retire\ment communities


retirement community


what if we all retire from the notion – that we must earn a living.

what if by choosing community – we all retire – to being fully alive.



city as school

cross generational expertise



music as health

     rp ness

a nother way


going back to school

imagine – all the money talked of in here.. all the money needed in quartet..  coming from all the ridiculous places we spend it today.. and/or not coming .. because community is making money less oppressive/controlling/(assumed) necessary..


it has to be all of us. that’s what makes the dance dance..

none of us are free


let’s fly.. together:

and dance.. our dance:

you\th ness


pre school inside retirement home


he broke the law to build a better nursing home:

“Thomas believes that Americans have bought so willingly into the idea of aging as something to be feared that it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy leading to isolation, loneliness and lack of autonomy,


“All those animals in a nursing home broke state law, but for Thomas and his staff, it was a revelation. Caring for the plants and animals restored residents’ spirits and autonomy; many started dressing themselves, leaving their rooms and eating again. The number of prescriptions fell to half of that of a control nursing home, particularly for drugs that treat agitation. Medication costs plummeted, and so did the death rate.


World Economic Forum (@wef) tweeted at 5:00 AM – 30 Nov 2016 :

Some Dutch university students are living in nursing homes. This is why #ageing (


quartet ness

rp ness

seoul linking elderly with youth for living spaces (on april’s page)



Heartbreaking reality of half a million older people who spend every day alone:… #loneliness


I don’t think a story has made me angrier all year and I don’t even live in the US!

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via Dante fb share..  palliative care ness – i know you love me now let me die


elderly self neglect


CNN (@CNN) tweeted at 6:01 AM – 11 Mar 2018 :

66% of Millennials have nothing saved for retirement, a new report shows. Of those who do save, most have less than $20,000 put aside (


good bye nursing homes..  co housing w friends


The Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) tweeted at 5:50 AM – 7 Aug 2018 :
The rate at which Americans age 65 and older are filing for bankruptcy has more than tripled since 1991 (


w/o a map


Seniors Are Buying Tiny Homes to Live Their Golden Years Off the Grid

Forget assisted living or RVs, more and more seniors are looking at tiny homes to spend their retirement. In fact, a 2015 survey found that 30% of tiny home residents were between 51 and 70 years old, making senior citizens a huge part of the tiny home movement. As result, more companies are specializing in small residences equipped with comforts specially designed for this unique demographic.