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interviewed by Amy Goodman (linked to image above).

at 54:50 min:

i hate war, rather than people.

war makes everyone crazy.

– – – –

please tell the people that people used to live here.

war makes us crazy.


dirty wars

carne ross

rory fanning

war on kids

war on drugs



the boy and the war

noor peace law


Micah Zenko (@MicahZenko) tweeted at 1:26 PM – 5 Jan 2017 :

Every US bomb dropped in 2016: https://t.co/aDIKZLFEcJ https://t.co/DuLYrx1doz (http://twitter.com/MicahZenko/status/817104975763570688?s=17)

Lauri Love (@LauriLoveX) tweeted at 3:21 PM – 5 Jan 2017 :

@MicahZenko @democratise_lab sadly, this evidently doesn’t count the US bombs sold to other countries and then dropped on other countries… (http://twitter.com/LauriLoveX/status/817133885960179713?s=17)

Liberty Peace Love (@LuvLibertyPeace) tweeted at 1:29 PM – 5 Jan 2017 :

@MicahZenko @MicahZenko You forgot #Waziristan – there are more drone bombings there than anywhere!! (http://twitter.com/LuvLibertyPeace/status/817105808576184320?s=17)


Christine Petré (@christinepetre) tweeted at 3:49 PM – 29 May 2017 :

Since 18 May, 2,845 migrants have been rescued at sea in eleven different incidents off western #libya https://t.co/95t28XcHVB (http://twitter.com/christinepetre/status/869309805097361408?s=17)

Jodi Picoult (@jodipicoult) tweeted at 5:33 AM – 29 May 2017 :

Once again, @TeenVogue is doing some of the most honest reporting these days. Why aren’t we talking about this? https://t.co/ZDBB4hGzo0 (http://twitter.com/jodipicoult/status/869154605837504512?s=17)

Joseph Willits (@josephwillits) tweeted at 4:36 AM – 30 May 2017 :

So depraved. ISIS bomb Baghdad ice cream shop. Men, women, children killed as they enjoy ice cream during #Ramadan https://t.co/i4VUpMiHfM (http://twitter.com/josephwillits/status/869502780842684418?s=17)

Anup Kaphle (@AnupKaphle) tweeted at 2:56 AM – 31 May 2017 :

Harrowing images coming from Kabul, where at least 80 people have been killed by a truck bomb https://t.co/x8uHWLojnL https://t.co/GsOG7WZn11 (http://twitter.com/AnupKaphle/status/869839931266478086?s=17)


CJ Werleman (@cjwerleman) tweeted at 7:28 PM – 20 Feb 2017 :

U.S. sells white phosphorus bombs to Saudi Arabia, who, in turn, use them on Yemeni children. Here’s your tax dollars at work, America. https://t.co/lB3hEmMhgQ (http://twitter.com/cjwerleman/status/833866024416006144?s=17)


Daniel Wickham (@DanielWickham93) tweeted at 4:14 AM – 15 Jun 2017 :

A 50-year occupation: Israel’s six-day war started with a lie https://t.co/0s7lSxia1S by @mehdirhasan (http://twitter.com/DanielWickham93/status/875295474340823040?s=17)


Anti-Media (@AntiMedia) tweeted at 5:25 PM – 15 Jun 2017 :

The war is not meant to be won – it is meant to be continuous. https://t.co/QMYFKaZ07X(http://twitter.com/AntiMedia/status/875494391707836417?s=17)

Gavin Date (@GavinDate) tweeted at 7:44 PM – 15 Jun 2017 :

@AntiMedia Continuous war against manufactured enemies for the profit of the weapons industry who own most of the politicians. (http://twitter.com/GavinDate/status/875529365550882816?s=17)


Global Voices (@globalvoices) tweeted at 4:42 AM – 27 Jun 2017 :

Mexico’s Drug War Makes Everyone a Target https://t.co/IQkx6O8IWT “Once journalists are murdered, the investigation stops” https://t.co/3F2cbtHLhT (http://twitter.com/globalvoices/status/879651040244715520?s=17)


when the power j hendrix


David Harris on war:


26 min –

4\ the war

i still can’t say those words w/o a tremor.. goes right to the place in my chest where my outrage lives

this was not a question of policy.. this was a crime who’s enormity was stunning.. a struggle over the very soul of the us.. pitting us.. a bunch of 19-22 yr olds.. who didn’t know any better.. against the most powerful institution in the world.. the us govt.. and ..that we struggled w/them.. was heroic

