please stay

it’s all worth living for.. levi the poet .. 11 min video.. srh.. by levi the poet –

MacAllister was born as Levi Morgan MacAllister, on July 26, 1989, the son of a preacher, Mark Stephen MacAllister, and his mother, Jody McEwen MacAllister, where he is a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is an older brother to sister, Bree. His father died on January 7, 2011, by committing suicide, and this has led MacAllister to be an advocate of mental health awareness, in the fight for suicide prevention

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A human. Everything is a gift. Mercy will be my plea. Spoken word, poetry, merch and commissions. New book – It’s All Worth Living For:


notes/quotes from video:

1 min – eventually we are all going to have to leave.. but slow down.. stay awhile.. let’s not force it

2 min – challenging how much a body is able to tolerate

gabor on why addicted to everything et al

you’re/i’m still here.. and still might be just as much a miracle as here ever was.. let’s not waste it.. we are still here to make a memory today.. trying to cover up the taste w cinnamon and mocha powder.. but neither of which quite get the burn out.. trying to tame solar flares w bandaids to know that sprinkling platitudes onto the scars on your arms will not be enough to convince anyone that life is beautiful.. but maybe the wonder of another human being actually sitting here and subjecting himself to drink this for the sake of being in your presence will..

hari addiction law

4 min – this moment is a part of it.. breathe..

i want to high 5 my sons son.. 65 yrs from now.. w beauty and pain and wonder an presence written into the fault lines all over my face like i have made my mistakes.. and the earthquakes are real.. but they shape you and the ravines created are gorgeous places to let the sunlight cast its shadows thru.. we can hold one another’s hands in the process.. i’ll let you squeeze until mine breaks if you must.. but don’t let go..

5 min – i know you need ears to hear that kind of thing and those ears miracles.. i know that it’s not as simple as simply being committed to either life or death but while there is still breath in both of our lungs.. then there is still time for me to say.. please stay

7 min – if you’re able to temper the moment.. then i’ll be the lightening rod you’ll need to strike over a cup of bad overpriced coffee at 4 am.. when the couch springs are stabbing you in the back.. i won’t say a word unless you want me to.. stay for the forgiveness in the morning.. after the sun has gone down on your anger or your sadness or your wanton abandon and mercy still finds his way to meet you.. when he peeks his head out over the mountains to the east..

9 min – he/she/they/we/i need you.. please stay.. find what you were made for

don’t forget that there are voices on the outside of your head too.. and they sound like.. futures.. and carrying the love you told me about.. and dreams.. and..

10 min – and love and love and love and being loved and love

love is love is love



gabor on why addicted to everything

love – is the movement