koji hosokawa

interviewed by Amy Goodman (linked to image above).

at 54:50 min:

i hate war, rather than people.

war makes everyone crazy.

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please tell the people that people used to live here.

war makes us crazy.


dirty wars

war on kids

war on drugs



the boy and the war

noor peace law


Micah Zenko (@MicahZenko) tweeted at 1:26 PM – 5 Jan 2017 :

Every US bomb dropped in 2016: https://t.co/aDIKZLFEcJ https://t.co/DuLYrx1doz (http://twitter.com/MicahZenko/status/817104975763570688?s=17)

Lauri Love (@LauriLoveX) tweeted at 3:21 PM – 5 Jan 2017 :

@MicahZenko @democratise_lab sadly, this evidently doesn’t count the US bombs sold to other countries and then dropped on other countries… (http://twitter.com/LauriLoveX/status/817133885960179713?s=17)

Liberty Peace Love (@LuvLibertyPeace) tweeted at 1:29 PM – 5 Jan 2017 :

@MicahZenko @MicahZenko You forgot #Waziristan – there are more drone bombings there than anywhere!! (http://twitter.com/LuvLibertyPeace/status/817105808576184320?s=17)


Christine Petré (@christinepetre) tweeted at 3:49 PM – 29 May 2017 :

Since 18 May, 2,845 migrants have been rescued at sea in eleven different incidents off western #libya https://t.co/95t28XcHVB (http://twitter.com/christinepetre/status/869309805097361408?s=17)

Jodi Picoult (@jodipicoult) tweeted at 5:33 AM – 29 May 2017 :

Once again, @TeenVogue is doing some of the most honest reporting these days. Why aren’t we talking about this? https://t.co/ZDBB4hGzo0 (http://twitter.com/jodipicoult/status/869154605837504512?s=17)

Joseph Willits (@josephwillits) tweeted at 4:36 AM – 30 May 2017 :

So depraved. ISIS bomb Baghdad ice cream shop. Men, women, children killed as they enjoy ice cream during #Ramadan https://t.co/i4VUpMiHfM (http://twitter.com/josephwillits/status/869502780842684418?s=17)

Anup Kaphle (@AnupKaphle) tweeted at 2:56 AM – 31 May 2017 :

Harrowing images coming from Kabul, where at least 80 people have been killed by a truck bomb https://t.co/x8uHWLojnL https://t.co/GsOG7WZn11 (http://twitter.com/AnupKaphle/status/869839931266478086?s=17)


CJ Werleman (@cjwerleman) tweeted at 7:28 PM – 20 Feb 2017 :

U.S. sells white phosphorus bombs to Saudi Arabia, who, in turn, use them on Yemeni children. Here’s your tax dollars at work, America. https://t.co/lB3hEmMhgQ (http://twitter.com/cjwerleman/status/833866024416006144?s=17)


Daniel Wickham (@DanielWickham93) tweeted at 4:14 AM – 15 Jun 2017 :

A 50-year occupation: Israel’s six-day war started with a lie https://t.co/0s7lSxia1S by @mehdirhasan (http://twitter.com/DanielWickham93/status/875295474340823040?s=17)


Anti-Media (@AntiMedia) tweeted at 5:25 PM – 15 Jun 2017 :

The war is not meant to be won – it is meant to be continuous. https://t.co/QMYFKaZ07X(http://twitter.com/AntiMedia/status/875494391707836417?s=17)

Gavin Date (@GavinDate) tweeted at 7:44 PM – 15 Jun 2017 :

@AntiMedia Continuous war against manufactured enemies for the profit of the weapons industry who own most of the politicians. (http://twitter.com/GavinDate/status/875529365550882816?s=17)


Global Voices (@globalvoices) tweeted at 4:42 AM – 27 Jun 2017 :

Mexico’s Drug War Makes Everyone a Target https://t.co/IQkx6O8IWT “Once journalists are murdered, the investigation stops” https://t.co/3F2cbtHLhT (http://twitter.com/globalvoices/status/879651040244715520?s=17)


when the power j hendrix








David Harris on war:


26 min –

4\ the war

i still can’t say those words w/o a tremor.. goes right to the place in my chest where my outrage lives

this was not a question of policy.. this was a crime who’s enormity was stunning.. a struggle over the very soul of the us.. pitting us.. a bunch of 19-22 yr olds.. who didn’t know any better.. against the most powerful institution in the world.. the us govt.. and ..that we struggled w/them.. was heroic

27 min – this war started w a lie.. was pursued w colossal arrogance.. in violation of everything the us was supposed to stand for .. from day 1 to day 4850..  it was a violation of all the precedents that had been set at the nuremburg war crimes trials.. every one of them.. there was torture.. carpet bombing.. forcible relocation of civilian populations.. chemical weapons.. concentration camps.. pillage as a matter of policy/strategy.. generating millions upon millions of refugees.. defending a govt that had no claim to existence other than american fiat.. and none of us would have accepted for 15 seconds.. when it ended.. 2 million people.. were dead.. for no good reason.. this is not something anybody gets to forget… there is no good side to it..


from john pilger

the war you don’t see (found on John’s site):


46 min – during ww1 – 10% of deaths were civilian, ww2 – 50%, nam – 70%, iraq – 90% – the killing of civilians and wilfully causing great suffering is a war crime – fourth geneva convention – 1949


Darran Anderson (@Oniropolis) tweeted at 7:02 AM – 11 Nov 2018 :
Thinking today, via the art of Paul Nash, of the grotesque waste of life of millions of young men from all nations in WW1 & how the hypocritical & sanctimonious forces that sent them to their deaths exist still https://t.co/tHl3CJ4ouLhttps://t.co/JZ6oXycQLE(http://twitter.com/Oniropolis/status/1061620098836754433?s=17)


Justice Democrats (@justicedems) tweeted at 4:55 PM – 11 Nov 2018 :
One of the best ways to support veterans is to stop sending them to war. (http://twitter.com/justicedems/status/1061769471042469888?s=17)


Democracy Now! (@democracynow) tweeted at 6:38 AM – 12 Nov 2018 :
Now at https://t.co/Xup8cdtnFB: Journalist & author Adam Hochschild says Armistice Day must also recognize & celebrate activists like Jane Addams, Eugene V. Debs and Emma Goldman, who saw WWI as “madness” and worked to stop it: “They were patriots also.” https://t.co/se0yj5EbDn (http://twitter.com/democracynow/status/1061976510897291264?s=17)


The Intercept (@theintercept) tweeted at 6:28 AM – 19 Nov 2018 :
It’s time for America to reckon with the staggering death toll of the post-9/11 wars https://t.co/gGhfyhYXLh by @mazmhussain (http://twitter.com/theintercept/status/1064510631997595649?s=17)