we know exactly what to do

p. 121 from Legacy of John Holt– Aaron Falbel recounts a poignant conversation with John Holt:

in the last weeks of his life john spent eight days with us at our home in maine. something happened one day that gave me a glimpse of the very heart of his life. he was so weak he could only walk a few steps at a time and with canes it was beautiful weather. i took him driving to see the views from certain hills – long views of wooded slopes, fields, streams, our large river, and several ponds. again and again he said, “how beautiful it is” he was sitting beside me in the front seat. we drove on and he began to talk about his work. “it could be such a wonderful world,” he said, “such a wonderful place.” his body began to shake and he dropped his head, crying uncontrollably – but he kept talking through the sobs, his voice strained and thin. …

it's not as if

they’re going to wreck it.

unless we don’t.


how i feel .. we can’t not give a nother way a try.. for (blank)’s sake

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

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