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jack & jill

jill: life’s too short.. you gotta do what makes you happy

jack: the thing is.. people don’t know what makes them happy.. they think they know because we tell them.. real happiness is bad for sales

jill: are you happy

jack: happiness is overrated


come sunday

pearson: what is it about loving each other unconditionally that scares us so much

pearson unconditional law


miss americana

39 min – i wasn’t happy in the way i had been trained to be happy.. it was happiness w/o anyone else’s input

40 min – my reputation’s never been worse.. so you must like me for me

57 min – you don’t feel a sense of any victory when you win (in court) because the process is so dehumanizing


king of california

9 min – it’s like the social services thing.. nobody sees anybody (she lived on her own for 2 yrs.. everyone thought she was with someone else)

if i do this thing then maybe i’ll exist

24 min – parents have this advantage over us.. we want to believe in them.. and when we don’t believe in them.. we still just want to be with them

30 min – i don’t want the money.. (daughter): that’s easy for you to say you don’t have to work.. well *define work (then shows him slaving away – digging et al)


35 min – on carbon dating.. and sci of 1000 not comparable to (alive/listening) individual – galileo paraphrase.. just put it in your hand and feel how old it is

intellect ness et al and holmgren indigenous law


dear john

song (this is the thing) at 1:03 –  the things that keep us apart keep me alive.. and the things that keep me alive keep me alone


the sweet life

reading her poem at 1:17 – love speaks w/o a voice.. thru a touch i am whole.. hope springs.. not eternal.. tentative.. pain subsided.. but that too is painful.. i care.. did i say that.. is the light too late to be glorious

1:25 – (after not jumping of bridge).. what are we going to do now.. everything


all the bright places

in trailer at 1:42: sometimes the people you need need you more

21 min – people don’t like messy.. or different

30 min – first texting communication.. an exchange of virginia woolf quotes

33 min – before i die (wall).. i want to stay awake (one post it said.. i am awake)

37 min – i prefer private violet to public violet

1:04 – where do you go when you disappear.. tell me something real about you.. sometimes i have to go to places that make me feel like myself.. i need to do things that remind me that i’m in control.. i used to not know how to get out of the way

1:18 – i feel like i keep messing things up.. and i’m not sure i know how to not do that

1:37 – i used to worry about everything.. i worried about life.. then .. i changed.. i wasn’t worried about what would happen if i lived.. i was worried about what would happen if i didn’t.. what i would miss.. and that’s because of finch.. because he taught me to wander.. that it’s ok to get lost.. as long as you find your way back.. but in learning all that .. i missed seeing something more important.. seeing finch.. i missed that he was in pain.. i missed that he was teaching me all along.. how to move on.. finch was a dreamer.. he dreamt while he as awake.. he dreamt of all the beauty in the world and he made it come to life.. he taught me there are bright places.. even in dark times.. and that if there isn’t.. you can be that bright place.. with infinite capacities


coffee shop

1:09 – you love who you wish i was

1:25 – the armor didn’t protect me.. it just held the real me in



41 min – l: wish we had a camera.. a photo to prove it.. g: you don’t need to prove anything.. you were there.. it’s about you.. your moment w the sea.. eventually it’s just you and it.. and you’ll be out there thinking.. do i know what i’m doing.. am i solid.. or am i just ordinary..  l: what’s it feel like .. to be that serious..  g: when you’re there.. you’re glad there’s no bloody photo.. but when you’re still alive.. and yo’ve just made it.. you’re completely alive.. completely in your body.. this rush.. like you’ve just felt the hand of god.. and the rest of it is just sport and recreation..

