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 try an Unintroduction (inspired by clmooc)

What does it mean, what does it do, for the participation of some to be dependent on an invitation made by others?

thinking esp of invited to exist ness.. and invited vs invent ness and dave’s campfire analogy

how to make sure the gathering (in a space) we’re hosting is for everyone.. perhaps we first make sure it starts with 7bn curiosities (self-talk as data) .. everyday.. rather than a ie: campfire/course/whatever.. that even though open.. we get the whole leader/follower thing..

seeing participation and engaged ness as more of a voluntary compliance than of alive people.. ie: invited vs invented ness

when we seek participation or engagement.. generally means we have an agenda.. so not offering freedom.. even if it seems we are.. even if the (event/activity) seems good/friendly/nice.. like a host\ing a campfire


hospitality .. oikos.. cosmopolitanism