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Perhaps we need to be about facilitating artiststrying more stuff, experimenting, unlimited optionswaking people up, having no regrets, today, not in four years, or twelve years, or…  whenever.

Public ed is the perfect place for such a sandbox. 100% via redefinition.

These ideas gained reaffirmation as we studied Yaacov Hecht‘s work in Israel, he writes in Democratic Education, of protecting a sand-box so to speak, of a young boy who only wanted to play soccer, for two years.

As as we read the work and words of Jiddu Krishnamurtipartial freedom

Perhaps 100% is best for all humanity. [holacracy et al law ness]

as the day.

Perhaps it’s our means to a thriving sustainability. If I’m owned by someone, to whatever degree, I can’t give everything. The proving of oneself, strips us. And that partial-ness lessens our community.

Perhaps most of our fears of the chaos/laziness/? we assume inevitable with 100% freedom, is based on spaces/research/situations where 100% was never given/taken, never truly experimented with.

There is never nothing going on. Imagine if we started listening to/honoring/experimenting with that mindset/truth/respect/breathtaking wonder.

Let’s not be missing it.