seat at the table

from google: a position as a member of a group that makes decisions

such an unsettling phrase.. as it never means legit voice.. or non hierarchical listening .. or..

we always make it sound so inclusive/equitable/whatever.. but what it means is that an agenda has already been set.. (which is enough in itself to be a huge red flag).. and it means those at the table get to play along with the finite set of choices *they (the agenda makers and pickers of people to sit at table) have decided matter.. (it’s always about spinach or rock ness.. not legit voice/listening).. in order to make some decisions.. that again have been pre set .. either by that *they or even by some societal/institutional system/structure

decision making is unmooring us.. we need to let go of tables and fake voices and any form of democratic admin.. and any form of m\a\p


adding page while re re reading michael hardt and antonio negri‘s declaration:


The majority, then, becomes not a homogeneous unit or even a body of agreement but a concatenation of differences.

minorities are protected therefore, not be being separated but by being *empowered to participate in the process

oi.. *seat at the table ness