thing as a domestic dependent nation…

ie: we can levy a tax on reservation.. but goes straight to us govt.. usurpations of authority…

doesn’t stop just at taxation.. goes to the commons.. ie: who can fish on native lands.. via govt.. take away authority that was prior held by that native nation.. 

ie: standing rock.. somebody can buy the right to hunt elk on fee land.. us claiming superior authority to determine who can buy.. et al..

on reservations .. because of fed policies.. a lot of us think of them as separate.. distinct.. but 1/2 owned by non residents.. because own that title.. the patent to it issued by us.. tribal nation loses all criminal.. and some civil authorities..  ie: taxation.. hunting/fishing.. trade..  us asserting dominion over..

native nations do not possess authority to enforce law and order..

i can’t fit the whole scope of this inside 12 min

because native nations can’t enforce law and order.. it de legitimizes authority.. on the reservation.. yet with poverty created.. dependency is imposed.. contacts w criminal justice has increased.. and they have stayed high..

1883 – criminalized indian personhood.. counter to who we were as original people..

what are indian offenses.. ie: engaging in practice of .. naming.. sundance..

in essence.. the us outlawed our religion.. ability to go to church.. they criminalized the indian person..

there began original contact with criminal justice system.. criminalized for who we were/are..

native people most likely to be shot by police.. even more so than blm… these are systemic problems.. with admin of justice in our country

begs for a nother way.. for all of us

because of these environments.. we need to find solutions.. personally.. recently i’ve been charged with inciting a riot.. criminalizing dissent.. ie: standing up for clean water.. a healthy ecosystem

when we talk about the true sources of our national security.. ie: water.. we all have a stake…

right now law and order serves and protects capital..

the logic/institutions of capital.. and it protects private property..

now.. corporations having rights/protections of people…

what we’re witnessing in our homeland.. the potential.. further encroachment on our natural/human/constitutional rights.. be willing to stand/engage in civil resistance to protect..


on sm -2017 Future of Wealth Summit: Day 3 – Chase esp first minute.. and then 19-23 min

1 min – return human beings to their spiritual nature..


Chase Iron Eyes (@ChaseIronEyes) tweeted at 9:50 AM on Mon, May 22, 2017:
Dream yourself Woke.

a nother way.. as the day