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Rahul was one of the amazing expert individual tutors (via triiibes) that responded to our call out.

open source math

open source syllabus, grid

below is Rahul’s piece on this grid, where he offered to kids, a why do i need this section. they could submit to him whatever they wanted to know some relevance about, ie: logs.

the crazy thing, as rich as this offer was by Rahul, not many took him up on it. seems, either our answers, or the root of the problem, doesn’t actually lie in the answer to – when will i ever use this.

perhaps because, even though we can share its use, we may not see us ever doing that.

perhaps because, even though we can share its use, we’re not that interested.. today.

so – huge huge gratitude to Rahul, for helping us with one of these many, findings in failings.

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rahul from rscon deck

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A bit from the about page on his site:

I am an investor and author. I invest in Indian Equity markets. By all measures I am a very conservative long term investor. However, I do have a small resource pool to counter market asymmetry.

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farmer suicides

Rahul Deodhar (@rahuldeodhar) tweeted at 5:42 AM – 6 Jul 2018 :
Please read this paper and suggest improvement. A Solution to Farmer Suicides & Loan Waivers https://t.co/ukpTSdptAD … (http://twitter.com/rahuldeodhar/status/1015199420600598529?s=17)

agri surplus