the great pause



by Evan Webster Wiley (related to Troy?.. links to worldsummit, hack humanity, and envienta – open source everything)

5 min video – april 2020 – the great pause

at no other time have we gotten to see what would happen if the world stopped.. we’re in it..

has brought to lives truths of how we live.. if we want a better world for our kids.. we have to pay attention to how we feel right now

even w a lot of people not working.. we can still keep food on shelves et al

our system based on everyone to be slaving away

a time for sacred anger.. to say.. no way.. not any more..

we can go slower..

if build society based on what we need instead of what endless programming is telling us what we want.. we wouldn’t be ravenously consuming thru every resource and drowning in the waste left behind.. we could have everything we need and a whole lot more

imagine.. share work done by essential workers now

actually wouldn’t need most/all of that.. most of that is from our ill society .. no?

we could see a world where a 15-20 hr week is standard and everyone has their needs met.. guaranteed

don’t need that.. rather.. let’s try just 33 min ie: 2 convers as infra

let’s just facil daily curiosity  ie: cure ios city

the illusion has been broken.. take opp of great pause to reflect/reconsider.. take back your time.. be rebelliously unproductive.. when they call you back to the abnormal normal of business as usual.. know that even when they tell you it’s necessary .. it isn’t

norton productivity law et al

but .. has to be a nother way.. for all of us.. in sync.. otherwise.. just spinning wheels

aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake..  a nother way

learn more:

links to 27 slide google doc from worldsummit – notes on troy‘s page


intro’d via michel fb share:

my assessment, upon request:

“well done and speaks to the desires of many; at the same time, it is too optimistic about the current situation (the meltdown is coming in 3 months if not earlier with a huge social bill, food supply chains have been seriously disrupted, …), and I don’t think a open access economy (their new name for what we used to call a resource-based economy) can be achieved un-problematically, we need transition thinking for that (this was the purpose of my report, P2P Accounting for Planetary Survival, which lays out such a strategy); but as a call to start that process, I think it is quite good.”


the great pause part 2 – may 2020 – 10 min video []

catastrophes will not stop until we address the underlying cause..  normal was the crisis and that is why we can’t go back

problem: monetary market exchange system

5 min – if not back to normal.. then what..

joanna macy’s 3 pillars of activism.. 1\ build new systems  2\ facil shifts in consciousness  3\ holding actions (prevent further harm)

capable of radically changing immediately and most of our jobs not useful

we need a massive values reassessment.. meeting basic needs

let’s just get at 2: maté basic needs

7 min – holding actions address immediate needs (all financed – rents, food, health, ed).. ubi is a holding action.. they make the revolutionary action accessible.. but w/o others working on deeper problems.. won’t work

8 min – so many great regen ideas that make sense..

ie: ubi income with 20 hr work week.. shift from ownership to stewardship


to (virus) leap et al