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intro’d to Barbara via Bret and noomap



2 min – the first thing we have to have is a coordinated breath

3 min – universal coherence.. through non-locality.. entanglement.. morphic fields..

4 min – continuity of consciousness.. not reincarnation.. not life after death.. but universe in relentlessly accumulates experience… the idea of dying and forgetting.. doesn’t make sense to me… if we are really designed to be co-creators on a universal scale.. we’re not going to be doing it in carbon based mammalian bodies.. more like light bodies.. beam me up scottie.. probably true.. consciousness can materialize and dematerialize bodies.. so i made a metaphysical choice.. i would like continuity of consciousness.. i do not want to die and forget.. to die and go to a static heaven.. i don’t want to die and be reborn and i don’t want to die and just turn to dust.. so is it possible that metaphysical preferences become evolutionary choices

6 min – the overview perspective.. see it as a whole.. transcending it in the seeing of it.. part of much larger perspective.. if you have evolutionary eyes .. you’re ecstatic.. standing outside that process you’re observing .. while you’re still in it..

7 min – an intuitive knowing that the crisis is moving toward this higher level of being..

9 min – i had a flash of how it feels.. from the perspective of being post.. the crisis..

10 min – elizabeth sorosis.. she loved the bacteria.. the way you avoid your enemy.. instead of killing them you feed them.. not just by altruism.. but by feeding that which would attack you…

12 min – a mysterious attraction to what’s emerging.. one of the greatest joys is the communion of souls awakening.. with internet .. doesn’t matter where we are.. we’re all here.. everyhere..


2016 – interview by michael dowd ( – 56 interviews.. but all links are 404)

i’m 84..discovering a new pattern of aging.. emerging..

so was this a couple years earlier than 2016..? she’s 87 now..?

3 min – i feel i’m a genuine evolutionary soul that was coded with the quest..

aren’t we all..?

i was a candidate for president of us to map track evolution.. which i still think the vp should do

6 min – basic thoughts: our crisis is a birth of a co created universal humanity.. we’re in a crisis where we can’t continue to grow as we have in the past and survive… huge shift.. from pro creation and self-survival.. to co creation and self-evolution.. change triggered by stage of life our planet is at..

7 min – the way the shift is happening.. problems are evolutionary drivers.. crises are preceding transformation

8 min – we are scattered in all our systems.. to shift any of the systems.. one of our greatest needs is to connect with each other.. to find out what each other knows.. i’m working now on a meta system.. to find out what other evolutionaries.. wheel of co creation.. wheel w 12 sectors.. that has to be filled up now with people who are evolving.. ie: ed, health, et… if we could do just that as a movement.. we could see emerging world already in our midst..

but what if of those 12. . many are irrelevant.. so then.. the people who are evolving say.. ed.. can’t see beyond ed becoming irrelevant.. so then.. we’d be missing it/us..

9 min – most attractive option open to world.. connections of that which is creative/loving/emerging.. we don’t have that much time to connect.. could be a tragedy.. it is the way evolution causes jumps.. if we could do it by more of the same.. we would.. but we can’t

that sounds counter to wheel w 12 sectors..?

thinking we need to cut back to two basic needs.. that’s it.. for (blank)’s sake

10 min – that’s mother nature’s efforts to evolve a species or let us go extinct…

12 min – nature does not have any respect for species.. bn’s of species are extinct..  but it is my intuition.. that a *new human species is growing.. innate quality of hope/expectation.. we are an **earth/space species already..

or *back to our human nature ness..?

**indigenous ness

14 min – we can’t just say our goal is to sustain life as it is.. i would like to be a homo universalis

18 min – first great inspiration.. 1\ 13.8 bn years of evolution.. from outside.. amazing creativity.. 2\ tendency in evolution to more complex systems.. 3\ all of us as universe in person… feeling for wanting more love/creativity is universe in me..

19 min – the impulse of evolution w/in.. from no thing to us.. is w/in every single person.. nature realizes potential.. it’s totally stunning how it gets more and more potential out of every crisis.. my impulse is to take us on a trajectory.. call for greatness is call for evolution itself

23 min – i am so aware of breakdown.. as very dangerous now.. because to some degree.. we are the first species responsible for the breakdown as well as the breakthrough.. we have choice of how to evolve.. greatest gift.. we are devolving.. but .. industrial society as it was 100-200 yrs.. is not what we’d like to see forever..

25 min – book: great disruption by gilding.. this disruption as a once in a civilization opp to consciously create a culture to continue to be more creative..