45 min – g: it’s not about what’s up here.. nothing to do with the thoughts in your head.. it’s about the work you’ve done.. that and surrender.. surrender is what frees you up to be completely in the moment.. to commit w body and soul.. w complete certainty.. not a shred of doubt


words and pictures

17 min – w: be who you were.. m: nobody can do that

1:43 – why art..? if our senses/consciousness were entirely in tune w nature.. if we could communicate and understand each other.. then there wouldn’t be any need for art.. in fact .. we would all be artists.. because we would all be as one

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake… there’s a nother way.. to get back/to the not yet scrambled ness of an undisturbed ecosystem

1:46 – ‘art is the most intense mode of individualism the world has ever known’ – oscar wilde

wilde not us law et al

1:47 – artists make us feel our best.. they make us want to be our best


the disappearance of eleanor rigby

1:29 – i was hoping you could read my mind.. wouldn’t that be nice’



so many illustrations as quotes

if you love them you never really lose them


bethany hamilton doc – unstoppable – trailer:

i didn’t need easy.. i just needed possible



28 min – but w/o money.. how will you carpe diem


rabbit hole

1:10 – not that you like it.. but it’s what you’ve got instead of your son.. so you carry it around


money heist phenom

10 min – most viewed in all world.. phenom.. best part is it became what it is because of the audience.. this was on another level.. it all happened spontaneously.. i think it’s something like a rapture of love.. people had a bond w the show that was beyond pure entertainment.. it was almost like a philosophical bone.. it got us to realize that we weren’t crazy.. that we were actually making something cool

why we can (take this opp to) leap.. for (blank)’s sake.. if we’re brave enough to not go not part\ial.. there’s a nother way.. to live


a frosty affair

59 min – Emerson quote: “None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except he who listens to the whisper which is heard by him alone.”



and she stayed kissed


nice to meet you (love the music.. ie: 20 min)

19 min – i wish every job had the same salary .. then you could do whatever profession you wanted


the half of it

love is simply the name for the desire and pursuit of the whole – plato

forever longing for the other half of our soul.. it is said when one half finds each other .. there’s an unspoken understanding.. a unity.. and each would know no greater joy than this

if you ask me.. people spend far too much time looking for someone to complete them

8 min – i can’t be you being authentic

14 min – ‘in love one always starts by deceiving oneself and ends up deceiving others.. that is what the world calls a romans’ – oscar wilde

wilde not us et al

ok.. you got me.. i sometimes hide behind other people’s words.. for one thing.. i know nothing about love.. if i knew what love was.. i would quote myself..

17 min – when you’re a pretty girl.. people want to give you things.. but what they really want is to make you like them.. not as in.. i like you.. but as in.. i am like you.. so i’m like a lot of people.. which makes me kind of no one

brown belonging law et al

18 min – i never thought about the oppression of fitting in before.. the good thing about being different.. is that no one expects you to be like them.. doesn’t everyone think they’re diff..? but diff in same way..?

supposed to’s.. et al

20 min – people don’t see what they’re not looking for.. the obvious unseen

24 min – when does the dating start.. this is dating..

1:12 – i am a russian doll of clothing

1:13  gravity is matter’s response to loneliness

1:30 – love is being willing to ruin your good painting for a chance at a great one.. is this really the boldest stroke you can make


love aaj kal

1:23 – there are so many couples who live together .. but aren’t together.. i won’t be able to bear that.. don’t push her.. it’ll be a mess


our love

54 min – you often said ‘i’m not made for this world’ .. i would reply ‘this world isn’t made for you’.. but if i had known that the world would spit you out so fast.. that you’d wash up on the icy shore, mad and alone.. i would have said. ‘come.. come let’s live together before you die a little.’.. ‘and quickly let’s grow old.. be serene.. like those who have lived a lot and no longer fear anything.. let’s calmly remain side by side far from any storm’.. ‘let’s live a whole life before you die a little.. let’s grow up before you go mad.’


before we go

1:01 – you can’t allow the person you love to determine how you love

1:04 – there will always be struggle.. you just have to pick who you want to struggle with


love is blind

4 min – (about peacock) a 1000 eyes but unable to see what’s good for him

6 min – russell: it always interests me how we go on.. but we do.. we persist.. we define meaning to empty things.. we find hobbies to distract us for a few minutes here and there.. who are we kidding

hari present in society law

hari rat park law.. et al

20 min – russell: the goal isn’t death exactly.. just got to figure out a better way to disappear.. i just always had this feeling like i was supposed to be invisible.. but somehow i ended up like this

