adding page because of this string of tweets:

11/24/15 7:21 AM
“From Hierarchy to Wirearchy .. ” from C. LaRowe of @_BridgePartners ..… … < prof’nl courtesy of attribution lacking
@jonhusband Jon, we are very sorry for this. Our intention was never to take credit for your work. We have updated the post.
@jonhusband Grazing a handful of thinkers’ ideas and presenting them as one’s own? Shameful. Need to fix that,@_BridgePartners.
@costrike: @_BridgePartners It’s a good start. I’d also credit @hjarche for “perpetual beta” and @jhagel for “pull,” if I had written it.
so.. i get it.. but i think, perhaps, we’re perpetuate\ing not us ness.. when we spend out energy on making sure we’re credited.
ie: the perpetual beta thing (in tweets above).. i didn’t hear it from Harold first. i do remember being excited when i saw it already in use – by him. in my mind… and my mind certainly doesn’t mean just me… never does… never could.. but also .. can never attribute everyone (wrote of this in beginning of be you book). do perhaps.. when you can..leave a linkable trail (which i’m guessing is what these guys are after… but also the credit ness… and link to money ness.. seeps in and eats us all.. perhaps).
perhaps – self-talk as data.. and tech making all those crazy links for us.. will help with that. but more so, perhaps, when we start to realize how interconnected we are.. and start living toward our one\ness.. our non\rivalrous ness.
on waking up each day.. hoping that what you’ve been working on has happened/is-happening. craving the realization of the dream over the perpetuate of the dreaming. ie: someone has taken/created/realized all that you’ve been working on. on hoping each day.. the thing you can’t not do (for me: equity) has finally happened/is-happening… and you
[going to add Harold’s next tweet to perpetual beta page.. as it links to his bit (huge/smart bit) on it.]


truman credit law

without credit truman

because we can.

so we can’t not.

for (blank)’s sake


and on it goes.. well – has been going. this one just seems hugely obvious.. the silliness. the wasted energy ness..

feb 2016

2/11/16 9:11 AM
Very notable: landmark paper about gravitational waves has just been published with a *CC-BY license*
saying you can use if you attribute. w/comments on no patents on this yet…
we are so crazy.. taking someone else’s idea is always a given..
who says who to attribute.. no way to trace..
thinking again.. of why we feel the need.. perhaps
1\ person wants credit (sign of unhealth, sign of missed energies..)
2\ fear of credit mis placed (say if attribution not given.. ie: i say… problem w/communication is the assumption that it’s finished.. w/o saying.. gb shaw.. and then another person quotes it w/ my name. perhaps solution is to quit attributing & a assume we all said it as one .. ie: who’s to say gb shaw was the first person to say those words.. if he even did)

very next read this day via Maria:

Oliver Jeffers on ownership

This Moose Belongs to Me (public library) — a disarming story about a boy who believes he owns his pet moose Marcel, only to discover that so do other people, who call him by different names, while the moose himself doesn’t quite get the concept of being owned and is thus oblivious to the boy’s list of rules for being a good pet.


the story is, above all, a parable about the nature of ownership as a mutually agreed upon figment and the comical sense of entitlement it engenders.


Perhaps Mark Twain put it best in his supportive letter to Helen Keller when she was accused of plagiarism:Substantially all ideas are second-hand, consciously and unconsciously drawn from a million outside sources.”


We only own something because everybody agrees that we do.