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not against all smiles..  but adding page because of this smile ness:

from Erich Fromm‘s escape from freedom:


together w that, he is taught to suppress the awareness of hostility and insecurity in others; sometimes this is not entirely easy, since children have a capacity for noticing such negative qualities in others w/o being so easily deceived by words as adults usually are..

not yet scrambled ness

on the other hand, early in his ed, the child is taught to have feelings that are not at all ‘his’.. t..particularly is he taught to like people.. to be uncritically friendly to them and to smile..

if you do not smile you prejudged lacking in a ‘pleasing personality’ and you need to have a pleasing personality *if you want to sell your services.. only those at the bottom (who sell physical labor ) and those at top do not need to be particularly ‘pleasant’..  friendliness.. cheerfulness.. and everything that a smile is supposed to express, become automatic responses which one turns on and off like an electric switch.

*our messed up idea of work


and then this:

Amid rampant bullying, high school students who will not smile in the hallways are sent to mandatory counselling

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David Graeber‘s bs jobs:


there’s little more depressing than enforce gaiety


jonathan thread:

Jonathan Zittrain (@zittrain) tweeted at 6:12 AM – 10 Aug 2019 :
That creates the feedback loop where parents, presented with fragmentary glimpses of their kids’ lives away from home, inadvertently push the kids to be more present and look more happy. (

been happening for some time.. fromm’s smiles ness..  supposed to’s.. of school/work et al


from Erich Fromm‘s the sane society:


spinoza: ‘.. factually, greediness, ambition, and so forth are forms of insanity, although usually one does not think of them as ‘illness”’

ie: today we come across a person who *acts/feels like an automation; who never experiences anything which is really his; who experiences himself entirely as the person he thinks he is **supposed to be; whose ***artificial smile has replacee genuine laughter; whose meaningless ****chatter has replaced communicative speech; whose *****dulled despair has taken the place of genuine pain..

*wilde not us law

**supposed to’s.. of school/work

***smiles ness

****small talk ness

*****drunken whales in sea world


beyond the bot ness of small talk and smiles

esse quam videri

mona lisa smile law

evans polite\ness law


domesticate\ing ness.. as a red flag.. whales in sea world