23 min – mom: we live in the same house eat as the same table park in the same garage.. but she can’t hear me or see me or even sense me.. i simply don’t exist

25 min – bess: i’ll be born again better next time.. please.. i’ll do anything to get better

27 min – russell: but you see that girl don’t you.. a smile for everyone.. to cover what’s numb.. that right there.. that’s truth.. and i’m supposed to make sense of this instant.. i don’t know.. knowing about someone.. you know.. but i’ll tell you this feeling right now is as real as it gets

smiles ness

30 min – russell: you don’t understand .. i wouldn’t be good for anyone’s mental health

russell: can she not see me.. i’m finally invisible

33 min – on selective hearing.. tuning out.. this is selective perception

38 min – (dance scene.. all the seemingly crazies dance in diff spaces).. floating higher higher.. floating floating.. i’m real.. this isn’t a dream

42 min – (dr when asked if could cure her): as stated.. my immediate goal is diagnosis

costello screen service law

cure city – searching for a cure – not a diagnosis

49 min – bess: i lied (told nurse i was out of town).. and i know i’ll act wrong somehow.. like.. not sad enough or too sad.. and all those people at the hospital they’ll look at me.. nobody will know what to do .. with me.. do you think i should join netflix

song: i’ll be your mirror reflect what you are in case you don’t know.. i’ll be the wind/rain/sunset.. the light in the door to show that you’re home.. when you think the night has seen your mind.. that inside you’re twisted and unkind.. let me stand to show that you are blind.. please put down your hands.. cause i see you.. i find it hard to believe you don’t know the beauty you are.. but if you don’t.. let me be your eyes.. a hand to your darkness so you won’t be afraid when you think the night has seen your mind.. that inside you’re twisted and unkind..

52 min – bess: my dad never really taught me any practical stuff.. maybe that way he thought i’d always need him

54 min – bess: you shouldn’t talk that way about other people.. no one likes you if you’re not nice

evans polite\ness law

1:00 – russell: and then i had this moment.. and it was the dream.. success.. money.. and i didn’t want it .. what was left.. me

bess: i think i’m probably crazy.. it’s my biggest fear actually.. i really don’t know if i know what’s real anymore

1:01 – russell: sometimes i think the only real hallmark of sanity is questioning whether or not you’re crazy.. if you’ve ever wondered.. even for a moment that you might not be all there.. you’re just fine.. but in any case.. i still know exactly what bess means

crazywise et al

hari present in society law

krishnamurti measure law

hari rat park law.. et al

1:10 – bess: every night i dream i’m a bird that gets to fly away.. i don’t have a name.. and i look just like the rest of them.. i’m just leaving it all behind

russell: i think the darkness in you is beautiful (first thing she hears)

1:11 – bess: am i crazy..? he said something to me i’ve been waiting my whole life to hear

1:13 – russell: you think she wants to be an optometrist.. that she wants to be your girlfriend.. she even made her mother vanish.. she’ll do whatever anyone wants her to do.. look at her

russell: you know what it means don’t you.. the fact that this is nothing more than a fairy tale.. it means i’m cursed.. it means bess is never going to see me in real life.. she’ll stay just out of reach forever.. but maybe this is freedom.. to get what you’ve always wanted and have it break your heart.. there’s no dream to tie you down anymore.. the shackles are off.. nothing to do but let go..

1:17 – bess: my dad is dead.. and i can’t make it feel real.. i don’t know why that surprises me.. i can’t feel anything

dr: that’s not true.. you feel everything.. that’s an integral part of your problem

maté sensitivity law .. crazywise .. et al

1:18 – dr: i love you  bess: no you don’t.. you love your work  dr: but you are my work

1:21 – russell: bess saved my life.. blew apart all that tough guy.. don’t need nobody bs.. and made me want to live.. just like in a fairy tale.. maybe there is some magic in the real world after all

