money heist phenom

money heist


notes quotes:

10 min – most viewed in all world.. phenom.. best part is it became what it is because of the audience.. this was on another level.. it all happened spontaneously.. i think it’s something like a rapture of love.. people had a bond w the show that was beyond pure entertainment.. it was almost like a philosophical bone.. it got us to realize that we weren’t crazy.. that we were actually making something cool..t

we have means to leap to a nother way to live

not crazy


why we can (take this opp to) leap.. for (blank)’s sake.. if we’re brave enough to not go not part\ial.. there’s a nother way.. to live

12 min – it was a national show.. but our goal was to be worldwide.. we’re in the right moment to do this

18 min – it wasn’t the money, intelligence.. people fell in love with the people.. addicted to characters.. turn tv off and think.. i know these people..

20 min – filled w romance

21 min – another intention.. not let the viewer relax.. filled w the unexpected.. surprising

23 min – that a regular person was able to create something so huge

combine cliches w unexpected turning points.. ie: tokyo is really impulsive.. getting a hole of herself.. is completely beyond her nature

24 min – show has so much empathy.. we even come to love the bad guys

thurman interconnectedness lawwhen you understand interconnectedness it makes you more afraid of hating than of dying – Robert Thurman

25 min – it’s like having a mirror up to society.. the person you love the most in money heist is this dude.. dominant nature and leadership.. repulsive but gives us a type of safety

31 min – on connecting w most deplorables.. see their own shame..

36 min – most important element.. our symbology.. iconography.. red; hymn;.. bella chow.. a patriotic hymn vibe

39 min – iconography image helped make it global..  this underlying fight against the system.. a universal icon

during filming.. all people involved live on edge.. ie: so hot.. just wanted to die

42 min – writers worked alongside (rather than beforehand).. never know what will happen.. don’t know where they are going

47 min – it’s always on the edge.. that’s when the interesting things happen

53 min – putting us in situations where we have to shoot at the edge.. always have to be terrified.. every frame means everything..

55 min – it’s so moving when people take your work and make it their own