27 min – this war started w a lie.. was pursued w colossal arrogance.. in violation of everything the us was supposed to stand for .. from day 1 to day 4850..  it was a violation of all the precedents that had been set at the nuremburg war crimes trials.. every one of them.. there was torture.. carpet bombing.. forcible relocation of civilian populations.. chemical weapons.. concentration camps.. pillage as a matter of policy/strategy.. generating millions upon millions of refugees.. defending a govt that had no claim to existence other than american fiat.. and none of us would have accepted for 15 seconds.. when it ended.. 2 million people.. were dead.. for no good reason.. this is not something anybody gets to forget… there is no good side to it..


from john pilger

the war you don’t see (found on John’s site):


46 min – during ww1 – 10% of deaths were civilian, ww2 – 50%, nam – 70%, iraq – 90% – the killing of civilians and wilfully causing great suffering is a war crime – fourth geneva convention – 1949


Darran Anderson (@Oniropolis) tweeted at 7:02 AM – 11 Nov 2018 :
Thinking today, via the art of Paul Nash, of the grotesque waste of life of millions of young men from all nations in WW1 & how the hypocritical & sanctimonious forces that sent them to their deaths exist still https://t.co/tHl3CJ4ouLhttps://t.co/JZ6oXycQLE(http://twitter.com/Oniropolis/status/1061620098836754433?s=17)


Justice Democrats (@justicedems) tweeted at 4:55 PM – 11 Nov 2018 :
One of the best ways to support veterans is to stop sending them to war. (http://twitter.com/justicedems/status/1061769471042469888?s=17)


Democracy Now! (@democracynow) tweeted at 6:38 AM – 12 Nov 2018 :
Now at https://t.co/Xup8cdtnFB: Journalist & author Adam Hochschild says Armistice Day must also recognize & celebrate activists like Jane Addams, Eugene V. Debs and Emma Goldman, who saw WWI as “madness” and worked to stop it: “They were patriots also.” https://t.co/se0yj5EbDn (http://twitter.com/democracynow/status/1061976510897291264?s=17)


The Intercept (@theintercept) tweeted at 6:28 AM – 19 Nov 2018 :
It’s time for America to reckon with the staggering death toll of the post-9/11 wars https://t.co/gGhfyhYXLh by @mazmhussain (http://twitter.com/theintercept/status/1064510631997595649?s=17)


Working Class History (@wrkclasshistory) tweeted at 4:01 PM – 20 Dec 2018 :
Thought it would be a good day to remind liberals that just because you don’t like Trump, war criminals like James Mattis (who murdered civilians and children in Iraq) and mouthpieces of US corporate war profiteers like the New York Times are not our friends… (http://twitter.com/wrkclasshistory/status/1075888989406720001?s=17)

jeremy scahill (@jeremyscahill) tweeted at 8:32 AM on Fri, Dec 21, 2018:
1. I support withdrawing US troops from all these wars, overt and covert.
2. Trump is an unstable authoritarian who cannot be trusted.
3. “Mattis was an adult” is bullshit. He’s a hawkish war criminal.
4. It’s very telling that the war party in DC is furious.

jeremy scahill (@jeremyscahill) tweeted at 8:35 AM on Fri, Dec 21, 2018:
5. This is an opportunity for progressive forces to assert an alternative vision for US foreign policy.
6. Trump is a crooked charlatan. But these withdrawals would represent a dent in the armor of the bipartisan war machine.
7. This chaos presents opportunity.


Molly Crabapple (@mollycrabapple) tweeted at 10:11 AM – 20 Dec 2018 :
When the Turkish army invaded Afrin, they and their proxies ethnically cleansed the Kurdish inhabitants and carried out looting, kidnapping, and torture. When the US troops leave Syria, the same thing will happen to the rest of Rojava on a far more massive scale (http://twitter.com/mollycrabapple/status/1075800867008364545?s=17)


Les Milton (@LesterJMilton) tweeted at 3:56 PM on Thu, May 30, 2019:
I’ve always loved and believed this quote. https://t.co/R9BmhV8tsK

frank zappa: politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex


Nika Dubrovsky (@nikadubrovsky) tweeted at 0:31 PM on Wed, Sep 11, 2019:
U.S. has spent $6 trillion on wars that killed 500,000 people since 9/11, a report says https://t.co/N4sc1YpDNW