1:22 – bess (to peacock who dad said in beginning was just like her mom): you know what.. you don’t have to eat if you don’t want to .. seriously.. go.. be free.. i think the darkness in you is beautiful.. (then she hears/notices mom first time.. reads dad’s obit where she is named as survivor.. goes into her room.. can’t see/hear her)

1:26 – bess (to mom at funeral): i think you might be here.. i can’t see you but maybe i can feel you.. dad was right about everything (always talked about how amazing she was et al)

1:27 – russell: i don’t have any friends or a trust fund..  bess: what if i told you i didn’t care  russell: i would think you’re lying like you always do  bess: but i’ve never lied to you

1:28 – russell: turns out the old saying is wrong.. seeing is not believing (bess: please don’t disappear again) .. not with the eyes at least.. they’re just a bunch of rods and cones and jelly.. if you want to talk about seeing with the heart.. you know where to find me.. i’ll be right here with this girl forever..

see with heart ness

closing song: i want to line the walls with photographs you send.. i’ll find a way to slip into your skin somehow

copyright – beautiful darkness


ho mann jahaan (be where i am) 2016

2 min – i’m finding it hard to breathe and you’re asking me to smile

smiles ness

25 min – those, in whose bones love resides.. they remain silent and hiding.. every pore voicing a million languages.. they choose to speak the language of the speechless

idiosyncratic jargon ness

beyond words

rumi words law

28 min – sometimes i feel like i just want to get off the track

40 min – a: i failed.. d: you failed.. aren’t you ashamed.. a: that is what you’ve come here to make me feel

41 min – a: why should i blacken paper.. just because my father wants a degree.. i don’t want to be a slave in a boring 9 to 5 grindstone.. i don’t want to be you d: the roof under which you are standing has been built thru that 9 to 5 grind.. a: which is exactly why i’m suffocating here

suffocating from the day

supposed to’s.. of school/work

earn a living ness

1:00 – d: it was my dream that had to be sacrificed because i didn’t want to break my parents’ heart

maté parenting law et al

2:05 – n: in your love you’ve hugged this doll too tightly ma.. i can’t decide now who’s hugging me in love and who in hatred.. it’s just hurting really badly  m: but what have i don’t that’s causing you such pain  n: your love.. your love is killing me.. it’s suffocating me.. the struggle to live up to your expectations.. the burden is too heavy for me

2:19 – d: fate has given us another chance.. but this time.. instead of him.. we’ll have to keep an eye on ourselves.. it is not important to know what he’s doing.. what is important it so understand that he’s doing it with passion and heart.. when he’s making music he was happy/healthy.. a loving, good human being.. today that person that comes to my office.. looking like my son .. is so far away from all these things.. we thought.. we’re doing this for his good.. but if you ask me.. then all this.. we were doing this selfishly.. we have to win his heart.. not break it

maté parenting law et al

2:27 – when it comes to the people i love.. i’m the weakest man in the entire world.. i have always asked this of god.. that for the people who love me i am able to rise to their wishes and expectations.. but when it was my turn.. i’m selfish

2:28 – i’m so sensitive to even the slightest of hints coming from any of you.. then why do i have to shout to be heard

we need to undo our hierarchical listening

ie: 2 convers as infra


five feet apart

human touch.. our first form of communication.. we need that touch from the one we love almost as much as we need air to breathe

56 min – i’ve given a lot of thought to foot number 6.. so after all cf has stolen from me.. i don’t mind stealing something back.. 1 ft.. cf.. you’re not the thief anymore.. i’m the thief now

1:25 – i’ve been living for my treatments instead of doing my treatments so i can live..

