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intro’d to Troy via michel fb share – next evolution for ecovillages – []

This little bit in the middle is the urgent need to shift our focus from all the disparate, disconnected projects and groups and movements, and instead unify around the most important project of all, one which will positively affect everyone everywhere — the project of flipping the paradigm beyond our failed governments and economic system very soon.

We must work on solutions for the sake of all humanity..t

has to be all of us.. begs a mech to listen to every voice.. everyday.. and use that data to augment our interconnectedness.. ie: tech as it could be..

mufleh humanity lawwe have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity– Luma Mufleh

I personally visited Tamera ecovillage in Portugal and learned that they have had extensive negotiations with the local government. While I was told relations with the authorities were mostly positive, ultimately the government imposed growth restrictions on Tamera by regulating how many permanent structures they can build on the land. So how much freedom does Tamera really have? How scalable is their model?


So at the end of the day ecovillages are ultimately still under the thumb of governments and still need permission from “authorities”..  in a time of great urgency when a more revolutionary stance is called for, what seems to have taken its place is a more submissive, or cajoling, stance with governments, as the study suggests,

“Previously ecovillages tended to locate themselves “outside” or “in opposition” to the mainstream, seeking to achieve as much self-sufficiency as possible; but, today they are increasingly involved in alliances with…institutions.”

If governments and industry had the ability to radically affect the scale and scope of positive change we need, I would be supportive of alliances with them. But I am convinced that not only are governments and industry NOT capable of solving our problems; they ARE the problem. That’s why the World Summit is about bypassing — not fighting — our existing systems to create new ones.

It’s time to address the structural root cause of our problems

It’s time to address the structural root cause of our problems that so many ecovillages in good faith are wanting to respond to…our outdated socio-economic system, which includes both the economic system and our political system as two sides of the same coin. But here’s the two critically important points to understand that can help us make the mental shift:

  • It is POSSIBLE to flip our paradigm
  • It is possible to flip the paradigm SOON, in a year or two..t

huge.. and hugely resonating


what we found/lived:

1\ an *undisturbed ecosystem (common\ing) is legit.. (can be true/actual).. if we create conditions/space/time where people feel free enough (unconditional – if we think we need incentives/reciprocity/et-al.. red flag we’re doing it wrong) to be true to themselves (which is what we focused-on/practiced/did in that 5ish years)

*‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows

2\ in order for an undisturbed ecosystem to happen/dance/keep-on.. we need to figure out *a way to hasten detox and daily interconnectedness.. (ground the chaos of 8b free people) so that everyone is in sync (which is what we focused-on/listened-for/practiced/figured-out in the following 5ish years)

*find problems/desires/holes/missing-pieces/needs deep enough (found 2) to resonate with 8b people today.. and create a daily infrastructure (around those 2) simple enough for 8b people to be able to follow/live/be.. every day.. using tech as it could be (listening to every voice everyday)..

In my essay From Dystopia to a Utopian Reality as Soon as Now I describe how we literally have at our fingertips the possibility of flipping to a post-capitalist, post-scarcity world that is is no longer the stuff of science fiction.

Let’s build the entire world as one global eco-village, one that works for everyone in sustainable harmony with the earth and all sentient beings. Sound impossible? Let me tell you…it is getting more and more possible every day.

The Geotribal Paradigm

link michel shared in comments – geotribal paradigm on p2p site – by troy: []

“What happens after the flip? Well, I think we retribalize on a glocal level (global and local), but in a healthy holistic way; not in a way that creates separation. We begin to recognize and allow for the fact that there is not “one right way to live”, and that not all people need to live as I do. We will finally realize that we are one global geotribe that allows for the beautiful diversity of many different tribes of people coexisting within the open-source circle of humanity. People can go off and find their unique tribe which is a perfect match for their heart and mind and spirit..t

hastened if we org around 2 convers as infra

Many people seem to think that we need more proof that sustainable ways of living work. So we need to build more and more experimental test cities. I suggest that we already have the proof; we know they will work.

just like in the Parable of the Rosebush we know that if we take a dying rosebush out of bad soil and plant it in optimum soil conditions it will indeed thrive. So we don’t need any more testing..t It’s time to do this. It’s time to shift our focus and create one global ecovillage and call it Earth.