Oz Katerji (@OzKaterji) tweeted at 4:59 AM – 9 Dec 2019 :
Confidential documents reveal U.S. officials failed to tell the truth about the war in Afghanistan https://t.co/jKM01S1ahZ(http://twitter.com/OzKaterji/status/1204007533435924487?s=17)

Louisa Loveluck (@leloveluck) tweeted at 4:37 AM – 9 Dec 2019 :
Government documents obtained by @WashingtonPost show senior US officials failed to tell the truth about war in Afghanistan, making rosy pronouncements they knew to be false & hiding unmistakable evidence the war had become unwinnable. https://t.co/hDaKknH1jI (http://twitter.com/leloveluck/status/1204002174004613121?s=17)


Haymarket Books (@haymarketbooks) tweeted at 9:06 PM – 2 Jan 2020 :
“How can you have a war on terrorism when war itself is terrorism?”
Thinking of Howard Zinn, who left us 10 years ago this month https://t.co/zMnAzjPTKZ (http://twitter.com/haymarketbooks/status/1212948415711186947?s=17)


Israa | ﮼إسراء (@IsraHazel) tweeted at 5:04 AM – 5 Jan 2020 :
When you have someone from the region @OzKaterji write about it, you get a thoughtful balanced article like this one. | Qasem Soleimani brutalised the Middle East, but the bloodshed is far from over https://t.co/nMmmYS1xOV (http://twitter.com/IsraHazel/status/1213793374060322817?s=17)

Jasmine El-Gamal (@jasmineelgamal) tweeted at 4:49 AM – 5 Jan 2020 :
“#Soleimani was a tyrant, a terrorist and a mass murderer. His death has made the world a better place. It has also made the world a less safe place.” Hands down the best piece I’ve seen so far, from @OzKaterji . Caution, respect for gravity of situation + highlighting ppl of ME https://t.co/vjGeBnn9SE (http://twitter.com/jasmineelgamal/status/1213789636998418438?s=17)

The brutality of Soleimani’s policies in Iraq was as responsible for creating the material conditions IS needed to flourish as Bush’s disastrous invasion of Iraq did (Obama doesn’t get off lightly here, either), and his forces carried out acts of unimaginable cruelty against civilians in IS-occupied territory in the process.

But the reality is that if a new war is on the horizon, it is unlikely to be Americans who will suffer the most. It will be terrified and trapped civilians across the Middle East, which would in a sense be a continuation of Soleimani’s life’s work


Sunny Hundal (@sunny_hundal) tweeted at 4:11 AM – 7 Jan 2020 :
This short piece, by a Kurdish feminist writer @hawzhin_azeez, on the assassination of Sulaimani sums it up for me.
https://t.co/PAZfURNPswhttps://t.co/lO2IOp8G1e (http://twitter.com/sunny_hundal/status/1214504747622977538?s=17)

 it is about time we started viewing such issues in all their complexities, realizing that multiple truths can co-exist and that a simplistic analysis serves no one but those hungering for war.


jabiz on war and nationality:

As an Iranian the American government doesn’t like my Iranianness.
As an American the Iranian government doesn’t like my Americanness.
As a human I don’t like either government and this is why I will never understand nationalism. #NoWarWithlran
Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/intrepidteacher/status/1214815571981688832


climate and war

Paul Dawson (@PaulEDawson) tweeted at 6:59 PM – 25 Jan 2020 :
“We cannot leave it up to our young people to fight this fight for us,”
“The climate movement is a peace movement, because to stop wars is to stop the fossil fuel industry. And to stop the fossil fuel industry is to stop war,”
https://t.co/bRy1RQ37T4 (http://twitter.com/PaulEDawson/status/1221251156988583937?s=17)


from Erich Fromm‘s the sane society:

let’s look at the facts.. in the last 100 yrs we in the western world have created a greater material wealth than any other society in the history of the human race. yet we have managed to kill off millions of our population in an arrangement which we call ‘war’..

war et al


we live in an econ system in which a particularly good crop is often an econ disaster, and we restrict some of our agri productivity in order to ‘stabilize the market’ although there are millions of people who do not have the very things we restrict, and who need them badly.. right now our econ system is functioning very well, because, among other reasons, we spend billions of dollars per year to produce armaments.. economists look w some apprehension to the time when we stop producing armaments and the idea that the state should produce houses and other useful and needed things instead of weapons, easily provokes accusations of endangering freedom and individual initiative..

