mental health

mental health

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mental illness

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Lets Talk About Mental Health

mental illness is a thing.. 1 in 4 people…

there’s a social stigma attached to mental health.. from what i’ve seen.. more people have a harder time dealing with the stigma than the mental illness..

depression – what we’re not doing is talking about it..

as humans we hate being out of control… so we sweep it under the rug..

quotes Kevin – brain as organ of the body..

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feb 2015

what we’re not being told about suicide and depression:

For nearly two decades, Big Pharma commercials have falsely told Americans that mental illness is associated with a chemical brain imbalance, but the truth is that mental illness and suicidality are associated with poverty, unemployment, and mass incarceration. 


These lengthy results, for example, include extensive evidence that involvement in the criminal justice system (such as being on parole or probation) is highly correlated with suicidality, depression, and serious mental illness. Yet Americans are not told that preventing unnecessary involvement with the criminal justice system—for example, marijuana legalization and drug use decriminalization—could well prove to be a more powerful antidote to suicidality, depression, and serious mental illness than medical treatment.

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Anxiety and Depression. My Story, My Finest Hour.

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jan 2016 – on misinterpreting anxiety

Remarkably, the scientists found that a large portion of people with social anxiety disorder are gifted empaths— people whose right-brains are operating significantly above normal levels and are able to perceive the physical sensitivities, spiritual urges, motivations, and intentions of other people around them (see Dr Jill Bolte. Taylor’s TED Talk


oct 2016 – anxiety is an invalid excuse by Kelly Wynne


Gabor Maté – maté basic needs law of human nature – crazywise – healing (roots of)

hari rat park law via a nother way


Peter Gray on being free to learn

gray play deprived law




Kevin Breel




mental health

mental illness




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from Nic – beyond the dark – how to help bear the load – non-judgment very important


Mary Lou share.. on mental health/illness

We have to find a way to do better. watch this and be haunted by it.


ship ables.


Equal Justice Initiative (@eji_org) tweeted at 6:17 AM – 17 Mar 2019 :
On this day in 1851, Dr. Samuel Cartwright reported on the discovery of “Drapetomania” – a “curable mental disease” causing enslaved people to have an urge to flee bondage and seek freedom. (

Equal Justice Initiative (@eji_org) tweeted at 6:17 AM – 17 Mar 2019 :
Dr. Cartwright claimed that Drapetomania was caused by masters who treated enslaved people as their equals, and prescribed “treatments” such as severe whipping and amputation of the toes. (

Equal Justice Initiative (@eji_org) tweeted at 6:17 AM – 17 Mar 2019 :
To overcome racial inequality, we must confront our history. Share this #racialinjustice


crazywise (doc) – (Gabor MatéWill Hall, Phil Borges et al)


higashida autism law


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