as long as we quit iterating on tragedy of the non common

In my essay about the labor-for-income revolution that’s needed I reference anthropologist David Graeber who points out that so many of us are working meaningless bullshit jobs that we ourselves believe contribute nothing to society. We are spending way too much of our lives commuting to soul-sucking jobs in loud and crowded cities and cubicles. ..To paraphrase Graeber, there is something very wrong with what we have made ourselves into, and now we must collectively aim our arrows at the heart of our civilizational problem — our entire bullshit socio-economic system itself — and transcend it.

david and bs jobs

We can do this. If we unify and point our arrows in the same direction — at the beast itself — we can liberate ourselves and all of humanity from its wrath. . t.. And then we will blossom.

let’s not point arrows at the beast – huge energy suck.. let’s focus on what matters: maté basic needs.. via 2 convers as infra


same (intro) article tweeted from michel – and other related tweets at the time:

The Next Evolution for Ecovillages (and other test projects)
good article about the strenghts, flaws, and possible future direction of the ecovillage experience and movement
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@technoshaman @JamesLeeThenerd @markallankaplan @MagicPeaceLove @CampusCoEvolve @mbauwens @integralcity What comes next?
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links to 27 slides:

joanna macy’s 3: holding actions (protest – ie: extinction rebellion); shifts in consciousness (ted, climate emergency); new systems (not reform but evolve – root cause make old obsolete ie: is citizen’s assemlby to tackle climate crisis)


climate not root guys

slide 15 – on new system – anti capitalism.. monbiot


focusing on money not deep enough either.. need to let go

slide 17 – has ptsb and quo

slide 25 – among those endorsed w summit: daniel schmachtenberer, bob geldof, michel bauwens, joe brewer, douglas rushkoff, .. among those invited to follow/endorse: charles eisenstien, jeremy rifkin, greta thungberg, jordan hall, ,naomi klein, george monbiot, glenn breenwald, noam chomsky, prince ea, david graeber, oprah winfrey, jason hickel, jeremy scahill, paul mason, paul hawken, russsell brand, barbara marx hubbard, daniel pinchbeck, umair haque, richard wolff, peter joseph, david suzuki, david holmgren, deepak chopra, dalai lama, larry page, elon musck, chris anderson, alexandria ocasio cortez… let us know who we are missing

dang.. the whole rest of the world.. no? i thought you wanted to include everyone..

daniel, michel, joe, douglas, charles, jeremy, greta, jordan, naomi, george, glenn, noam, prince, david, jason, jeremy, paul, paul, russell, barbara, daniel, umair, richard, peter, david, larry, elon, chris, alexandria, ..

@JamesLeeThenerd @markallankaplan @MagicPeaceLove @CampusCoEvolve @mbauwens @integralcity @WorldSummit1 How does @TheWorldSummit1 _practice_ moving people into the Open Access Economy?
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@JamesLeeThenerd @technoshaman @markallankaplan @MagicPeaceLove @CampusCoEvolve @integralcity @WorldSummit1 @TheWorldSummit1 @TheVenusProject They not only exist, but have their own economics:
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links to p2p page on community econ

reciprocity, gifting, labor quota, ..

too many red flags (ie: reciprocity, giftness, .. ) leading to tragedy of the non common

let’s try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence.. w/ubi as temp placebo.. needs met w/o money..people forget about measuring


taking him and world summit movement in a bit here (6 mi video clip from aug 2018): Troy Wiley Unity Core Team Delegate World Summit []

why i think world summit is diff than just about any other group our there.. we have this recognition that one of the greatest challenges that humanity faces is the fact that we are so divided.. and that if we truly want to create the beautiful world our hearts know.. than we’ve got to unify as the one global species/tribe that we truly are

ai humanity needs: augmenting interconnectedness

‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows

takes everyone

everyone in sync

foundational principles to shift our paradigm:

ptsb (powers that shouldn’t be):

permission – we don’t need to ask permission from govt/elite to come together an unify

table – not fighting to get a seat at the preverbial table.. creating a new table where everyone is invited.. similar to b fuller quote.. don’t fight existing systems.. create new ones that make old ones obsolete

perhaps we let go of the table idea.. (invented vs invited et al) by just focusing on daily curiosity  ie: cure ios city.. via 2 convers as infra

rather than everyone invited.. everyone heard.. everyday.. ie: tech as it could be..

