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The bridge between suicide and life

1600 suicides from bridge since building finished in 1937

the collateral damage of suicide affects so many people

listen to understand…

what was it that made you come back? you listened..



“I try to find out what brought them to this point,” says Briggs, a cancer survivor and father of two boys. “If I can get them to break down, that’s a good sign, it shows they’re listening and thinking. If someone says they have no plan for tomorrow, I say, ‘OK, let’s make one.’ ”

We all go through bad periods—some far worse than others. In fact, research shows that nearly one in six people will seriously consider putting out their own light at least once in their life. Ironically, our darkest times come during the brightest days—suicides peak in July and August. For Briggs, the incidents all blur together, which is part of what makes him so hard to read.


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Kevin – known as – guardian of the ggb:

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Sergeant Kevin Briggs (also known as the Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge) is a California Highway Patrol officer who has stopped upwards of two hundred people from jumping off of the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco Bay. Recently, Briggs announced that he would be retiring from the California Highway Patrol and focus his efforts on suicide prevention.