1:45 – people are always saying.. if you love something you need to let it go.. i thought that was bs until i watched you almost die.. i love you

1:50 – if you’re able.. touch him/her.. life’s too short to waste a second

song – i will fight for you..


the f-it list – understanding tech

59 min – you said.. success is becoming one’s true best self.. achieving one’s potential.. i can’t.. i cannot do that with you and move paving the road in front of me.. when everything is about this class and that instrument and this grade.. it just can’t be all that growing up is about.. i have to be able to make decisions for myself


maté parenting law – graeber parent/care law

supposed to’s.. of school/work

curiosity over decision making ..beyond finite set of choices

1:09 – last week i was so sure of everything.. college.. my future.. now it’s all just gone

ok look.. beyond the horizon.. it’s unknown..  your future.. just waiting for you to discover it.. while you’re standing here.. stuck.. that’s all you get to control.. and what kills the future is fear.. your (list) showed me that.. and the question is.. what would you do if you had no fear.. i hope you get what you need

itch in the soul ness

1:12 – mom: we’re trying to get rid of the un part and get to the known part.. that’s what we do

1:13 – theme: conquering my fear of finding my voice.. (harvard doesn’t care about that) .. but they said  (who cares what they said.. they’re a profit making enterprise.. their motive is to stop your little movement.. all designed to bind kids to machinery.. for a piece of paper).. that could be our theme (the system isn’t perfect.. but it’s the system.. don’t try and change it.. exploit it).. just tell me what’s right (i am.. you had it right for last 15 yrs.. go to harvard.. then you can do whatever you want with your life.. your theme.. contrition.. want to get life back on track and harvard is place to do that).. yeah.. i can write that

voice ness

1:17 – mom: what’s he doing  dad: he’s thinking  mom: shouldn’t he be doing that in front of a computer (floating in pool)

1:24 – my dad says success is about becoming your true self.. how many parents really want their kids to do that.. parents and institutions ignore evidence about how to raise happy children.. and then expect us to be happy or force us to be just as unhappy as them

1:25 – so why doesn’t the system adapt..? because the system is more dedicated to itself than to future generations.. i am not contrite.. the system rewards drones.. rule followers.. to continue the cycle.. for years my dreams sanded down so i could fit into the mech of this machine.. 

2:26 – my friend tells me what kills your future is fear.. what kills the pursuit of the unknown.. so now.. i am out hearing running in fresh snow where there are no tracks.. i have no idea where i’m going.. but i know it will be some place i couldn’t possibly discover while transcending the passage ways of your institution.. thankful for your offer .. but in most respectful way.. f-it.. harvard’s not for me

1:28 – mom: when we finally had you.. it was everything.. but along the way i lost track of who i was (gave up architecture).. i started living thru you.. because i had been living for you.. kid as measure of success.. it blows.. reading the essay you posted.. i remember.. that applies to me

1:30 – they (harvard) know all too well the problem with the system.. they still want you..(then everyone happy he’s going to harvard)


1:32 – (you’ve become the voice of your generation).. i don’t know.. if there’s one thing we’ve learned .. it’s that this gen doesn’t need a voice.. we all have our own

voice ness

1:37 – blew off harvard.. even though they kept offering.. finally.. a guest professorship.. maybe


for sama []

6 min – we never thought the world would let this happen (aleppo)


26 min – children have nothing to do with this.. nothing

36 min – even the children didn’t want to leave.. so how could we go

37 min – to leave would be selfish.. just taking care of self.. but to stay would be putting them thru hell

40 min – images from 4th month under siege

56 min – in aleppo there is no time to grieve

1:01 – 300 patients each day

1:06 – sama i know you understand what’s happening.. i can see it in your eyes.. you never cry like a normal baby would (w bombing) .. that’s what breaks my heart

we’re crying out to the world.. help us

1:07 – millions of people watch my reports.. but no one does anything to stop the regime

1:09 – your only crime is that your mom’s a journalist and your dad’s a dr

1:14 – 20 days.. 6000 wounded people

1:20 – if i could rewind the days i’d do exactly the same thing.. even if i couldn’t recover from the trauma


broken english

1:12 – posey: i want to get married.. i want to know that someone loves me  lady: marriage is a contract.. but to feel love is something else entirely

contract.. ness.. marriage\ing ness.. 


are you here

40 min – once in awhile assume other people are as good as you.. not worse

devijver assume good law

44 min – when you live off the land and are honest.. things fall into place

holmgren indigenous law

53 min – our whole culture system is built around some drug

maté addiction law et al

1:08 – g: we were married.. s: see nobody believes in friendship.. no one eats alone.. but most people are alone.. that’s the thing about friendship.. it’s a lot rarer than love.. because there’s nothing in it for anybody

just friends ness


giant mechanical man

what i like about you.. you’re real.. you don’t pretend you’re perfect.. i look at you and i can see you.. i see you

magis esse quam videri .. fittingness .. et al


can’t remember which movie.. 