26 min – if we could use our new capacities with love and creativity.. we would be a new species..

eagle and condor ness [new and or back to us.. an uncovering/awakening ness]

27 min – deep time present.. aware that i come from origin of creation before time began.. my body.. embodying whole story.. aware i’m emerging.. as is every person on earth.. that’s what nature does.. to accept all of that as present.. when i do that w/two or more in resonance.. it becomes revelatory.. creating co creators.. if not.. we become extinct species..

29 min – irritated w people that don’t see that conscious evolution is a tremendous opp/responsibility.. not an optimistic nonsense.. because nature optimizes.. so if you’re optimistic.. you’re optimizing.. norman cousins: arrogant to be pessimist in the light of the creation that has created you

32 min – tendency in nature to realize potential is part of the implacable mystery.. every part of creation wants to realize.. but humans.. great thing about is.. we realize our potential is still way under used..


33 min – most of the discontent we feel.. is in not realizing our potential.. most of joy we feel is when we find out impulse w/in that has unique life purpose for every person.. then we start expressing that..

eudaimoniative surplus

34 min – org progressing toward unknown.. that type is totally turned on by need to realize potential.. and the crisis is an evolutionary driver for us..

crisis is a birth.. birth is a crisis.. if you don’t respond right.. can kill baby/mother.. so .. mother earth.. is giving birth to co creative species.. her purpose is not that she should stay all the same.. we are vehicles of potential of earth itself..

36 min – michael: i think greatest discovery in last 100 yrs.. is the relationality of our brains.. we can’t not relate.. that’s the way our brain’s function.. primary way we related is thru given human attributes to what is other than human.. anthropomorphism.. having a personal i/thou relationship.. with reality.. we’ve used nature as an it to be exploited for several years.. what i find in all indigenous.. is we freely use personal metaphors..

indigenous ness..

michael: on thomas berry: world we live in is an honorable world.. to deny honor is to place selves on head on collision course..

39 min – mlk: arc of history moves slowly but bends toward justice… our better nature: pinker.. he very scientifically recorded violence to each other.. that it lessens.. way we’d torture w/o thinking about it..

are we sure.. ?

40 min – we’re hitting an absolute essential crisis to evolve our species or not

michael: the great reckoning is also the great homecoming..

42 min – we did not know that over capability/reproduction was destructive.. i do not feel guilty.. i truly honor the indigenous for develop a more sustainable lifestyle.. but they too.. *when given chance.. look for growth.. so i think we need to get rid of the guilt

? i don’t know.. i’d say we’ve toxicated them too

ok to get rid of guilt.. but be very aware/awake to our not-us ness

44 min – i’d say to getting back to something.. (his ref to homecoming).. i think anything we do is getting forward..

45 min – optimization.. creativity/love.. exploration of our planet/solar system.. i think there’s a tendency for guilt that came from that christian religion and idea of original sin.. and needing salvation from original sin.. we’ve had an abnormal illusion of separateness from nature/spirit..  at 6 yrs old.. i said to my parents.. this is not normal.. the violence against nature.. each other..

so.. not normal.. sound like you’re saying same.. getting back to normal.. to human nature

48 min – i felt so lacking in community doing things on internet.. and having lost my partner sidney.. shock.. i don’t see you (online).. it’s a very diff thing if you have a very close partner.. if you do not..  i would like your help in conceiving of and on communicating the call to community.. of those.. who need each other.. i’m looking for a way to do this even for my own life..

hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data.. a nother way

51 min – human necessity.. in many ways.. can’t do this all by yourself..  so particularly those that have reached out beyond local environments.. (nina patrick – foundation for conscious evolution)..  if isolated.. not a lot that any of us can do

a and a ness..  mech to facil this..

54 min – on the aging end.. my partner w dimensia.. and how awful that space was.. we need conscious dying..

palliative care ness

re\tire\ment ness

1:03 – i would love to hear from you at evolve dot org

takes to barbara dot com

emailed there

1:04 – i would like to become a global voice.. at another level of creating global community around that impulse.. i’m not sure how.. to encourage more community regardless of all these differences..

1:05 – i would like to have a convo with pope francis.. and have him say.. thank you ladies.. this is what we always meant.. conscious evolution is what jesus was all about..


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I am an 87 year old Storyteller & Visionary for Conscious Evolutionary potential…a voice for Collective Emergence of a Co-creative Universal Humanity.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Barbara Marx Hubbard – who helped introduce the concept of futurism to society – is the best informed human now alive regarding futurism and the foresights it has produced.”~Buckminster Fuller

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Barbara Marx Hubbard (born Barbara Marx; December 22, 1929) is a futurist, author and public speaker. She is credited with the concepts of ‘The Synergy Engine’ and the ‘birthing’ of humanity.