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blessed unrest – recommend by @willrich45  –Will

favorite parts:

wrong is an addictive, repetitive story; right is where the movement is

there have always been networks of powerful people, but unitl recently it has never been possible for the entire world to be connected.   (reminds of mary ann and dave and steven – rhizomes)
there is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive thatn the other  – Martha Braham
all human beings as an organism   (reminds of I Am, Shadyak)
scientific experiments repreatedly show that groups of educated, urbanized people pay no attention to unfamiliar objects directly in front of them if they focus too strongly on famiiar ones.   (reminds of Mindfulness, Langer)

collective social response  (reminds me of the dandelion effect) – the unity underlying the diversity –

everyone is stronger being themself – everyone being themself unites us till self vanishes

indigenous culture possesses patience  (reminds me of Schooling the World)
we can no longer afford bigness
what constitutes meaning for human beings are events, memories, and small dignities – gifts that rarely emerge from institutions, and never from theory (reminds me of How We Think, Dewey)
universe-city (reminds me of Education Cities and city as floor plan)
i wish to learn this language, not that i may know a new grammar, but that i may read the great book which is written in that tongue  (reminds me of kids in the lab learning languages)

love love this:

we must trust the perfection of the creation so far as to believe that whatever curiosity the order of things has awakened in our minds, the order of things can satisfy. – Emerson  (reminds me of Self-Reliance and detox and Knowing Knowledge, George Siemens)

Emerson to Thoreau – keep a journal  (reminds me of Jim Folkestad and grandpa wolf)
rights chapter and Thoreau’s: democracies based on majority rule, because they allow the many to be manipulated by the few, negating justice and conscience in favor of expediency. (make me wonder what a focus on human rights really does)

What distinguishes one life from another is intention, the one thing that we can control.
while events were out of their control, their resolve was not
one sure way is through smallness, grace, and locality.

imagine if we had suffered the injustice and then were blamed for it – Paul Keating (reminds me of Sam’s Isaiah 50:3 and watching the Passion of the Christ, and what Jacqueline Novogratz writes about of her experiences in The Blue Sweater)

also later:

to protect oneself but not respond, to see the person beating you as a friend, and not an enemy, is extraordinarily challenging  (also reminds me of Langer, every actor has a reason) this response is not passive or is it weak

what Darwin and no one knew at that time was that these “barbaric” savages dwelled in the spoken word and spent nights in their pit houses in animated and nuanced conversations.  (reminds me to notice the unlikely and to listen deeply, our perceptions guide us daily, but how often are they right, also – Shaw’s – the problem with communication is believing that we have accomplished it)
language is nothing less than the living expression of a culture, part of what he calls an ethnosphere – Wade Davis (he’s in Schooling the World, no? or I Am, or both?)
missionaries believe that if indigenous people could read, pray, and have jobs, they would be happier, a vision comparable to moving mountain meadows to make them in to lawns.  (so Schooling the World, but imagine it to the striping of the soul of a person, even a 4.0 person, with all the appearances of success..)

Because of these alliances and new communication technologies, a remarkable rebirth is taking place among native peoples, and is arising largely unnoticed.

if poor countries had more money and freedom, everyone would be better off; the greater flow of mateiral good would eventually improve everyone’s life  (reminds me of Hans Rosling – and happiness Ted, gallop poll, over $60000 people aren’t any happier)
the lives, culture, and skills of the workers are of no value because the work has been deskilled to the point of mindlessness  (again reminds me of Langer’s Mindfulness, and according to Power of Pull, 80% of the people in the us? or world? can’t remember)

WTO rules – civil rights for goods – what this means in practice is that child labor, prison labor, forced labor, substandard wages, and poor working conditions cannot be used as a basis to discriminate against imports.

on writing people off..

they were citizens. (reminds me this is a people agenda. period.)

people vote everyday with their pocketbooks
screechingly undemocratic – economic democracy
markets are not designed to be surrogates for ethics, values, and justice

on WTO – in other words, they are entitled to create meaningless rules  (reminds me of school, etc)

Bhutan has done a remarkable job in preserving culture, restrainging corruption, promoting the economy, and preserving the environment, using an approach it calls the gross national happiness

markets make great servants, but bad leaders and ridiculous relitions…. who sets the rules and who enforces them? there can be no sustainability when insitutions whow primary purpose is to create money are dictating the standards.

she believes the right to self-sufficiency is a human right (i’m wondering if that’s the only one?)
she will not be quiet…
our immune systems, and only our immune systems, prevent us from becoming everyone else all at once. we are who we are only because we defend ourselves every moment of every day… Geral Callahan
getting to know potential adversaries was wiser than first-strike responses, that acheiving balance wa smore appropriate than eradication

connect adjacency?..

at the heart of all of this is not technology but relationships, tens of millions of people working toward restoration and social justice
then i thought i was trying to save the amazon rainforest, now i realize i was fighting for humanity
social entrepreneurship – skoll
the slow movement – carlo petrini – slow food, 1986
slow movements = pro localization
every day our mouth connects us to place
taste is social
the mouth can tell us much if only we will take the time to taste
the taste buds in our mouths are not to be toyed with; they are evolution itself, a teacher, a kindness, a guide

wikipedia – wisdom of many, rise of the amateur, not copyrighted
vaccinating the children of the developing world,..population reduction (families have fewer children if they are confident their children will survive) – (reminds of Hans Rosling)
karl marx had one view vs pluralism – comes from diversity, dialogue, collaboration
ideas are living things. they don’t belong to anyone. they don’t require approval.
if anything can offer us hope for the future it will be an assembly of humanity that is representative but not centralized, because no single ideology can ever heal the wounds of this world  (reminds of rhizomes)

from out connectedness – we fit into a larger whole:

it’s me. don’t hurt me. i am you.

hope = connectivity

gerald callahan, csu,

the brain is part of the immune system – the brain defends against risk that is too big for our natural immunity to handle

paul hawken



Reinvent (@reinventnet) tweeted at 5:08 PM on Sat, Apr 08, 2017:
Watch Paul Hawken explain why “Is there a business case for this?” isn’t the right question to ask #WhatsNowSF

Paul starts at 12 min… skimmed to 1 hour

is there a business case is wrong questions.. why isn’t there… it’s like people think if we improve climate it won’t be good for us

1:04 – you have the math.. you know how to solve the problem..