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Margaret J. Wheatley (commonly Meg Wheatley) is a writer and management consultant who studies organizational behavior. Her approach includes systems thinking, theories of change, chaos theory, leadership and the learning organization: particularly its capacity to self-organize. Her work is often compared to that of Donella Meadows andDee Hock. She describes her work as opposing “highly controlled mechanistic systems that only create robotic behaviors.”

Co – author of Walk Out Walk On, is how we first met Meg.

One of those people, upon finding out about her, amazed us, that we’d not run across her before. You’ll find her words scattered about many places.

The stories in Walk Out Walk On were so resonating, ie: Manish Jain (who we found via Carol Black), et al, we continue to follow both Meg and Deborah’s work with the Berkana Institute, and their great followers of the book.

walk out walk on

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Join Margaret Wheatley on a 5 day course that will challenge you to act as warriors for the human spirit.

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Meg Wheatley on loneliness (from her 14 wk share.. this is week 10):

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week 13 – clear seeing

clear seeing meg.png

the less we judge, sort, categorize or distinguish, the more we see and feel..

we’re much larger than our usual boundedness.. big enough to take it all in

fear does a very good job at keeping us from being present.. clear seeing has no fear

to be free from fear.. need to be in the present moment.. then we can see clearly


Harold Jarche (@hjarche) tweeted at 5:16 PM on Tue, Oct 29, 2019:
The world is too complex for singular leaders: “A group of individuals whose collective behavior is controlled by a single individual cannot behave in a more complex way than the individual who is exercising the control”

‘leaders know that hosting others is the only way to get complex, intractable problems solved’ – meg wheatley

yeah.. i don’t know.. i think we miss the boat by thinking we have to host anything..



As the world is in #crisis, Meg is even more dedicated to #training #leaders, #activists and citizens to step forward as peaceful #warriors who protect and defend the human spirit and the spirit of life. ‘Walking the Songline with Meg’ is a powerful introduction to #Warriorship.
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huge red flags we’re doing it/life wrong: thinking we need training, leaders, citizens, warriors et al.. protect.. defend

#Meg opens ‘Leading with Nobility for a New Era’. Enabling purpose-driven leaders to confidently guide their teams through uncertainty, foster inclusive and innovative cultures, and create greater social impact and value for all stakeholders:
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let go of lead ing ness.. let’s try cure ios city