we have to let go of money (any form of measuring/accounting)


“It’s extremely important to highlight the fact that we live in a post-war era run by the warlords of the war. That is not a small detail of the story. That is the entirety of the story.”
@joeyayoub summing up our post-war history of state failure & neglect in just a few lines https://t.co/iPpMLw7pJE
Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/warghetti/status/1304676725440286720


C4SS (@c4ssdotorg) tweeted at 8:39 AM on Fri, Sep 11, 2020:
“Every year we’re subjected to another round of mawkish, smarmy 9/11 memorial ceremonies whose purpose is to maintain loyalty to the very national security state whose aggression brought the 9/11 terror attacks on us in the first place.” – Kevin Carson


war‘s binary ness

“History is neither neat nor clean, especially when it comes to past wars. The first casualty of war is said to be truth, but really it is nuance. War presents stark, binary choices. Kill or be killed. One side or the other. The truth is more complex…”
Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/irasocol/status/1319217431932506112


When you consider war, consider this.
When you weigh the cost, weigh this.

When you remember, remember this.
Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/CAFinUS/status/1326172564490686465

5 min video clip:

ordinary people who never would have thought to do any harm to anyone

how did it come about that they were so cruel.. i remembered then that we were told that the good solider kills w/o thinking of his adversary as a human being.. the very moment he sees in him a fellow man.. he is not a good soldier anymore

thurman interconnectedness lawwhen you understand interconnectedness it makes you more afraid of hating than of dying – Robert Thurman

but i had in front of me.. the dead man.. the dead french soldier.. and how i would have liked him to have raised his hand.. i would have shaken his hand and we would have been the best of friends.. because he was nothing, like me, but a poor boy.. who had to fight .. who had to go in with the most cruel weapons against a man who had nothing against him personally.. who only wore the uniform of another nation

nationality: human

who spoke another language

idiosyncratic jargon

but a man who had a father/mother and a family perhaps and so i felt.

i woke up at night sometimes drenched in sweat because i saw the eyes of my fallen adversary of the enemy.. and i tried to convince myself what would have happened to me if i wouldn’t have been quicker than he

what was it that we soldiers stabbed/strangled each other.. went for each other like mad dogs.. what was it that we who had nothing against them personally fought w them to the very end/death.. we were civilized people after all

jensen civilization law

but i felt that the culture we boasted so much about is only a very thin lacquer which chips off the very moment we come in contact w cruel things like real war

to fire at each other from a distance.. to drop bombs.. is something impersonal.. but to see each other’s white in the eyes and then to run w a bayonet against a man.. it was against my conception and against my inner feeling

so great till the end.. sounds like he’s making the bombing and the shooting from a distance ok


as re re reading michael hardt and antonio negri‘s multitude:

1\ war

1.1 simplicissimus


civil war gone global


not isolated wars.. but a general global state of war that erodes distinction between war and peace such that we can no longer imagine/hope for real peace..

imagine if we


common to realist political thinkers, most notably carl schmitt.. that all political actions/motives are based fundamentally on the friend-enemy distinction.. only real enemy is a public enemy.. that is an enemy of the state..


war as state of exception (when need dictator et al) .. but.. state of exception has become permanent and general.. the rule

p 12

(from italicized golem piece): they (the golem) are just asking to be loved and now one seems to understand.. (related this to frankenstein.. and how they become monsters.. via rejection)..  perhaps what monsters liek the golem are trying to teach us, whispering to us secretly under the din of our global battelfield, is a lesson about the monstrosity of war and our possible redemption thru love

love is the movement et al

war, that is to say, is becoming the primary organizing principle of society, and politics merely one of its means or guises. what appears as civil peace, then, really only puts an end to one form of war and opens the way for another.


mao zedong – politics is simply war w/o bloodshed

p 13

war has become a regime of biopower, that is, a form of rule aimed not only at controlling the population but producing and reproducing all aspects of social life.this does not mean that war has been domesticated or its violence attenuated, but rather that daily life and the normal functioning of power has been permeated with the threat and violence of warfare.

war on poverty

poverty ness

p 14

war on drugs.. war on terrorism

a war to create and maintain social order can have no end. it must involve the continuos, uninterrupted exercise of power and violence. in other words, one cannot win such a war, or, rather, it has to be won again every day. war has thus become virtually indistinguishable from police activity.

any form of democratic admin.. any form of m\a\p

more on war on multitude page