1:05 – i feel like i’m looking for the name of the disease that makes me make sense

1:09 – oh my



54 min – do you think its normal that at my age i’m still scare of you.. i do love you but when you touch/huge me it scares me.. it makes my skin crawl.. 

1:25 – some things left unsaid.. i raised you as best i could but was it for your won good or was it to fit in.. i’m the me that raised you.. but are you truly happy..  what if we decided true self righteous should be quiet .. if for a while we could forget the weight of decorum.. if for once you could do whatever you wanted.. i want you to allow the joys that fill you to blossom.. if i write this letter it’s just so you know  that i love you like crazy even if you can’t see it .. you know my girl .. w us somethings are left unsaid.. 


what’s eating gilbert grape

2 min – watching campers is our yearly ritual.. they’re doing the right thing.. just passing thru

endora is where we are.. describing endora is like dancing to no music.. a town where nothing much ever/will happens

3 min – some days you want him to live.. some days you don’t

15 min – (gilbert gets his mind changed via songs) arnie: i won’t do it again.. i want to go up again.. 

17 min – (sister about gilbert – who has job and takes care of arnie 24/7): he never does anything

25 min – becky: it’s ok.. he’s just being honest.. i don’t mind

42 min – becky (after saying she’s worldly and that here is just as good as anywhere): watch sunset.. slowly changes right before your eyes.. i love the sky.. it’s so limitless.. that word big is so small



robyn davidson: ‘some nomads are at home everywhere. others are at home nowhere, and i was one of those’

the death of us ness

5 min – mainly i was bored at life in the city.. with its repetition.. and my half attempts at odd jobs and various studies.. and i was tired of carrying around the self indulgent negativity that was so much the malaise of my generation/sex/class.. i believe when you’re stuck in one spot .. it’s best to throw a grenade where you’re standing and jump .. and pray

20 min – i’m the first to admit that i’m remarkably unqualified for such a hazardous undertaking.. but this is precisely the point of my journey.. i’d like to think an ordinary person is capable of anything

35 min – i don’t believe a desire for privacy is to be defined/defended.. all i know is.. when it’s just me, may animals, and the desert.. i feel free

oikos (the economy our souls crave).. ‘i should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.’ – gaston bachelard, the poetics of space

51 min – i can deal w pigs but nice people confound me.. sorry talking so much.. no one to talk to  y: eddie.. most respected elder in community   r: i wish i could   y: words are overrated

61 min – animal lovers.. esp females.. considered neurotic and unable to relate to other human beings.. more often those pointing finger have never had a pet.. seems uni gave us 3 things to make life bearable.. hope, jokes, and dogs.. but greatest of these gifts was dogs


64 min – lost and only way back – diggety.. go home

86 min – i’m so alone  rick: we all are  r: i miss her so much

thurman interconnectedness lawwhen you understand interconnectedness it makes you more afraid of hating than of dying – Robert Thurman 


93 min – like w any journey.. it’s not what you carry .. but what you leave behind


crazy about her

84 min – the toughest thing about being mentally ill.. is that others want you to pretend you’re not

not to mention who’s ill.. crazywise (doc).. dis\order.. wilde not-us law.. mental illness

100 min – the next time i see a sad person.. i won’t try to make them smile.. i’ll let them know that while i don’t know what they’re going thru.. i’ll be there for them

smiles ness

unconditional ness


crazy stupid love

1:13 – you stay up nights.. i’m wildly unhappy.. i’m trying to buy it.. and it’s not working



