invited vs invented

intro’d to Jaco via Moses.. Moses was explaining the invented vs invited thinking.. adding this page after reading Peter‘s community and writing to belong rev (both talking – inviting to participate/engage et al) – invented: be the originator of

invited vs invented spaces

invited –

spaces govt and ngo’s create – this is where participation is mainly – so when citizens speak – it’s coming to a space that’s already been formalized.. so – come in tell us what you want and we’ll see what we can do for you.. 

we control

still not seeing entire

invented – 

spaces citizens create themselves.. social life that is already in societies..

organic/explosive… harder to understand… more vibrant.. not perfect in any way – but a better indication of what’s happening on the ground.. 

need more of this…

resonates with Iwan Baan‘s research..


the problem behind the problem

at the core it’s about citizens not be able to create

we don’t want to participate – we want to create.. 

everyone is trying to *fix more participation.. but afraid of **letting go for people to actually create

*rowson mechanical problem

**let go

most importantly – how can we do it w/o anyone else.. and what do we see as the problems.. rather than others coming in and saying what the priorities/problems are..

work – as solving other people’s problems

remaining a citizen-driven civic organization

agenda being set by donors.. work being done on them

no agenda ness

connections between citizens and communities are not really a focus

allow participation, but not a setting of the agenda

huge to school as well – any gathering – agenda setting gets in the way of sustainability

beyond participation – co-creation – interconnectedness

augmenting interconnectedness


what a normal ecosystem looks like

undisturbed ecosystem


invited to exist

chris larcomberather than pre determining the forms you fill in and the structure.. it allows users to create that themselves.

host ness

dave’s campfire analogy

constant hospitality law