symptoms – just about everyone social justice movement is addressing the symptoms of a messed up system.. time to start addressing the root cause itself.. which is our political/socio-econ systems.. unless/until we start

try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence w/ubi as temp placebo.. needs met w/o money..people forget about measuring

to get at legit roots of healing.. ie: maté basic needs

unless/until we start addressing root.. we’re going to keep getting everything we’ve gotten: injustice..ineq..environ destruction.. poverty.. war.. et al

whales in sea world.. tragedy of the non common.. et al..

bypassing – if recognize all previous.. that we don’t need permission.. and that we really can create a new table/system.. and that until now we’ve really been addressing the symptoms rather than the root cause.. then we really can start bypassing our existing system

thinking restate/update 7.18.. short findings restate in 2019.. time to leap.. to virus leap et al

tagline of our website: bypassing borders and existing systems by unifying ourselves.. and this is exactly what we are going to do

3 min – the 2nd acronym is quo.. think in terms of status quo which we’re certainly trying to transcend

quo (transcend status quo):

question – we don’t claim to have all the answers.. but we do claim to have the right questions.. and we’re confident that we can unify.. then together as one .. we can come up with all the answers/solutions.. most of which we already have

taleb center of problem law et al

let’s just facil daily curiosity  ie: cure ios city

urgency – we could literally create a paradise on earth if we could shift our paradigm.. but if we don’t.. we’ll be part of 6th great extinction event.. use sense of urgency not to create fear.. but action/empowerment

begs we leap.. not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake

oneness – everything is connected.. it already exists as one.. we just need to recognize that in our understanding that everything is connected.. if we can truly come together and find our oneness.. we can flip this paradigm very soon.. potentially next year (not 50-100 yrs)

one ness


5 min video on front page of world summit site – may 2018 – []

a world summit event that will be bigger than any in world history.. together we can change the world.. are you ready to take this leap..

we need something deeper than an event.. we need a modeling.. ie: short bp.. a means to have events everyday.. with all the people.. everywhere.. ie: 2 convers as infra


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Teams: Interim Transition, Alt. Funding, Communications

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Troy Wiley
World Summit cofounder

“I am a 52 year old digital nomad, global vagabond, social entrepreneur, writer and father of two grown children. Over the last 10 years I’ve come to realize a paradox: our world is beautiful and perfect just as it is, and at the same time it’s completely messed up and we need to change everything. Holding this paradox has helped me not become angry and cynical about the unsustainable nature of our entire civilizational structure. I see how this is all part of our evolution into a global species.

In my travels I see how people are mostly good everywhere I go in the world, but our governments everywhere in the world are broken, dysfunctional and outdated. They are not only NOT capable of solving our problems, they contribute to them, mainly by separating us. As I travel I see a world with no natural boundaries, but instead many human-constructed, unnecessary, and artificial boundaries that are holding us back from our true human nature of goodness. When we dissolve our self-imposed economic and political boundaries humanity will flourish as a beautiful, sustainable species, instead of the cancerous scourge that our institutions and flawed history would have us believe that we are.

I have created an online Amazon business called Art of Liv’n where I partner with artists around the world to put their awesome designs on reusable lunch bags and travel products. It is truly a blessing to work with talented artists who are passionate about various causes helping the earth and humanity. So we team up and donate some royalties and profits to NGO’s of the artist’s choosing. However, I am under no illusion that so-called “conscious capitalism” alone will save the day. We need to evolve to a radical new paradigm. But within the system we currently have, we can do our best to contribute and give back and be morally responsible, all the while knowing that it is the system itself that makes it so difficult for us to do so.

Speaking of which, I have also recently published a book on Amazon called The Next Copernican Revolution in which I discuss the phase-changes, or paradigm shifts, that humanity has gone through historically, and the next big one we are now going through…to what I call the “Geo-tribal” or One Tribe paradigm. I had no idea at the time I wrote the book last year that there was someone by the name of Tonny Kregel working to create a framework for what I was also envisioning. I don’t even remember how Tonny and I found each other, but we did, and it’s been amazing working with him and the other wonderful people he has rounded up who share the same vision.”

world summit twitter:

WorldSummit is co-creating an event at which change-makers from all over the world can unify to become the catalyst for a new socioeconomic system


dang.. troy’s words above.. so resonating.. but after searching the site and videos et al (ie: robert schram’s 17 min intro to world summit).. words not matching up with what they’re doing.. ie: onboarding ness et al

let go


the great pause