52 min – (on riding in silence w her dad and not minding.. just liked being w him) ..somehow the silence seemed to connect us in the way that words never could 


eat pray love

dolce far niente: the sweetness of (seemingly) doing nothing

*my add.. because.. there is never nothing going on

51 min – maybe my life hasn’t been so chaotic.. it’s just he world that is.. and the only real trap is getting attached to any of it.. ruin is a gift.. the road to transformation.. we must always be ready for endless waves of transformation 

let go.. of the things you have to cling to


say anything w john cusack

1:26 – are you here because you need someone or you need me

1:28 – what i want to do with my life.. what i want to do for a living.. is be w your daughter.. because i’m good at it

1:34 – nobody thought we’d do this.. nobody thinks it will work.. do they –  – no.. you just described every great success story


can’t remember what film

there aren’t a lot of people i can be around and not talk.. there’s always someone who wants to fill the silence.. it’s just nice when someone can be in the same space as you and not feel the need to jabber on

lanier beyond words law.. rumi words law.. rogers understand law.. hollowed ground


anonymously yours

1 min – love film.. parents thought too much .. movies would rot brain.. pysch told them i needed stimulation so they found other activities for me.. ballet, skating, painting, sculpture, even the flute which was just weird.. all of them failures.. this is my wall of fame and i’ve got a new one to put on it today..  ‘ballet’.. until one day i committed ultimate sin.. told parents i wanted to pursue cinema.. (parents via puppets): ‘no.. that’s just a hobby’.. studying cinema meant not being part of a family business (elevators)

socrates supposed to law

3 min – (dad): ‘what are you doing today’.. ‘have a nice day’.. what does that even mean

have the day you have ness

5 min – truth is.. nobody really knows me.. but i’m ok w that

paul know\love law et al

alex: this day can’t get any worse.. but i can handle it.. i’m water.. it just flows off me

unoffendable ness to rolling off ness.. 

6 min – (counselor): ‘w these grades you’ll have your pick of any uni in the world’ (mom): ‘that’s amazing.. a graduate.. like his father.. ‘

alex: i’m water.. i’m water.. (voice of dad?): ‘just like water takes the shape of the container it’s in .. you also have to adapt.. be like water’.. those were my dad’s last words.. ever since then only focus is studying.. became best student at school.. 

brown belonging law to adapting ness


dear evan hansen

1:03 – he was such a sweet boy underneath it all.. everything just hurt too much

maté addiction law.. cope\ing ness.. khan filling the gaps law.. crazywise (doc).. hari present in society law.. et al

1:49 – i never let them see the worst of me.. because what if everyone knew.. would they like what they saw or would they hate it too.. all i ever do it run

fix vs not hidden


how do you know

1:16 – stop yelling.. i don’t hear you when you do that.. ever


gangubai kathiawadi

from speech at 2:12.. oh my

2:12: if there was no kamathipura.. the city would turn into a jungle.. women will be raped, families will fall apart.. that’s why i’m as proud of being a prostitute as you are of being a dr or a teacher.. you are applauding my speech.. but it’s funny that you’re still hell bent on making us homeless..

The film (2022) is loosely based on the true story of Ganga Jagjivandas Kathiawadi, popularly known as Gangubai Kothewali, whose life was documented in the book Mafia Queens of Mumbai written by S. Hussain Zaidi. The film depicts the rise of a simple girl from Kathiawad who had no choice but to embrace the ways of destiny and swing it in her favour.

and at 2:20 to prime minister:

2:20 – pm: prostitution is not for the welfare of society; gangu: but as long as society exists, so will prostitution, as we speak some girl is being sold off or someone is buying her.. the seller and buyer should be punished.. but who gets the punishment? that innocent girl.. ; pm: have faith in the law; gangu: which law.. we’re the victim and yet treated as a criminal.. the daughter of eve needs help..

and end narration:

2:24: a woman w a golden heart.. the woman who tried to legalize prostitution.. to give women dignity in an undignified and taught them to breath freely in stifling cages


love & gelato

24 min – if you’re moved by something it doesn’t need explaining.. if you’re not no explanation will ever move you.. trust your gut


lost years ep 22

33 min: love is too heavy for one person


the age of adaline

43 min

adaline: tell me something i can hold onto forever and never let go

ellis: let go